Jamye Price – The Energies of January 2016 – 1-8-16



Jamye Price   –   The Energies of January 2016  –   1-8-16

Jamye Price: The Energies of January 2016


2015 Review

2015 was an interesting year. It had the energy of 8, so the flow kept things swirling! There was a lot of change in 2015, and I hope you are becoming accustomed to the pace of it in your life. There is time to rest, time to play, time to work—maybe not always in that order! It is important to keep up with your inner peace throughout. That allows you to adjust to the flow of change without too much emotionality throwing you off balance. It has required diligent focus on the inner world and choosing boldly.

In 2015 we went through so much change in the subtle realms that our energy field went through a really powerful upgrade. See the November video for details of how the throat chakra is changing into more holistic flow. Change always occurs in the subtle realm first, it is where form is built atom by atom. Last year there was a lot of intense astrological and cosmological assistance, but it is always you doing the actual changing and upgrading your energy field.

Ascension is a personal and a collective experience, like all of life on Earth at this time. 2015 showed you clearly where your boiling point/freezing point/transformation point was. Often, things that had been working before, stopped being viable in 2015, as we were required to create a better foundation of self to be able to adapt more readily in the future. Get ready for an easier year in 2016! Watch the video version here.

Creating a New Self

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time that I channel, was calling 2015 the Year of Creativity. The overarching energy of the year was bringing us to a new level of creativity. There was focus on relaxing into life more (allowing) and emanating your energy into your life more (directing). They spoke a lot of becoming aware of what is within your mental and emotional energy, what you are taking into yourself as you interact with life, and making conscious choice of what world you want to create (what energy/information you emanate out). Things that seem so simple, but take some focus and effort to implement on a consistent and clear basis. The invisible isn’t as obvious!

Ultimately, 2015 was about creating a new self. One who is empowered within, loving, and bold.  One who is making choices energetically that are putting actual new information into the biosphere of Earth. That is a nebulous experience at times. It can mean dealing with some things that got stuffed within or avoided. It can mean coming to terms with having to forgive, ease your perspectives, or stand up for yourself and hold a healthy boundary. The year brought a lot of great clearing and strengthening for the Lightworkers to shine brighter into the dark systems here on Earth. Thank you for your service!

2016 – The Year of Clarity

Get ready to shine even brighter! As we have become more aware of the impact of what we are emanating and receiving, we will be offered more opportunities to choose and emanate accordingly in 2016. It will be a year of more fruitful action, because 2015 was about building (and rebuilding) a strong foundation of self. This corresponds to how our energy field is shifting as we upgrade and activate the throat chakra more. The throat chakra is more than just the words you say or don’t say, it is the expressing of the Self into Life. It is the chakra of manifestation.

Speak with Clarity

“Word” in a figurative sense is directed information. It is not as literal as some take it. While the words you say are important, they are not nearly as important as the vast amount of information you are emanating into the field. Life is responding to your overall vibration, not just your words. Spend some time focusing on what you are silently speaking volumes of to Life. One of the easiest ways to do this is to look at your initial reactions. It is not a bad thing to feel a negative emotion. It will not automatically bring more of that into your life. It is not a testament of how unevolved you are.

It is a quality of an empowered being that is authentic, courageous, and strong enough to use any less-than-loving information to transform the Self and life on Earth. Let yourself recognize a negative emotion if you feel it. It is just information. Now that you have the awareness, you can make informed decision of a new perspective you would prefer.

Speak with clarity to yourself, listen with compassion to yourself. Then decide what next steps you can take first on an energetic/subtle level. That means how will you shift your mental and emotional perceptions and experiences first? That is the “Light” work, you’re working with information on the quantum level (light) where the big leaps are!

Completion and New Beginnings

2016 will feel like more completion energy (it is a 9 year!) whereas 2015 seemed to stall action and completion a little more than usual (building patience—fun!). In general it will feel like a more directed path for many, but remember, that requires knowing when to rest, slow, stop, wait, change direction, forge ahead… Change will be consistent in life, so your adaptability is an important part of Ascension.

Look at what is motivating your choices (that vast information you are emanating) and you will understand better what is manifesting in your life. Choose your endings and beginnings by the clues that life is giving you.  Neutralize your emotions in the moment, and emanate some Light into your future desires. You are a powerful creator and as you clarify your Light, it shines more distinctly into life, changing it. It requires some patience (thank you, 2015!) to build for the long term.

