Shazi – The Merge of my Brain Hemispheres – 2-21-15

 ~ **** The Merge of My Brain Hemispheres **** ~

I SEE I am inside the symbol Vesica~ Piscis; it is huge the size of a planet yet I can feel its presence all around me

I SEE light that is neither bright nor dim but it simply exists; it is the size of a house or even bigger. This light as a get closer is a multifaceted diamond pure and colourless

I SEE each facet as having a lightning type strike coming outwards, difficult to describe; this is brilliant shimmering white I appearance

I SEE up above the loops circling around themselves of the symbol; as I concentrate it is pure mercury coloured with hints of gold in the middle of the loop. But I am looking into the distance so these hints of gold could be miles across, so vast and huge are these symbols

I SEE myself looking back into this diamond and start walking towards it; I am a distance away but soon come closer then before

I SEE that the diamond is hovering above the ground and soon realise that this was the centre of the Vesica~ Piscis symbol. This was the heart of its energy

I SEE myself almost next to it; its brilliance is soothing to the eye yet it is awe inspiring

I SEE myself looking within and through the brilliance to the middle of the diamond; to my surprise I could see a white heart

I SEE it beating slowly with a regular beat and from each beat

I SEE a pure white liquid seep out from its heart; this soon disappears into the diamond. I am not sure what this was, but I kept looking inside to see

I SEE the heart in its beat sends a pulse of energy, a vibration to the diamond; as I concentrate further

I SEE each vibration is a multicoloured light and this happens in a split second

I SEE the wave change colours each time when its spreads to the diamond

Then suddenly

I SEE the diamond opening and soon it is all around me; I realise that I was looking at a smaller version of the diamond and I was actually around another diamond, completely encased within

This much larger diamond had white brilliant walls inside and it was shimmering like light bulbs going on and off

I SEE that I was still looking at the brilliant diamond with its white heart surrounded by a much larger diamond all around me, but still inside the Vesica Piscis

I SEE everything all around me shrink in size; the larger diamond and its walls got smaller and smaller

I SEE myself getting worried that I may get squashed; I look all around me and wonder what is happening

I SEE everything all around me keep on getting smaller and smaller and I watch and wonder

I SEE the scene changing and I am looking at the outer diamond surround the brilliant heart diamond and shrink to the size of a football

I SEE also the Vesica Piscis also shrink to just surround the diamond

I SEE the symbol the size of my outstretched hands and I come closer to it

In my amazement it shrinks even further and it slowly moves closer to wrap around my face and head
I SEE myself wearing the symbol and the diamond was my third eye

I SEE everything fading away and I had finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi
Copyright © SHAZI SIGNPOST 2010-2015

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~ * In this reflection upon the perfection of Creation that YOU are Dearest ONE,

You SEE yourself at the CORE of The Vesica Piscis,

The Basic Seed of LIFE, expanding into Flower of LIFE and Fruit of LIFE and TREE of LIFE,

You find Your~SELF in the Cosmic Womb of LIFE, the Womb of The Presence of your BE~ingness,

from which the Creator~LIGHT radiates and shines upon your Hue’MAN Self in this dimension ~

this is exquisitely imbued within the divine aspect of the soul;

The Vesica Piscis is a shape that is the intersection of two circles with the same radius,

intersecting in such a way that the centre of each circle lies on the perimeter of the other.

The name literally means the almond shaped “bladder of a fish” in Latin.

Vesica Piscis is the symbol of INTEGRATION of all that is SEPARATED / DIVIDED in Consciousness

as well as Gender based, fear based, soul~separating Duality Experience in the Hue’MAN dimension ~

The Separation is only in the version of Dual~Stances,

and yet The CORE / Centre / Neutrality is always at~ONE with all @Once ~

~ *  Expanding the VESICA PISCIS EXPRESSION in relation to your BE~COME~ing / Triality of LIFE:

which is embodied within the FATHER~ness of GOD at the Universal level.  This GIVER~Ray also carries the energies /attributes of truth, valour, dynamic power, singleness of purpose, and clear vision.  It is an outward-focused Ray and the most powerful of the three God Rays of our Universe as they are radiated into our Sub-Universe, as The GIVER. (LEFT BRAIN Hemisphere – MASCULINE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS)

