Jesus via John Smallman – You who are Reading or Listening to this Message are not Doing So by Chance – 5-2-16

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Human consciousness is an ongoing spiritual evolutionary process that you collectively chose to undergo, and to which there are no limits. Limits are boundaries that you built around the illusory environment that you inhabit as human beings but which you are free, individually, to dismantle or move beyond.

More and more of you are realizing this and choosing to move through them to an awareness of the limitless possibilities that creation offers you in every moment. Those who do come to an awareness that in Truth you are completely free! As more of you open to this wondrous Truth and acknowledge it you enlarge the gaps in the field of limitations from small individual pathways to an immense and interconnected highway that all of humanity can and will use to depart the illusion.

Passing out of the limiting environment in which you have spent eons seemingly controlled and restricted by unseen forces of enormous power, you awaken into an infinite field of unimaginably unlimited possibilities. This is what humanity is in the process of doing right now.

The worldwide chaos and confusion that is presently arising is identified by humanity as an endless and enormous theater of operations in which global warming, tectonic plate shifts, extreme weather systems, interminable wars, unconscionable corporate and political corruption and greed are seemingly leading to an inevitable global catastrophe that will destroy the environment and most if not all of the life forms present on Earth including, of course, humanity. The problems humanity is facing appear almost insoluble.

This is not the case. What is happening is the removal of the blinders that hid from you the awareness of the interconnectedness of everything. As you start to see the interconnectedness of absolutely everything you cannot help also seeing the insanity of the way in which you have been attempting to live your lives separated from one another.

Modern psychology has shown you that most people live ego-driven, that is fear-driven, lives in which each one appears to be the center of his own tiny universe, a universe on which the universes of others impinge causing pain and suffering for all. And much of that suffering is in fact the result of denied feelings that give rise to powerful emotions that are then projected onto others from whom they are reflected back whence they came, onto oneself.

Awakening is an opening to the awareness that all those seeming individual universes that humans appear to inhabit is in fact one fully integrated part of the infinite field of divine Love which is All That Is. A sensed or known awareness that there is no separation, that all are indeed One. God is the infinite field in which all of creation has its eternal existence in perfect harmonious cooperation where each and everyone lovingly honors and respects every other.

There are no divisions, disagreements or conflicts because all recognize one another as one and the same, even though individuated and expressing themselves in an entirely personal and unique fashion. The differences are embraced with intense joy because they add magnificently to the ongoing creative intent, God’s Divine Will.

As you have been told so often, there is only God. Within the illusion you are limited by words and language and so you have many words for God. I use the word God here because it is familiar and comfortable for the channel who grew up in a religious and cultural environment that used, and still uses that word. You have to remember that words are but pointers with no intrinsic meaning, they are convenient indicators but unreal. I will continue to use that word purely for convenience, along with Source, Love, Divine Will, and the pronouns Him and Her, interchangeably.

To continue, there is only God. That is NOT a limit. It means that all that exists exists within God, and God is infinite – without limits, without boundaries, without end, without time, without space, all of which are limits! As some of your sages and mystics have suggested – God Is. No other attempt at definition is necessary, or indeed meaningful.

God can only be experienced. To experience God, infinite Bliss, all that is not in perfect alignment with Her has to be discarded, abandoned, dissolved, released. Humanity is presently in the process of doing that, and it can be very messy! All attachments to unloving intentions, thoughts, words, or actions have to be let go. All judgments of self or others have to be let go.

Your hearts are the physical manifestations of your Oneness with the Divine, the physical aspects representing the center of your eternal being, and into them you have loaded, over the eons, fear, hatred, anger, resentment, shame, judgment, bitterness, and worthlessness, among others, as aspects of yourselves that you have then disowned and projected onto others because they are far too painful to take within yourselves.

But, they are within yourselves because all are One. However, the self in which they reside is the ego. The ego is an apparently split off or separate part of your Self. Your Self is eternally One with God, and with all sentient beings, and can never be separated from Her. To separate would be to cease to exist, and that is impossible because what God creates is eternal. Your egos are the small selves that you imagined into being to enable you to play the game that is the illusion.

Modern psychology uses the term “the inner child” to refer to the part or aspect of a human that hides behind the mask that a person presents to the world. It hides because during its childhood it was severely hurt and it does not wish to be hurt again. However, it continues to be hurt because it feels vulnerable and insecure having never grown to maturity, to real adulthood. Its scholastic, academic, and physical talents and skills allow it to present a mask of confidence to the world, but behind that mask a small and frightened child still resides.