Discernment is Good Judgment

2016 will offer you clearer information on your Truth, and those around you. This calls you to clearer discernment of what you are sensing. It is often uncomfortable to recognize negative patterns in someone else or yourself. But it is a necessary part of empowerment. It is also uncomfortable when you recognize them but feel unable to change them. Use your discernment. The negative aspects of judgment (discernment) are when it becomes a mechanism to suppress or control. When it is an avenue of choice for the self, you are utilizing a powerful and necessary vehicle of life on Earth.

Politicians are great exercise for this. Have a Lightworkout and exercise your muscles of how tolerant you are for liars, manipulators, and finding a perspective of potential shift within it all. Invigorating! I joke, but this is actual Lightwork! You came here to change THIS world. Love is the thing that truly does that. It calls for some of your Light shining into the systems of this world in the way that is most appropriate for you. Can you do that without feeling the need to control or suppress something? Theunconditional patience to allow while implementing the conditional choice of the physical realm is an advanced skill. It takes practice.

2015 had a lot of focus on building a strong, sovereign you. 2016 will bring a little more focus on you within the collective. So it might call you to come out of your shell more. It might task you to discern for yourself, choose for yourself, and interact for the whole. This is the duality engine of life on Earth. We are integrating opposites, embracing life, learning to become inclusive rather than exclusive. That is Love. Love supports sovereignty within the conditions of this reality and Love is how you expand beyond these conditions from within them.

In 2016, the rules of the game are becoming clearer, and that is when the game gets more fun. We’re moving into a time of interactive creativity. Don’t be afraid to Love your politicians into being on the winning team of Love! ;o)

January Energy – Freedom

How to start this year of clarity? THE HEART! It is the engine of connection with Life. It is the core of your connection with God. It is how we empathize, desire improvement, and create something new. Your valuable brain/mind doesn’t deal with the new (only the knew!), it deals with data that it can categorize and analyze—it separates. When it is following the heart, the mind has the clarity of connection, joy, and potential. When you combine your two most powerful electromagnetic fields (heart/brain), you become a stronger, clearer signal into Life—speaking volumes of Love. When your heart/mind complex is working well together you are the unified whole, sovereign integral that you are meant to be. You have access to the broad perspective of the heart and the specific implementation of the mind.

In January, look to the information of the heart to begin your most important steps to clarity. How are feeling, perceiving, or reacting? Hear your initial reactions—whether thoughts or emotions—clearly and compassionately, so that you are open to transforming them (creating!). When the mind leads, or we could just as easily call this “imbalanced ego,” there is more of a potential to create from separation. That results in avoidance, control issues, or eruptions rather than shifting through the path of least resistance (the path that water naturally flows). January will have a strong pull to freedom. This begins with your heart.

When your heart is free to feel and transform, you feel safe connecting with Life. No Lightworker guilt that a negative moment is a wrong moment. No worry that you will get stuck in the negativity. Use the systems of Life to move and transform the energy: get in water, dance or exercise, sing, cry, watch a funny movie, talk to a supportive friend, get out in nature, love on some animals. Find some ways you can honor your feelings and keep moving through them. What you will find is more Loving perceptions, more natural Loving reactions, more Love for your self, others, and the systems of earthly life. This gives you more ability to focus your Love into areas calling for transformation. You are ready! The world is ready!


Thank you 2015—what a great year of creating a more empowered Self! Now we are moving forward with more clarity to manifest in 2016! Spend some time observing how you have become more empowered over the last year. Then spend a little time dreaming into the new year. It can be easy to overlook the subtle changes because they aren’t as parade-worthy. But if everyone could see what the effect one little shift of forgiveness or hope has on life, there would be more consistent compassion. Be that beacon. It’s why you came here. Because you knew that you could Love this world into the new. (see what I did there?! ;o) These are amazing times, and the world is ready for amazing you! Happy 2016!

Copyright: © 2005-2015 Jamye Price, www.CrystallineSoulHealing.com All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.