THE RECEPTIVE DIVINE GOD MOTHER~ness at the Universal level bears the Second Ray of Love / Wisdom.
It is primarily an EMOTIONAL RAY, The Second CIRCLE of the VESICA PISCIS which brings forth the loving energy
to ignite the Seed Thoughts from the mind of the Divine Father in order for the Divine Blueprint to be manifested in the material planes of Creation.  The main focus of this Ray, as it is projected into our Sub-Universal Great Central Sun,
is to turn knowledge into wisdom and temper that wisdom with love and compassion. (RIGHT BRAIN Hemisphere – FEMININE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS)

The droplet, eyelet, diamond, ellipse at the core of mergence of TWO CIRCLES, forming VESICA PISCIS is The MERGER / INTEGRATED CHILD / THIRD RAY – THE SON / DAUGHTER RAY which is the DIVINE CHRIST~ALL Consciousness each ONE has to birth within themselves, contains equal proportions of Mental and Emotional attributes,
and it speaks the Third LANGUAGE of UNIVERSALITY ~

It is the Ray of active Divine intelligence, which includes the desire to use the Will of FATHER~ness of God Consciousness and the Love/Wisdom of MOTHER~ness of God Consciousness to become efficient co~creators in the material planes of existence / forms, which instill a deep, inner desire to be peace and thusly express balance and harmony within the lower-dimensional experiences.

