Sananda, from Scriptures – about Ascension – 2-29-16


I Am Sananda.

Yes, dear Ones, we have come a long way to be so close to completion now. And yes, it cannot be stopped… things are already moving!

Today we are completing this chapter with Part 4,  Chapter 7, The New Scriptures.  And yes, I gave these Scriptures to you in 2013; however, they are appropriate for your world today and I trust you will enjoy and apply them.

Part 4

I bring you this message at this time because the Shift is upon you. We understand your reluctance to change your ways, to leave behind the familiar, even if those familiar circumstances often bring you despair and frustration. I assure you that by making the transition to a higher vibrational level, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Those you have loved will be cared for and nurtured on their path to Ascension. They will be provided with loving and compassionate teaching and support until they are reassured and satisfied that lifting themselves out of their present shades of gray will bring joy and exhilaration such as they have never imagined.

You will not lose the people you care for; just the opposite. You will each find a new identity in the Light and Love you will experience when you open your hearts and minds to fulfill the destiny of the joint agreements which brought you here for this lifetime. This is what you have lived and died for in many past lifetimes, Dear Ones. You are indeed at the threshold of the Promised Land. Will you step across into the Light? Will you spread your wings and take flight? You will find the fuel for your engine right there in your Heart. It is in turn fueled by the Love of your Higher Self, God.

I AM an individuated reflection of the One, but that does not mean I am separate. No one can ever be alone or separate. This is a delusion taught by the Dark Ones to instill fear. You do not need your other half, or a partner to sustain you, or the approval of your peers to find ecstatic happiness. You only need to accept the conduit which connects you more completely than an infant’s umbilical cord connects to the source of Life which is the mother.

Allow the presence of God, which is Love and Light, to flow through you, to heal and nourish every wound, every painful experience, every expression of illness, from this life and every other. Allow yourself to expand, to fill your body and the aura around you with Love and Light. It will shine outward from you into the atmosphere around you, lifting the spirits of everyone who comes within your presence. Do not turn away from this brilliant destiny. Accept the mantle of Goodness and Light which is your birthright.

Come with me, dear friends. It is our time now.

I am Jesus/Sananda, who lived for Love. I have returned to show you the way Home.

August 16 2013

Marconics – This is your Clarion Call – Ascension Mechanisms – The Human Upgrade – 9-24-14



By: MARCONICS– The Human Upgrade  –  Galactic Federation Sponsor)

We represent the Galactic Federation of Light, in the transmission of newly accessible multidimensional frequencies – called Marconics – for the activation of Ascension Mechanisms in the templates of those at the leading edge of this First Wave of Ascension.

As the Ascension progresses, and through the delivery of Marconics via three levels
of protocol for recalibration of the multidimensional holographic body, we are
forming a geometric-structure for the progressive integration of higher aspects of
Soul Identity, essential for the process of Ascension.

Marconics anchors the Oversoul in the 8th down into merger with the Fifth Dimensional Archetypal Mind and the Emotional Mind in the 2nd Recalibration of the human body to exist in – and perceive life in – higher dimensions as the planet is brought into line with the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The ‘I AM’ Merge – or, the integration of our Avatar Identity is the true meaning of Christ Consciousness.

We also offer practitioner training in: The Marconic ‘No-Touch’ Protocol and The Marconic Recalibration, which will continue to be upgraded with each New Wave as the 12 Gates on this planet open for the first time in two cycles.
We are here to assist your Ascension.
Visit our website at:

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