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Shelly Dressel – Cellular Regeneration – 7-6-15

Shelly Dressel  –   Cellular Regeneration
Sunday, June 21, 2015

We are moving into the next level of integration with the crystalline energies.  This channel took place on the Summer / Winter Solstice which created a really powerful foundation for the work we did.

The Goddess spoke at the beginning about the new type of balance that is coming into the earth with the crystalline energy.  We are used to energy moving in one direction; from negative to positive.  The crystalline energy moves without a particular direction. It can go in all directions at the same time.

When in the All That Is, the Goddess worked with each of us to create change from a cellular level outward.  We align with our signature cell which is the primary cell within our body.  This cell will then communicate with the other cells in our body.  So as we clear the cell in this journey, we are also clearing and aligning with the higher dimensions.  There is a tone that can be heard on the video that I believe is from the Goddess to work with our transformation.

The work with this cell also creates and alignment with your DNA.  The higher dimensions have alignments with the non-physical aspects of our DNA and are just now becoming activated in people.  This journey will align with that foundation, clear old blockages and resistance; then activate and integrate alignment with higher dimensions!

Over all, there’s a feeling of profound love, gentleness and being.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out inviting each one of you to come into this moment; no matter when it is, no matter where you are. Allow your energies to come fully into this now moment so that you may open up your heart to feel the light, to feel the love, to know that you are not alone, to know that there is so much taking place within your life, within the world, within the universe and you have this ability to create that alignment whenever you so choose.

Today is the solstice. For those that are experiencing the summer solstice, you are experiencing the longest day of your year. For those of you who are experiencing the winter solstice, you are experiencing the shortest day of your year.

The earth throughout the many millenniums has been about the balance; the shortest, the longest. One might also say that the earth experience has been about duality. The choices that you make may have that perception of, “I go right, I go left. That person is right, that person is wrong”, as if there may be multiple responses to things but underline everything else, is that duality of energy.

As the earth continues to move more and more fully into the crystalline energy and the crystalline vibration there is going to be less of the duality and more of the whole. The crystalline vibration or the light body vibration does not come in with that level of negative to positive or that sense of doing one thing or another to create a balance. It is intrinsically balanced and it is intrinsically integrated with all that comes into contact with that energy.

What I mean by that is that the earth itself has always had its own intrinsic balance. The earth itself from the core center of the earth has always been in a place of consciousness, the consciousness of Gaia.

Throughout the millions of years that the earth has been in existence there have been times of extreme experiences to one direction and extreme experiences to another. There have always been crystals within the earth and a part of that intrinsic balance has been that crystalline vibration.

Moving up through all the layers of the earth and coming up onto the surface of the earth is some of that intrinsic balance. So too, the universal light energy is moving into the earth in a greater capacity; some might call that the crystalline light; some might call that the light body; some night call that the God source energy. This is what has become much more prevalent since the ascension into the fifth dimension and this is what’s creating a new dynamic upon the earth.

Everything will seek to find its own intrinsic balance because this energy is balanced and when one is in discord within themselves they are in discord with this vibration coming in. It will be much more noticeable to people. As a result of that, people will seek to find that which will bring them into balance and the more that they fight against it the more that they ignore it, the further off balance and disconnected from source they will become.

What does that mean to each of you? What does that mean to the world as a whole? It means the more that you find your source energy, allowing that to be within you, to be expressed through you, the more you’ll be in the natural flow and the natural rhythms of your life and of the world. ~ Whew ~ As I said that you could feel an impulse that just moved out through everybody.

I enjoy speaking at the beginning of these channels to be able to just share a message to go out to those who are living upon the earth and to go out to each one of you to come into these sessions because I’m not only working with your energy as I speak these words but I am also perhaps answering some of those questions that you have before we even begin.

I now invite you to take in a deep breath, where you breathe in through your nose into your heart center and then you send that energy down through you and into the earth.

As that energy moves through you it connects with Gaia and it moves out in every direction.

Allow it to fully anchor you within this space and then as that energy comes back up within you you can feel it swirling through your heart center and you send that stream of consciousness moving out from you. It moves up naturally into the space of your higher self.

As you look around allow yourself to see, sense, feel, what is here within this place.

This is where you come on a consistent basis as you live your life. Sometimes it is in an unconscious manner, sometimes conscious. This place is yours to assist you in your everyday life. It can help with answering questions. It can help with shifting energy. Whatsoever you seek your highest self is available to assist you.