Dear ONE…… your being at the CORE of the Versica Piscis shows WHO YOU are becoming ~
~~~> The THIRD RAY of LIGHT (PURPLE Flame), the INTEGRATED CHILD CONSCIOUSNESS of the NEW RADIANCE of LIGHT, in this Mergence of Your DUAL Aspects of Expression through dimensions of Forms you exist and are present and participating ~

~ *  Coming further down to a localized experience of this VISION at your Physical Level,

the diamond / Octa hedron body landed on your 3rd eye and ‘shrinks’ (contracted & concentrated) there,

pointing to the PINEAL OPENING, and your Highest Activation, as a Hue’MAN Expression


There is the Two separated hemispheres of The Brain experiencing split,

and hence lack of co~ordination between hemispheres, which when merged using INFINITY SYMBOL,

It opens up the PINEAL GLAND which is the SEAT of Your SOUL in SIGHT of all that is, with COMPASSION ~

Here your lesson is to SPARE your COMPASSION unto your Hue’MAN Self in experience in the duality,

Yet The REAL & TRUE YOU looking to SEE all your Hue’MAN Self is through as a WITNESS, with COMPASSION ~

YOU are here Dear ONE, to use LIFE as your DIVINE~TOOL, to create and re-create Your~Hue’MAN~Self anew ~

Rewiring and activating the new template YOU create for YOU to enter unto ~

~ *  The Heart of the Vesica Piscis is the GOLDEN CHILD YOU ARE who is created anew

by the dual aspects of your dense selves in opposition, for eons ~

The DIAMOND is the Chariot of LIGHT / Merkabah you are RESIDING in the best version of YOU who is ONE with The ALL,

This is the Light~BODY you are entering into and integrating your Hue’MAN Self unto, so as to be from this ONE~ness,

While in the BODY Temple ~ The Octahedron Light Body assigned to YOU by your SOUL ~

It is noteworthy that your attention is to be upon the truth hat when you hear the word HEART,

it is not your organ Heart, Or that shape the Hue’MAN collective draws as Heart,

but it means the CORE / CENTRE of all existence which is also CORE of each atom,

and sub particles of Consciousness ~

The CORE of ALL is the mergence of The CORE of all of its expressions

and hence there are hearts within hearts, Diamond within Diamonds within Diamonds,

and yet YOU……… the CORE~YOU,

is your Unique DIAMOND from within which YOU experience all other CORES,

Take note Dear ONE, that within our Diamond Core God Cell we have a Crystalline Seed Atom,

this contains the Vesica Piscis Mandela.

Our Father/ Mother God reside in the Great Central Sun of this universe,

and a facet of their Essence also resides within our Sacred Heart Centre.

~ * Let this be your revelation Dear ONE, through this VISION unto your HEART, that GOD is within YOU,

in every visible and invisible part of YOU ~

You may now trans~FORM your mentality / mental attitudes and Projections with GOD PARTICLE LIGHT,

So that YOU be~COME………..with~GOD~Consciousness

at all levels of YOU & thusly in your expressions you anchor here on Earth ~

And so I SEE ~ And so it is ~~

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi
Copyright © SHAZI SIGNPOST 2010-2015

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Lisa Gawles – Enhancing the Nervous System – Preparation for Energy of 2015 – 11-18-14


What a freakin day in body yesterday, holy batman!!!  At first I just thought so much light came thru with the readings, it always pings my eye with my contact in it.  It was so hard to look at the computer screen yesterday, took me hours to write that little sharing I did.  It got to the point, even sitting down for longer than 5 minutes was getting annoying, I would get up, sit down, get up, sit down… then daylight rose, and everything seemed to intensify.  It almost felt like something was crawling under my skin, and it was annoying me.  Sound was annoying me.  My space heater doing its job and warming me up… the warm air it was throwing annoyed me.  Being in a body was super annoying, super sensitive to every freakin thing.  Up and down my spine, i swear there was a golf ball just rolling upwards then downwards and up again… for hours and hours.  At least that kinda felt kewl, didn’t hurt or cause discomfort at all, at least, until it would stop and spread out.  The spreading out activated the nerve endings and it felt like something was crawling under my skin and became super sensitive to everything again.

I was hoping I would find neutral at least to do my day of readings… not.  My lungs started coughing, which they have not been doing at all.  I get it, something is happening inside of me that just needs the day to do its thing.  I sent out an email to everyone on my day’s agenda, I didn’t dare start the cough machine again.

I retreated to the couch, but couldn’t sit still.  I decided, maybe taking a bath will help, it always helps.  I ran the bath, decided, much to my dismay, to put some rose essential oil in my bath, I almost puked, my sniffer was on super sensitive and it was just pungent, which annoyed me!!

I cannot ever remember when my nerves were so grated by every single thing that happens in the course of a moment.  I got into my bath, first asked for mercy for my eyes, I just put my contact back in a few days ago and was not ready to take it out.  Then I demanded to know what the hell is going on in this body and I was able to hold myself together long enough to understand.

My team explained that it is my nerve endings that are going thru an upgrade and are being adjusted.  Nerve endings??  Why!!  Geez Louise, gimme some Novocaine thru this please.

It took me several times of centering, recentering, sitting up in my bath, laying back down in my bath (every position was annoying) to get the whole story.

My team explained to me that there was a group of us currently being prepared to move up to the timeline I see as 2015.  Now let me explain what I do understand, and even what I don’t.