Psychotherapy in many forms is used to help that inner child gain confidence and self-acceptance by enabling it to see that all its negative self-judgments are utterly invalid. The effectiveness of the efforts of competent and compassionate psychotherapists depends on the suffering the child has had to endure.

However, every human is offered, through life lessons of many kinds, the opportunities necessary to heal the inner child, and each of you has at least one spiritual guide who accompanies you at all times to assist you with this demanding process.

Over the eons there have been many lives, many experiences, much pain and suffering that has not been healed, and so in this period of humanity’s evolution, which is always ongoing and always spiritual, many have volunteered to incarnate solely in order to assist humanity in the release of this enormous residue of buried, denied, or unacknowledged suffering.

It is most certainly far too painful for just one human to deal with. Enormous sharing of suffering is occurring, allowing it to be released in amounts that individuals can deal with when they are supported both in the physical realms by loving friends and wise and compassionate therapists, as well as by those of us in the spiritual realms who are also nudging you toward self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness.

Very many of you have buried or denied pain, pain you feel at some level you either deserve, or that, being mature adults, you should be strong enough to rise above. But on this painful and horrifying battleground, which is intensely real and physical for some, from which you are picking yourselves up, you need enormous amounts of help. You cannot arise from it alone.

Attempting to do so is to remain in the unreal state of separation from which there seems to be no means of escape. Often intense shame deters people from seeking help; shame disguised as anger, which is then projected outwards causing further damage. It is from states like this that the decision to take one’s own life is frequently made. But when that happens it does not resolve the issues from which the person is fleeing.

You who are reading or listening to this message are not doing so by chance, coincidence, or accident, but because you made the most compassionate and loving choice to be on Earth at this moment to assist in humanity’s awakening process, a process that includes and involves every sentient being who has ever experienced life on Earth! You are here to help the multitudes who still remain utterly unaware that they are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.

As you have been so often told each one of you, being in truth One with Source, are beings of enormous power, infinite power, because that is how you were created. That power is with you in every moment and for all eternity. Your physical forms are temporary vehicles composed from your energy fields of Love, and your earthly task is to hold the intent to be loving in every moment and in every situation. That intent is extremely powerful and it is an irreplaceable and essential aspect of humanity’s awakening process.

You cannot awake alone! Why? Because all are One! You could perhaps imagine yourselves as forming the channel that is guiding the separated energy fields of humanity back to Oneness with Source. Separation has never occurred, and could never occur, but because of the power you were given when God so lovingly created you, you were able to establish a very real seeming physical environment in which to play your games, and eventually become frighteningly lost.

Know that you are most highly honored here in the spiritual realms, to which you will shortly return, for making the most wondrous and compassionate choice to incarnate at this moment in Earth’s history to assist in this mighty heavenly project whose success is divinely assured.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus: You who are Reading or Listening to this Message are not Doing So by Chance. Channelled by John Smallman. May 2, 2016.

Sophia Love – As We Shift – The Pleiadians – Dear,Dear Human – 4-3-16

Suzanne Lie – Our Wings of Light – 2-3-16


Suzanne Lie   –   Our Wings of Light   –   2-3-16


Suzanne Lie

It is interesting because it feels like it has been forever, but also feels like this is the first time. For all we know this may be the first time, at least on this planet, where masses of people are thinking about, striving for, even believing in – Ascension.

Now we are beginning to begin. But, we will not know exactly what will occur or how it will occur or when it will occur. But, we are greatly confident that something is happening. That something is brought to us via these waves of higher Light.

Our lives are eternally guided within this Now. So all we really need to do in regards to these higher waves of Light is just to relax into the knowing that something is occurring, even if we are not exactly sure what it is or even why it is. But, as long as it feels like Unconditional Love, as long as it feels like Truth, then we continue.

Now, we’ll know that because we have been through so many incarnations of indoctrination, so many incarnations where we were told what reality was, and we believed it. We believed what we were told.

And, what we were told on the outside appeared more important than what we were really feeling on the inside.

Now we are beginning to allow ourselves to look at our reality not from our 3D brain and 3D senses and what our third-dimensional world tells us what is real. Now we can feel reality in a higher fourth and fifth-dimensional manner in which we just somehow know. We don’t know exactly how we know – but we know.