From there you allow your consciousness to continue on; it streams following that cord of energy or light all the way up until you come into alignment with your I AM Presence. This is you as your soul. This is you as your God source energy. This is you, the culmination of not only many different lifetimes but your experiences out here in the universal light.

Each one of you is an evolved individual and you have many, many resources available to you from within this space.

As you open up your arms or as you energetically open up your consciousness, allow yourself to feel the love, to feel the embrace of your divinity.

Then from there look around as I the Goddess walk in amongst each one of you. I reach out and embrace who you are. I reach out to merge my energies with yours. As we do so you find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

There is so much available to you within the All That Is. This is your opportunity to experience yourself at the highest light vibrations.

Feel what that is right now and as you do so it is as if there is a pulsation or a rhythm that is moving through this space. Allow yourself to simply be in this moment. Feel all that is here around you and then open to experience through your consciousness the many different opportunities and potentials that you create within this space.

As I spoke, just a few minutes ago, I mentioned the transition that’s been taking place. Consider in your heart or consider as you look around this space where you were in the Winter/ Summer solstice of 2012.

It’s been 2 ½ years since the earth was considered moving into the fifth dimension or since it was considered that the earth moved into the fifth dimension.

There are many, many dimensions within and around the earth and it’s always been there including the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth dimensions. So when we say that the earth has ascended into the fifth dimension what we are speaking of is that the consciousness of the earth that is supported by the billions of people that live upon the earth has shifted into a different level of vibration.

This was done with the assistance of planets out in the universe. It was done with the assistance of Gaia and with the millions of people that had had that intention of shifting their consciousness.

We know that we have said it many times but this conscious Ascension is quite dramatic and we express our complete appreciation, meaning we as the light beings, we as God and Goddess, we as all who support from this nonphysical realm what you are doing upon the earth. I know that it has been challenging. I know that there is a great deal of confusion at times, but I do wish for you to know from my heart to yours that there is great love for you.

Think back during the solstice in December 2012. What were you doing?

For some of you if you want to create the images around you if that works for you, please do so. If you want to just consider in your memories, were you one of the ones that knew exactly what was happening and you participated fully in the shifting consciousness?

Were you, perhaps one of the people that felt, “Something is happening, I don’t really understand what this is but I’m open to see where this may go”? Billions of people were in that space.

Are you perhaps one of the individuals that was thinking the world was coming to an end? The Mayan calendar had finished, Nostradamus and many others were saying, “This is it” and you were stepping into fear. Fear of what was going to happen, fear that things will just crumble and dissolve, fear of the unknown.

Take a moment and consider where you are right now. There’s been so much integration that has taking place since that time. Where are you? Are you feeling better? You have greater understanding within your life?

I wish to ask those questions because it sets up the integration that has been taking place or taking place for the last three months. First there was an opening of the energy and a gentle rising of the vibrations. Next it needed to be integrated within people.

Most recently, there has been a very large influx of the crystalline energy that has been anchoring into the earth. People feel this very much on a physical level. It’s as if the chemistry of your body is off. So take a moment and I invite you to allow yourself to just breathe gently and easily and as you do so, allow yourself to link with your physical body.

As you consider your physical body; is it supporting you at this time? If there is something specific that’s going on, have a sense of going to that space within your body connecting with whatever that energy may be and then bring it up from within you; bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~ whew ~ clear it out.

As I look at each one of you, there are some things that I see that are fully integrated but some things it’s almost as if you see an alignment here, an alignment there and they are trying to come together but there are things keeping it from happening. So I invite you to go once more within yourself and this time just swirl through your physical body and as you swirl through your physical body whatever it is that is ready to transition ~ whew ~ let it go.

Let it go

And then as you are here within this space, there is especially that balance of the crystalline energies. Consciously open up allowing it to move through your physical body. You may feel it here within the All That Is and it’ll be transferred into your physical body upon the earth plane.

If there is resistance within your body it manifests as pain, dysfunction and misalignment. Have that specific intention that you open up. Feel it moving through you and integrating within you at every level.