Getting to this moment in our time, spirit has had the entire month of December completely blacked out.  To me, it looks like the month of December is in a full on eclipse shadow and I cannot see much thru it.  The year 2015 has constantly been an energetic line about 20 feet above the earth.  I get that, another super intense raise in the frequency of both human and earth and all that surrounds it.  The energy line (kinda looks like a nuclear power line you see outside) has consistently been a white blue pulsation of light that stretches from left to right and reflects the energy of the year itself.  The blue-white energy has been showing the energy of Creator, God, Source (pick a name) on earth.

I knew that thru the unseeable energy of december, choices points will be presented to either catapult your energy up to the energy of 2015… or not.  I have not yet seen what happens in the or not section.

Keeping in mind, everything we are experiencing is all about the increase in energy.  I just tell the story month to month, year to year and fortunately, the energy acceleration points do coincide with those points, but it really has little to do with a year or even a month, it’s all about frequency or vibration.

My team gave me a visual of being plucked out of the energies of November, shooting upwards to the vibration of 2015 and then casting a hand down into the fields of December, purposely helping those walking thru their unseeable choice points.

Suddenly, several things made sense.  Some of the information the last few days seemed to pile up on top of each other.  Granted, everything about the readings and even the language in the readings have changed, but this was odd.  When someone asked a question that had anything to do with time, I would even see it if the potential was to happen in December, it would be the only thing I could see in the blackness of December.  Like I said, for a couple of people, suddenly it was as if everything piled on top of itself within the light of November.  Now I get it, for some, we are ending this year, this vibration early.

I also had seen in some of the readings the past week or two, some of the folks I read for, even tho they were moving thru the energy of December, they already put the action out onto their field of life and the passage way (which is an energy line that I see) from the end of this year to the start of the next, was already in play.

If I would have questioned a little more with one of the lady’s the other day, when I seen this ladder taking her upwards to 2015 from the light field of November… I would have understood this even more, but I didn’t ask.  Silly me!!  I thought  understood what it was revealing and to a half a degree, I did, just missed the whole november end of our year thingie… until now.

I find all this timing with our poor, blessed bodies interesting as that massive sunspot that released 6 X class flairs, zips to the earth side of the sun again and machine guns out a series of M class flairs, one even creating a radio blackout yesterday.

This particular sunspot, in its previous version released the energy that was needed for the vibration of earth.  Even tho it spit out 6 X flairs and what 20-30 M flares before it rotated around the back of the sun, didn’t affect our biology like it usually did.  This time around, it is going to the core of the body and the nerve endings themselves.  And it just arrived!!!  It has two weeks to do its thing again.  (Ducking over here.)

So I gotta wonder… why our nerve endings.  I mean, holy shit, it is tough enough when it is major organs, the head, the spine, but the entire nervous system!!  Mercy!!

Our heightened sense of awareness actually comes thru our nerve endings, sends signals to the brain, which is produced as information.  As we spring into a higher vibration faster than ever before, the nerves are skipping the month and a half adjustment time and opening and accelerating all at once.  Yay us!

What I do not know and what spirit is tight-lipped about… what is up with December??  This is so reminiscent of December 2012, the entire collective of earths were at massive choice points, to go back and redo some lessons, or let it all go and jump up to 2013.  This feels as big, but different too.  I have to go to the way I seen myself, I was blacked out (body wise) but standing on the energy line of January 2015, bending down with my arm outstretched to help others making choices.  Of course, it’s what I do anywayz… so, it’s going to be interesting to see the rest of our story.

When I got out of the bath yesterday, I think I was so frazzled, I completely forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair.  It’s still in my hair this morning.  I was too annoyed to even think about running another bath or a shower or anything that touched my skin.  However, I do have to give thanks to my body and my team, my eyes were perfectly ok when I got out.  No more leaking, burning, light sensitivity at all.  The rest of me a whole other story tho!!  By the time the sun was setting, the nerves were less exposed by man oh man did my head feel like a cracking egg-shell.

Ohhhh there is something I do want to ask, I am pretty sure I asked already, but what the hell!!  Please do not send me (or anyone else going thru upgrades) “Healing” energy.  Love, comfort, gentleness… yes, but healing denotes something is wrong and the energies sent from that intention are counterproductive to the process at hand.  I have put a shield around me to bounce healing energy to someone who may genuinely need it, but not everyone does that.  Becoming consciously aware of what you send, how you send it and why you send it and to whom and what they are truly going thru… is super crucial.  I know we can use words like old habits, but those old habits need to be released.  This is more important now than it ever has been before.  So on that note…

This morning… I feel perfect again.  Phew!!

May your day be gentle and your body ready to leap upwards in frequency!!