We have been in the process of loving ourselves unconditionally – chakra by chakra. And we’ve gone up to the heart chakra. Therefore, now is the time to think about what is beginning and what is ending. Our heart chakra is the very first thing that beats, that says this is a zygote that has the possibility of becoming human, and it’s the last thing that beats when we die.

So, the NOW is about beginnings and endings. And beginnings and endings always go together. There’s a beginning and an ending within our version of reality. However, we won’t know about this “beginning and the ending” unless we calibrate our consciousness to the version of reality that is “reality shifting.”

If we stay in the old version in which the outside world is telling us what is right and what is wrong, then we will stay there. But if we take that risk to trust our own inner feelings ….

Now, we have not been trained to trust our own inner feelings, and so we have to break our 3D programming. We have to know that if we can feel it inside of us, and it feels like Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Purpose and even a random perception of Infinite Wisdom – that’s our High Heart speaking. So we need to listen.

As our High Heart continually speaks to us, we begin to feel a sensation – feeling almost like what we might call Angel wings in that it is behind our heart – maybe a little above, maybe a little below. But we feel an energy field that’s invisible to our third and fourth-dimensional self—BUT our fifth-dimensional self can perceive it.

And, it feels like, looks like, almost what we would call wings. But what it actually is, is the outflow of the inflow of the Higher Light that is coming into our Heart Chakra. These waves of this higher dimensional Light come into our High Heart and our Heart Chakra.

Our Heart Chakra is the part of our physical body that receives the higher Light. And our High Heart is the higher dimensional part of us that can perceive and accept the higher dimensional frequencies of Light and bring them both back into our physical form.

The perceptions of our High Heart and our fifth-dimensional perception, which our “wings of light” assist us to interpret, allows us to read the Light language that has come into our physical body.

Our Heart and our High Heart are calibrated to this fifth dimensional flow of Light. This Light comes into our heart, and flows out through our heart. Our Heart and High Heart are where we experience the inflow merging with the outflow.

Where the energies out and the energies in meet, there is a spot, a place in-between, a moment, a thought, a possible reality in which the inflow and the outflow merge into the moment of the Now.

And, as the inflow and the outflow merge – in between our heart and our High Heart, our physical heart, below our throat chakra and our high heart which is on our thymus gland, we feel these two energies begin to connect within us – our physical heart and our High Heart. This is when we feel the “wings of light.”

Now, remember the wings aren’t really wings, but the outflow of the inflow of the Higher Light. This outflow serves as propellant, much as wings propel a bird to be able to fly and keep them in the sky.

This outflow, which feels like wings, represents our trust in our SELF. We have trusted our SELF enough to bring IN this inflow of Higher Light and to allow this Light to enter into and intermingle deep within our heart and High Heart. THEN, after it inter-mingles deep within our heart and High Heart, we allow the outflow of this higher Light.

But some of the outflow always stays in the heart, and some of the inflow always stays in the heart to create a seed. It is a Seed of Hope. Faith, Hope and Charity – and the greatest of these are Hope.

If you don’t have hope it’s hard to have faith. If you don’t’ have hope it’s hard to give charity. Therefore, hope is more important than most people understand.

It is this hope that allows us to trust our SELF enough trust

That we really are perceiving a Higher Light

That we really are feeling Unconditional Love

That we really are surrounded by a Violet Light, which seems to be

Moving through our auras,

Speaking with us and,

Working with us.

Whatever our own higher expression says, this hope allows us to go out into the world and to merge with the information of the Higher Light and to share that Higher Light with our outflow. Hence, we are merging with the reception of this inter-dimensional energy field and with the expression of this inter-dimensional energy field.

We are accustomed to the dynamic that our expression of SELF would be sent out from in front of us, but we are talking about our expression being sent out from our “wings” in the back of us.

What this symbolism (Light Language) means is that we need to engage our Angelic presence. We need to live in this Unconditional Love of what we would think of as an Angel.

For it is within this “Faith of an Angel, this condition of being an Angel,” can we deeply feel our hearts being open to allowing this energy to come through the back, not the front, because we do not need to get attention.

We do not need to say, “This is my outflow.” It just is the outflow! In this manner, the ego begins to have less and less importance. The ego will remind us when it’s time to pay our bills or to take care of whatever third-dimensional needs, but it is no long more important than the Higher Light.

If we get too stuck to the third-dimensional needs, we won’t be able to lift off. I’m not sure what lifting off means and absolutely not sure how we will do it. But there is this feeling that is moving through my self and through many to whom I am talking.