You as a human are created through biology. That biology consists of cells, water, blood, organs, ligaments, bones, skin. We are sure we are missing other parts of the human. The foundation for everything that makes up you as the human is found within your cells and you have a signature cell that speaks sending out a vibration and an alignment throughout the rest of your physical body.

I invite you to just close your eyes and allow your focus to go down within yourself and let it go to that place as if we find that one cell. That one cell is as if it’s standing out, of course magnified millions of times, so it’s very easy to see and we link with that signature cell. Allow it to come up into this now moment and in part you are linking with your DNA, in part you are linking with those aspects of DNA and of you as human that are filled with the vibrations of the third dimension, the fourth, the fifth and the higher dimensions.

For many it is as if that bridge from the third, fourth, fifth, etc. may not be fully speaking to the other. It may be as if there are strands of your DNA ready to be activated and they remain dormant.

So we go within your signature cell and we invite the consciousness of that cell to come forth. We invite this energy of the All That Is to move within that cell. It moves within that cell creating the intrinsic balance that is normal; the intrinsic balance that is already aligned with the higher light dimensions. So as you breathe gently and easily, you have that intention that the universal light merges with that signature cell and then let’s take a moment to take a breath in ~ whew ~ clear out old energy, clear out anything that you’ve been holding within your cellular structure that keeps your physical body from manifesting as you want it to be.

As I speak of this, I see all of you opening up to a sense of allowing, to a sense of participation that you are in the flow and that you receive this energy.

So we once more, it’s as if we’re flowing through the stream of your DNA, we consciously open up that that which is associated with the crystalline energies and the higher light dimension gently moves within that signature cell and as it does so it creates a new balance, an intrinsic balance within that cell that fully supports you in your human life.

As that cell becomes activated, as it finds its new balance, as it’s moving and vibrating at a whole new level that is balanced with the earth and balanced with the universe, it begins to move through your bloodstream. It’s as if there is a flow, as if there is a wave of energy. So I invite you to just quietly relax with that intention that that signature cell is communicating with every other cell within your physical body.

And then it shifts into your emotions. Are there stuck emotions that keep you from integrating this higher dimensional vibration?  We swirl through ~ whew ~ we clear out anything within your emotional body and then we can already feel the higher dimensional energies of that signature cell moving into your emotional body.

We expand even further into that mental body, the mental body that is within and around you as your human. We link within that. If there are old thoughts, old beliefs that no longer serve you reach out to whatever that may be and allow that to come down. Bringing it down in this now moment, bringing it down, bringing it in ~ whew ~ and you let that go. ~ Whew ~ Let that go.

You cannot create change from within the center of the problem. I use the word problem because that is how humans look at things. I look at whatever may be happening in your life as experiences. Therefore, if you are experiencing something in your life that you would like to transition out of and into something new, then reach out here in the All That Is, bring in the energy from something different and let that be what gives you your new opportunities and your new potential.

Everything that happens to you in your life is coming down through your divinity or shall I say, you have a nonstop flow of energy from your divinity that is giving you all that you need for living your life, and then you as the human, that part that has a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual body is what’s interpreting the energies that are coming into you.

I invite you to clear out anything from that interpretation to that which is your divinity so that you may be blended together as one essence in your human life and as you do so you will feel the calm, you will feel the balance you will know who you are and you will feel the flow within your life.

Already as I look at you, I can see you creating that greater balance and flow, it began with your signature cell and then it moves through all your energy bodies until you recognize that you as your I AM Presence is all there is. That is the part of you that lives on through the ions. This physical body, this life you are living is your opportunity to interpret that, to experience that and then see how it plays out within your life.

Feel how empowered you are you are as you realize that. There is an amazing flow of light and a limitless source of love and energy. So when you speak of your spiritual body and your light body around you as the human, this is where it’s that’s supporting you. Feel it flow and weave together the energies so that you can feel good in your everyday life.

Many of you have an aspect of yourself that is living out here within the universe. As more of the crystalline vibration integrates within the earth you have a greater access to that part of you in your dreams, in your meditation and in your everyday consciousness. If you so choose, be open to feel the flow of that so that it may assist you even further.

There is such light and excitement, like electrical currents that are moving through.

I invite all of you to come back together as a group. As you look around at the others that are here you are seeing them in a multidimensional way. You’re seeing people as the humans but you’re also seeing those higher light vibrations and there is a flow and an ease that moves through.