I love you and thank you so much for your ongoing patience and understanding with me.  You make my hards times so much easier!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of acceleration into the new living fields of light to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Another Influx of Light Energy… The Sealant   –   Lisa Gawles

light energyWhat an extraordinary species y’all are turning into.  By the time I completed my fifth connection on Friday, my whole body was vibrating as if I had stepped on a vibrating pad for an hour and once stepping off, the vibration is still happening.  I tried as hard as I could to pin myself down so I could complete my 6th connection, but the moment we connected, zoom baby zoom, I was vibrating all over again and I fell apart.  I stayed in that vibrational space until the sun went down.  Phew baby!!What I realized yesterday thru the readings and was also happening with my 6th reading the day prior, another system of light was released unto us.  The spectrum of light was the same for everyone, the presentation of it tho, the way it came in, as unique as the person I read for.

A white light spectrum I have never seen before.  No matter how it presented, either in lightning bolts, encompassing circles, chunks of energy en masse, it all had the same spectrum, white with what spirit kept calling living color within its spectrum.  Sometimes I could see that color, hues like I have never seen before.  We can look at this influx as the “sealant” within your new house.  And yes, everyone is still presenting as that house.

It seems this light was coming in and targeting the place that is going to be activated first, again, no place in particular on anyone person.  On my lightning bolt lady it was at her heart center, I had a man where it was coming in in rapid circle to his core as well as around his house, another lady, directly at her sacral plexus in a 380 degree circumference.

I made the mistake of wondering where I am being targeted before my day of readings was over.  My last connection for the day came in and made it absolutely clear, as we were both being targeted in the same area.  She had these rings of light coming in and moving just under the roof of her house, which I know was her consciousness, unlocking key codes and expanding her abilities and understandings.  The light would go into her house then angle itself to meet my forehead.  Holy flipping dizzy batman.  I had to hold onto my chair for the first 5 minutes of our connection and finally I took her rings of light and retracted them from my head so I could do the reading!!  Careful what you ask for and when!! lol  YOU are potent!!!

I want to share a couple of yummy tidbits that came thru the readings yesterday.

One of my ladies was so different from all the rest, instead of having a form of white light with living color targeting her body somewhere, instead, wayyyyyy up in the sky was an arched mass of color.  Think the form of a rainbow, only with entangled blues and violets that were really really deep in color.  This arch was stretched south to north and did I mention… wayyyyyy up in the sky, which confused me (my natural state these days lol.)  There was a time, like a few days ago, i would have said that arching of color was on the other side of the veil, and actually I tried to say that to her yesterday, except her team said, where we are at now, there is no other side of the veil.  Her emerging job is that of a “time walker.”  Moving out into what we perceive as future time lines and bringing back chunks of energy, wisdom and whatever else she will be doing for herself as well as for others (eventually.)  This is why her energy was wayyyyyy up in the sky, showing the ability to maneuver thru the upper vibrations of earth that lay ahead of us.

Now I am going to wrap this into what came thru for my first man on the field yesterday, we can bring with us anything we are focused on.  Meaning, if we are still struggling with anything that we would consider 3D (fear based) free will is never taken away.  Or even 4D (doubt and limitations) but truly, we are in what many consider 5D, the expanded field of light, of love, where heaven and heart are one.  How could their be anything less that love, or even a veil, if that is the case??  Our memories are strong and our job is to diffuse them.

Your job right now is to start playing with your spiritual senses, expand them, hone them into mastery.  Preferably one or two at a time, the rest will follow.  If you try to do 10 at once, you will barely get them to where they can be.  Think of it like having 10 plates of food in front of you, if you nibble from every plate, you will be full and have not eaten an entire serving.  The great thing about our spiritual plates, nothing ever spoils and once one plate is cleared, the next one automatically starts to empty for you.  YOU must be the one to start tho, nothing nor no one can do it for you.

There is so much more, but man oh man, I still am feeling the vibrational wave machine in my body… gotta find neutral before my first reading.

Big big ((((HUGZ))) of great adventures with an unlimited toy box to play with!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Lisa Gawles – The Pineal, The Endocrine, Immune and Circulatory Systems Are In Tremendous Change – 10-17-14

shambhala dnaAfter being held back from seeing a damn thing since Friday, the return to the field, to YOU, did not disappoint in any way.  So I will start from yesterday and work in the ones I have not written about, it all connects and presents such a huge and fuller understanding now anywayz and you are getting so damn exciting!!!

My first lady gave us an eyeful!!  There she was, just to the right of the field (representing our near future) on the new earth, standing in the midst of the most beautiful stream of golden energy pouring down into her and around her body.  As spirit let me see thru the golden shower (giggle) and I was able to view her body and what is happening to her thru this, OMG I about had a baby.