The lovely thing is that every person feels the same things in their own individual way. And each person talks about it a little bit differently, but it feels the same to all of us.

This feeling, this Higher Light, encompasses all our individuality because all of us “individuals” are united within this ever-expanding experience of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire that is flowing into and through us.

“Into and through us,” because we are not the creators of the Higher Light, we are the grounders of this Higher Light. We are like a tree that allows the rays of the Sun to caress our leaves, travel from our leaves to the little stems of the leaves and into the bigger stems of the branch, then into the limbs and the trunk to travel down, down, through the trunk and deep into the Earth.

We do not create the Earth. We do not create the Higher Light, but we are creating a merging of the Higher Light into the body of Gaia. Gaia needs our help, human help, because humans are the ones who created the damage to Gaia.

The animals didn’t damage Gaia. The plants didn’t damage Gaia. The atmosphere changes as it is always changed, but most, if not all, of the damage to the atmosphere and Earth’s earth, the air, fire and water, was done by humans. Therefore, this is human mess and humans have to clean it up.

And the way to “clean up” these elementals of Earth is that we clean up the elementals within ourselves. We Unconditionally Love ourselves chakra-by-chakra, organ-by-organ and bit-by-bit. When we Unconditionally Love ourselves all the way through our chakra system, that Unconditional Love will heal us enough that we can pull the Violet Fire into ourselves chakra-by-chakra, and element-by-element.

As we transmute ourselves element-by-element, chakra-by-chakra, we transmute the outflow. That which flows out from our Heart and through our Wings of Light with the Unconditional Love lives within and travels through us.

When we can accept Unconditional Love by loving ourselves unconditionally we open wide our inner portals, which are NOW calibrated to Unconditional Love. Each chakra is a portal and all the chakras are aligned with our personal inner portal.

As we accept that Higher Light and allow it to transmute us, much as like the Violet Fire transmutes, we ground this Higher Light into Mother Earth who will breathe it out into our reality to share Her process of transmutation – person-to-person, person-to-plant, person-to-animal, person-to-atmosphere, person-to-planet in every way.

Now, we can fully allow our “Seed of Hope” to bloom. Now, we have the courage to be confused, be afraid, be mental, be busy — and still accept the Higher Light. We accept this light because we need to, AND because we’re remembering that we said we would.

Now, not everybody will do this because they said they would because not everybody said before they took a body,

“I volunteer to take an Earth vessel within that NOW so I can take on all of the effluvia I’ve experienced in all of my incarnations of multiple, parallel, simultaneous realities and heal it all with Unconditional Love. Then, when I am strong enough, I promise to use the Violet Fire to transmute all shadow into the Higher Light of the fifth-dimension.

So, when should we begin this process?

Within the fifth-dimension there is no “when,” as there is no time.

Therefore, we must, will, are honored to DO IT NOW!

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ARCHANGEL METATRON via Natalie Glasson – The New Year – 1-8-16