Coming up within the center of this group you see that hologram of the earth. I invite you to infuse in all of this transformation that is taking place. That shift from your signature cell of your biology all the way out through your light body energies. Infuse that into this hologram.

So too, is the universal light merging of the hologram and as it does so it flows downward, it moves down into the earth and as it goes into the core of the earth. it expands outward; it comes up through the grass, the trees, the water, the leaves. It comes up within you, your own energy comes up from being anchored within the earth and moving out through all your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual light body energies in a human reality.

So too we put forth that specific intention of the collective consciousness of the earth is cleared out even more ~ whew ~ and it therefore shifts into this balanced energy and that consciousness of love, compassion, acceptance, allowing; that consciousness of God source energy merges within all levels of the collective consciousness of the earth. We have that intention that it’s there for humanity; it’s there for the animals, the trees, the grass, for everything that is related to being upon the earth, may that unconditional love and balance flow through everything.

You still left that piece of your consciousness up in the All That Is, so let yourself come back within this space. You may have that sense almost as if you are looking down at the earth or as if you’re looking out to the universe and you can see with new eyes, you can see with greater clarity the transformation that is taking place.

You make a difference. You need only find that love, that balance, that awareness of who you are in your own life and it goes from there.

Allow your focus to shift back into your I AM Presence as if you take those stair steps down from the All That Is. You then shift moving into your higher self. You see now it is way more expanded, because of all this energy that you’ve been doing, this energy work that you’ve been doing.

Perhaps you’ll take a moment and clear out whatever is here and allow yourself a new beginning that includes from your cellular structure through everything, a new balance and a new integration.

You then continue down, your energies are coming back down into you, in your physical reality. As you feel that coming back through you, it comes down through your head center, it goes into your heart center and you send it all the way down into the earth. You allow yourself to be grounded in your current reality. You allow yourself to come back to this space and if you need to ~ whew ~ send out a ball of light, send out the energy that your environment will fully support you in these changes that you have created for yourself.

You take in a deep breath feeling that energy as you ground within this space.

Alright beloved family, as you’re moving beyond this time of the solstice move forward with this new integrated energy. Recognize that your physical body is changing. Recognize that that’s going to be reflected through all your energy fields. Recognize that there is a phenomenal integration that’s taking place between the universal light and the physical reality of your earth. Be open to that flow. Consciously send it out from you, because you are a filter and you are one of the individuals anchoring it within this lifetime.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you.



EMMANUEL DAGHER – Energy Forecast – The Crystals Speak – June 2015 –

Emmanuelpeaceofficial1Emmanuel Dagher


Dear friend,

I’m excited to reconnect with you again. Sharing in this space, where we get to honor each other in this way, is one of the things I cherish most, and for that I am profoundly grateful.

I am also grateful for all the heartfelt messages I receive from you, sharing your own personal journey of how you came to be the miraculous person you are today. It reminds me that we are truly all in this together.

There’s a lot for us to catch up on in this Energy Forecast, so let’s get right to it.

The Gap Narrows

In the past few weeks, a resurgence of light frequency from the celestial skies has been pouring into every single corner of the planet. This light has also been pouring into our biomagnetic sheath (auric field), body, and mind.

For a while, it appeared as though the two worlds (the world of Unity/Oneness and the world of fear/lack that have operated in the context of duality) were headed in completely different directions, creating a large gap between them.

This was creating a kind of anxiety and sadness in many sensitives and empaths who felt as though they had to leave behind many of the people, places, and things they had grown to care for, and formed bonds and connections with.

A few months ago, many of us even went through a deep cleansing and grieving period, as a result of releasing many of the people, places, and experiences still choosing to operate in a world of fear and lack.

Well, the recent resurgence of light that has been pouring into our planet is a direct answer to the yearning of many wayshowers’ prayers, to not have to leave behind the people and things that may not have chosen yet to awaken to their greatest Self.

The reason we as empaths have a kind of yearning to remain connected to the people and things that may not be fully awakened to their greatest Self, is that at our core … we have a resilient faith that they eventually will.

It’s that part of us that just doesn’t give up on anyone or anything, even if the world around that person seems like it has.

Our Divine Will has summoned a narrowing of the gap, so that no one and nothing gets left behind.