This golden energy was pouring into her crown area, the energy that was coming down around her, she was massaging into her skin.  This golden energy represents the highest of spiritual vibration as well as an intensified magnetic field changing the inside and enhancing the outside.  I was amazed, and beyond excited to have spirit let me see how this is affecting her inside.  The first thing they showed me was her pineal gland… changing.

Anytime in the past when spirit showed me this gland, thru you, it was always a white blob of energy within the center of your head.  Yesterday, I had the utmost privilege of watching this golden energy coming into her pineal gland and fully activate the changes.   From my point of view, it was changing shape, from a pine cone shape to a hexagon shape.  BUT, also, changing from white light to crystalline.  The hexagon shape was made out of pure crystal and looked kinda like this:



I did not see the star of david in it, but the hexagon contains that within its body anywayz.  This is changing so much within our entire body structure, especially the endocrine system, which makes perfect sense.  Our entire body functions are due to the chemical release that is constantly underway.  With such a massive change in energy, many people may be finding themselves feeling off, out of balance, down right sick even.  Trust that this is a heavenly process that MUST happen thru the human incarnate.  There is nothing “wrong” with you.

We are of such a deep and pretty solid belief system that if your body starts to work adversely then something is wrong, we need to hurry up and fix it.  Often times, this delays the outcome and it will have to start all over again.  However, and I am hearing this as I type, if you want to opt out from being at the forefront of DNA change, firmly let your team know so.  They will put you on the bench and let a back up plan (someone else) do the heavy lifting thru these changing times.

I started seeing the energy system of the new earth several days ago thru the very few readings I was able to do.  To my viewing eye, it looked like a mish-mash of multi-color fiberoptics energy tubes going every which way, kinda like this:

new earth system


The inside was hollow, and the filament energy didn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason, until yesterday with my golden shower lady.  Now, as I see it more clearly or maybe it is more formed, for whatever reason, it now looks kinda like this (pattern wise):

new earth


I about shit when I realized the pattern I am now seeing as what many would call the new lay lines of earth, are the same shape as the pineal gland.  I so hope you understand the HUGE significance of this.  Our light center within is exactly the same as the light vibration of the new earth.  A true divine reflection and counterpart to each other.

What as also told to her several times by her team and I want to tell you too, because it is soooo important.  As the days, weeks and months pass with her new consciousness, new light center, she is to write down every ah-ha, epiphany, moments of clarity and so on that comes to her thru any given moment.  Nothing is being released in a “linear” fashion, but being emitted by the footsteps that are taken.  It will all come together and when it does, it will be the foundation of the new work you will be doing.

As I was watching this golden energy move thru my amazing lady, I would also see it come thru her root chakra and create what looked like a morse code pattern moving down several of the fiber optic network lines under her feet.  Only this morning am I understanding that there is a true “sound” vibration that is released beneath your feet.  Even if you cannot hear them yet, feel them.  A dash feels different from a dot.  If you can hone into the dots and dashes and understand them, they are telling you which way to go.  The ground beneath you knows!!!  You are encoded into this amazing new earth.  So I grabbed us the morse code translator:



I have got to smile, for whatever reason my eyes just went to the “draft saved” time stamp as I write this and it reads 5:51:11  I never look at that, yet was pulled to it.  Change and light. new beginnings on all levels.  Yup, dats us!!  LOL, I just glanced at the time, again, something I never do until it gets daylight: 5:55  From all the readings yesterday, the one thing I am sure of, spirit is working overtime to get our message to us as clearly and concisely, for which i am sooooo grateful!!

So my next two lady’s, holy cow batman, the things that just simply amaze me and is showing just how much our connections have changed.  They were working in tandem with each other and at this moment, they do not even know each other, at least, not in the physical!!

My second lady showed up in a completely puzzlement to me.  To the right was the new earth, to the left was what spirit is now calling “the shadow earth” meaning, the temporary changing station we just left.  In between the two was…. what spirit called a membrane, but to me looked like a white-tannish dirt.  My lady was completely beneath the dirt shoveling what looked like her way out.  But, again, spirit showed very clearly what she was really doing… dissolving the membrane that has kept the shadow earth and the new earth connected as we move thru this electrical process still underway.  However, they also made very clear to her, this is part of her mastery she will be bringing to the new earth.  There were specific details her team told her about what that is, that I cannot seem to recall this morning.  However, it is exciting to me to finally hear spirit helping you know where to focus your talents and how to start perfecting them.

What I found interesting, as I watched her put shovel after shovel of this membrane dirt up and out of the hole she was in, it disappeared.  No big pile of dirt anywhere.  Her team said it was being transmute and filling the new air space.  Hmmmmmmm….!!!

My third lady showed up to make this all clearer.  Again, showing the divinity in the line up of any given days agenda.  She was standing in the east field, literally right out my back door and I could see these energy balls shooting out of the palm of her hands going over towards that membrane area that just showed up with my previous lady.  Then I about shit when I could still see my second lady shoveling within that membrane and my third lady was hitting the “dirt” with her energy balls and transmuting the dirt into a higher form of oxygen for our new earth.

In all my years of readings, I have never witness such an amazing thing as one reading overlapping another and being relevant to the interactive process underway.

Like my lady before her, she was given instruction on how to perfect the new energy work that is already coming out of her, to help others who are making the transition from old earth to new earth.  And I want to say this because it is going to be true for soooo many people, there is not a soul on earth that can teach her what she is bringing to the party.  Trusting your inner guidance and practicing as often as you can, that is the key to your own perfection and what you really came here to do in this massive time of incredible change.

And then my last lady on the field, holy shit did she ever help me understand me in that incredible divine moment of our connection.  Unlike my golden shower lady, she showed up on the new earth, still jogged to the right in a large orb of light.  Her team said it was a cell surrounding her.  It was stunningly beautiful, a white-blue inside with a deeper steel blueish color surrounding it.  Kinda like this, minute anything in the middle and completely round:


There were also three repetitive silver lighting bolts that kept coming into the left side of her cell, the electrical infusion as her new cellular network comes online.  Spirit was completely talking about the cells that make up the blood, they showed me an image of her circulatory system and even referred to it as “an army of light.”  They also said this is going to be the foundation of her new work as we move forward, but sadly they were bringing that info thru me, which I could not understand (yet) how she will use this.  However, I did take to google after we hung up to look for the circulator system and found this stunning diagram titled “blood flow thru the heart”:


The fact that the silver (representing the highest vibration of earth energy possible) was coming into her left side, the blood carrying the oxygenated blood was being changed as i watched.  But what made me even more excited about this diagram, look at the centers where “gas” is exchanged (I had no clue) very much where our energy centers are.  Equally, look at the throat area, it is different from the other 6 places and should be approached differently as we perfect our new energy works.

So if we look at the entirety of the day, our pineal gland is changing as we speak, our endocrine system is changing, our immune system is changing, the very blood in our system is changing.  Everything that makes us tick is under radical change and can only happen with the human incarnate.  This is a full on biological ascension and MUST happen thru the human.

Most humans do not like being uncomfortable or even get scared when something seems incredibly “wrong.”  Since October of last year, my own personal biology has gone thru the wringer many times over.  The first half of this year, I lost my voice more than I had a voice and now, even tho my lungs are still changing, my voice is not longer affected.  I do have a 1.1 centimeter growth over my hyoid bone, which, as I understand now, houses the light energy that is needed for what I do.

Over this same time period, my white blood cell count has been on the rise, intensified as of this past July to present.  I went for follow up lab work with my oncologist Wednesday and now both my white cells and my LDH levels have gone up higher than they ever were over this last year, higher than even when I had my melanoma in December 2012.  My oncologist decided to stop looking into my chest for what may be causing this and has now ordered new tests to see if I may have cancer of the blood.  I also go next thursday, the 23rd (at 3pm) to get a marrow extraction (now that scares me, the stabbing of my ass with a long needle lol) to rule in or rule out leukemia or lymphoma.  What I find interesting, when I was there for my last labs on August 29th and he talked to me about the white blood cells, the first thing that came to my mind was leukemia since that targets the production of white cells in the marrow.  I was thrilled to hear him say this has nothing to do with melanoma, lets look here.  Yay!!

On my way home from my oncologist, my team said that in order to get to the final results, the biology has to be stripped down and allow for what needs to happen, to happen.  Which, with a surplus of white blood cells kicking about, the body no longer productively fights infection.  Hence my year-long process with…. stuff.  But if this is the way it needs to be done, I am a willing player in the field of life.  Thank God I have the most understanding clients in all the multiverses when it comes to rescheduling.

The first thing I did when i got home was talk to my children.  I was on the fence of stating it publicly, simply because of my melanoma journey… I get more links and more advice than i really will do anything with, not that it is not appreciated, I know the place of love and caring it comes from.  However, I am in this with my body and my body only and take direction from it.  It knows intimately what needs to be done and how and I honor it on every level.  But my beautiful children instantly put prayers out on their facebook wall… forcing me off the fence!!  lol