I know that at first, that sounds like a tall order. However, the amount of light pouring in at this time is a clear confirmation that it is happening.

It’s easy for any group of people who gather in community to deem themselves as more enlightened than any other group. But we’ve seen every attempt at that model fail, because it is very much based in judgment.

What if no person, place, or thing was better or worse than any other? What if we were able to embrace our seeming differences, and accept that we’re all on this journey together?

What kind of reality do you think we would manifest?

The rational mind usually goes to a thought such as, “That kind of world is just wishful thinking.” That is just the mind’s way of creating a protective barrier for itself, as a result of past experiences that the mind may have found disappointing.

Meanwhile, the Spirit within each of us knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that a world where we all embrace our seeming differences and accept one another fully is possible in this realm of existence.

That’s actually why each and every one of us chose to come in at this time, because on some deep level we knew we could make it happen. And . . . we are!

I’d like to offer you a daily prayer/intention that has helped me tremendously in letting go of the judgments the mind sometimes likes to create out of self-protection:

‘Dear Spirit, I ask that I see beyond my story, and the stories of others, and into the truth of who they and I really am. I ask to see, hear, and feel myself and others through the eyes, ears, and heart of the Divine One Spirit of All that Is. I choose for this to be easy and graceful for my mind, body, and emotions. With profound gratitude, I say … And so it is!”

Try adding this prayer/intention or something similar to your morning daily practice for the next 28 days, and notice the shifts that begin showing up for you.

You may find yourself feeling more loving, tolerant, and compassionate. You may also notice many doors that once seemed closed to you, now open up completely.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience!

Simple prayers and affirmations like this will help to narrow the gap between the world of unity/love and the world of fear/lack, so that all that is left is a world of love. That’s how powerful we are.

The Crystals Speak

Like most on a mindful spiritual path, I have always had an affinity with crystals and minerals. I often use them in my healing practice, and during my personal meditations. I remember as a child being captivated by their beauty and energy.

With the resurgence of light pouring into our planet, just as we are being affected by it, so is every living, breathing thing on the planet. This includes our friends in the animal kingdom, plant kingdom, and yes, mineral kingdom!

Many colleagues, clients, and friends I’ve been working with have noticed that their crystals are vibrating in ways they never have before. Many of them couldn’t even feel the subtle energies of crystals and minerals before, and are now feeling them without question. So one morning I decided to bring my crystals out and meditate with them to see if they felt any different from how they had before.

To my amazement, I did notice a big difference. As an intuitive and an energy worker, I’m already quite sensitive to crystals and minerals, but there has definitely been an expansive shift. The most accurate way I can describe it for me was that new life has been breathed into the crystals and minerals. It’s quite awesome!

I’ve noticed that when I use them during meditations and healing sessions, they are generating even greater and more remarkable results.

The crystals I have been working with lately are tektites such as selenite and moldavite, as well as aquamarine, Lemurian Seed crystals, citrine, and phenacite. I’d love to hear from you about which crystals you are most resonating with right now.

To check in with your crystals to see if they are shifting, place one crystal at a time in your left hand (the receiving hand) and let your hand rest comfortably on your lap, while sitting with eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths, and notice if you feel a vibration or energy move from your hand into a certain part of your body.

From this relaxed state, mentally ask the crystal to share any wisdom, message, or healing it has to offer you. You may be surprised with the guidance and support you receive!

Isn’t it amazing how everything on our planet, even the rocks, are alive?!

Now, more than ever, everything in our natural environment is available to support and guide us back to our most Divine Selves.

If you haven’t connected with crystals, minerals, and nature in general for a while, now is an excellent time to do so. It’s amazing how life gifts us with the most spectacular tools to help us awaken our body, mind, and Spirit.

The month of June will feel quite busy, so giving ourselves permission to pace ourselves, and to take it one day a time, will serve us tremendously.

Making sure we are well hydrated and that we’re getting plenty of rest will also help us to quickly integrate the current waves of light pouring into our world.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


“Energy Forecast June 2015 – The Crystals Speak” by Emmanuel Dagher, June 1, 2015, at http://www.emmanueldagher.com/energy-forecast

Source Link: Emmanuel Dagher: Energy Forecast

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