When I woke up thursday morning and pondered putting out a blog, my team repeated over and over again “if you want to have it all, would you be first willing to give it all up.”  They have said that many times over the years and I think we (I) only think of outer stuff; jobs, relationships, possessions, dwellings… but how could it not include our very biology too.  We all know there are many other bodies, babies being born, to get back into the game.  Instead of a blog, I pondered that deeply and could come no other choice but… of course.

Now with that said, I am doing nothing until any and all of my tests come in.  Once in, if there is something I need to understand with my blood, i will go into meditation, just like I did with my melanoma journey and seek direction and apply it and of course, fire up my “Can-Seer” blog again lol.

As all the readings, the profound understandings came thru yesterday, my team showed me an image, that applies to all of us.  They showed me an intense storm system circulating over water, the winds, the rains, the lightning,  all changing the makeup of that water.  It stirs up the bottom, pulling things up into life that had been dormant for an eternity.  It is volatile, intense, and needed.  Somethings survive and somethings change so much as to appear destroyed.  The very same thing is happening thru us.  It was not even 5 minutes after my team showed me this than I seen a picture on my facebook from Gretchen Rainforest who has some of the most amazing pictures she shares so freely:

gretchen rainforest's pic

With this caption:  Earlier this Evening ~ the Approaching Storm later when it arrived there was one big “Bang” sounded like a canon went off!! and a flash of light at the same time…was Very Near……then the skies opened with a wall of water..Awesome!!

WE are the next big bang history will write about.  Fear not, it is an amazing opportunity to Serve!!

I love you all so flipping much and am beyond grateful for your love returned!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Archangel Michael – Ascension Bodily Changes – Steve Beckow – 9-15-14


I’m reviewing some of the readings I’ve had with Archangel Michael and at points he suggests matters that he wants to be shared with readers. The following point he made in late 2012 and asked that it be shared.

“It is important to take the time to adjust yourself, to get used to a different sense of being. And then to be refreshed.

“Now, I have to tell you, and yes, you can share this with your readers as well, the sense of physicality and being in the physical body, when you are in the Fifth Dimension, is very different insofar as so many of you have been exhausted. And it is because you have been getting used to holding these vibrations and frequencies. …

“But when you are in the Fifth, you will feel… so full of vibrant energy. You will feel that you could go for days without sleeping, and just go on sheer energy.

“There will be a greater sense of well-being, that your body is humming, that finally, not only — because every person is progressing at a different rate, this is an individual process – but the general statement is your organs, your brain, your functions, your bodily functions, your circulation will begin to function in alignment with the perfection of your design.

“Now, if you were to take [a chemical substance], you would think, “Oh, I can go for days, and I don’t need to sleep.” What we are offering is brotherly advice. When we said you need a holiday, we meant it.

“So take time to sleep, to rest, because what you also will experience in a rest state and in dream state is very conscious sleeping and expansion and what we would call exaltation.

“So don’t skip sleep. Your body is adjusting. Even though you think you are in the Fifth, think that you are home, your new home, and can go forever, be gentle with your bodies.

“So take time to rest. Take time to lie — yes, even at this time – bring a blanket, lie on the beach, stare at the stars, feel the sun on your face and the magnificence of the blue sky.

“And also note, I have not spoken of this… The sky will appear and feel different. I will not explain how, because you will discover how. I am now planting the seed to give you the impression. Just pay attention to the sky. It will appear and feel different.”

Perhaps I can offer one example of the sky looking different from a later reading. One day I went outside and the Sun was perhaps twice its usual size. I was amazed. It was so brilliant and powerful. I wondered what in the world had happened to it and asked AAM about it.

Steve: I went out yesterday and looked at the Sun and it was just like a spotlight. Is there something happening with the Sun?

Archangel Michael: Your vision is changing. The Sun is fine.

S: Oh, that was my vision changing.

AAM: You are seeing more and more clearly, dear heart. (2)

So the things we observe in the sky may have nothing to do with the environment but may have everything to do with us.

I asked him in another reading what the sense of exhaustion I was feeling at that time was and his reply is informative.

“It is the feeling of releasing what you have carried around for centuries and centuries and thousands of years. It’s the sense of being so exhausted with the old reality that it simply feels, at times, overwhelming. And it is a feeling that you cannot fight it any longer. You cannot top off your wellspring, as it were. It is a matter of surrendering the old and then gently, softly, embracing the new.” (3)

Our native abilities are emerging at this time, as you may have gleaned from recent messages from sources like Hilarion and the Arcturian Group. And not everything we see will be happening outside of us; some of it will be happening inside.