Natalie Glasson
New You by Archangel Metatron
Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 8th January 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa
Archangel Metatron
As the Earth enters into a new cycle/year major shifts of love are being instigated and taking place in this moment. The Earthand humanity are beginning a long awaited alignment with the planet Venus throughout 2016. Venus is known as the planet oflove and so a union between the Earth and Venus is and will take place in order to support the Earth in more fully anchoring into the Era of Love. Thus allowing the Earth to accept her natural vibration while equalling the love frequency created andmaintained upon Venus.
It is humanity’s ability to receive and accept which will aid the alignment of the Earth with Venus. As both planets energetically reflect equalling and heightening vibrations of love so the treasures of the Earth will be revealed. By treasures, I, Archangel Metatron, mean the unique sacred wisdom, qualities, Creator vibrations and purpose of Mother Earth and those who inhabit her.
As an aspect of humanity your purpose is to receive and accept love so that throughout 2016 you grow and expand as a being and expression of unconditional Creator love. It is important to receive love from the Beings of Venus, your Guides, Angelic Friends, Ascended Masters, Nature, those around you and the Creator. It is essential to recognise there is always an abundance of love available for you to receive. This is not to demand love; it is to nurture yourself with love.
The more you open your mind, consciousness and thoughts to receiving all forms of love the easier it will be for you to accept love, thus utilising it in your reality as guided by your soul. A vital focus at this time is to be conscious of receiving the love of your soul, and soul group if you wish, however accepting the love of your soul into all aspects of your being and body will allow for a fuller experience of connection with all aspects of the Creator.
A focus upon receiving the abundant love which is available for you to absorb will allow for brilliant and beautiful experiences to enter into your reality. Receiving the love of the Creator signifies and allows you to open yourself to accept all the support, beauty and joyous experiences which you may have been limiting or hindering from being present in your reality.
Receiving at this time will not only allow you to heighten your spiritual evolution and connection with the Creator, it will aid greater experiences of happiness and fulfilment in your reality as well as enhancing your focus upon receiving within the consciousness of humanity.
When a larger percentage of humanity’s consciousness is focused upon receiving love then this will impact many people encouraging them to open their hearts to receive love. To them it may not feel as if they are receiving love or divine intervention, it may appear as good luck or reward for their hard work.
With a greater presence of receiving within humanity’s consciousness the divine Creator will be able to work through many and manifest upon the Earth more fully. To receive divine blessings or your wishes in your reality no longer is there a need to believe that hard work is necessary.
There is a need to instead enhance your inner belief, which is already present, that everything you require is available to you.
Through your focus on receiving you can access and experience all you require. Through this shift in consciousness you will be erasing the energy of striving, suffering and lack from your own consciousness and the consciousness of humanity as these are only products of the ego. Imagine a world with less people striving, suffering and experiencing lack, this can occur with your simple focus upon receiving the love of your soul.
Remember your soul is connected to and is all aspects of the Creator.
This is a year for major shifts and accelerated growth within your being which will impact your reality and the consciousness of humanity.
The love and support of Venus will create dramatic shifts in your own consciousness and the consciousness of humanity as this will dissolve boundaries and limitations to allow more love to be experienced for all.
Processes of release whether experienced through illness, emotions, the erasing of fears or other forms may still be present with you. This will take place until you and humanity learn to heal and release unneeded energies through the power of the abundant love within your being.
As you move through 2016 you will be able to acknowledge that you are learning to heal and release fears through the power of your love, this will be a noticeable shift within your being.
To you it will symbolise you are taking more responsibility in your own spiritual evolution, accepting your power, following your inner guidance and aligning with all that is the Creator.
This will result in a feeling of truly beginning to grasp the process of ascension upon the Earth.
The alignment of the Earth with Venus will allow for new aspects of yourself to manifest from within your being; higher divine
evolved aspects of truth.
Due to the enhanced love vibrations upon the Earth, around and within you throughout the year you will be supported in divine frequencies to explore within your being.
If you have the determination and the willpower to develop your
spiritual evolution, then you will notice a greater experience of divine support embracing you and an unfolding of your truth from within your being.
This may result in being guided to address certain issues, energies, habits within your being while noticing that they are easily resolved. With lack of will power you may feel you are being excluded from the love pouring into the Earth from Venus with sensations of being stuck, stagnant or trapped.
Will power is an essential focus for the cycle unfolding upon the Earth now.
Being consciously aware of your will power or lack of will power as well as your focus of creation will arise in many experiences and reality situations.
To support this process of learning and growth you may wish to sit peacefully, in meditation or divine connection and ask yourself:
‘What is my will power? Where does it originate from? Does my will power require me to have a focus?  What focus would be most aligned to my soul? How can I enhance my will power?’
These are valuable questions which will create awakening of your resonance with the Creator from within.  Your insights are of
most value, however I wish to remind you that to receive the abundant love of the Creator will awaken and enhance your will
power. Your will power is the potent concentration of your soul born from the energy and guidance of the Creator. It is through acceptance and embodiment of love, of all forms, which encourages the development of your will power.
I, Archangel Metatron, encourage you to acknowledge that a new you will be born throughout this year.
Taking place through receiving love, accessing and empowering your will power as well as realising that you are now more than ever responsible for the blossoming of truth within your being and that this will occur through your conscious awareness and instigation of shifts within you.
‘I allow myself to receive love with ease.’
(Inhale deeply and exhale.)
‘I easily access my will power; it is a positive influence in my reality.’
(Inhale deeply and exhale.)
‘I am now consciously aware of the shifts occurring within my being.’
(Inhale deeply and exhale.)
‘Through acceptance of myself and the Creator I am my soul, accessing my truth I feel myself to be a new and enriched version
of myself.’
(Inhale deeply and exhale.)
2016, this new cycle will support you in manifesting yourself anew from the purity of your soul, thus creating shifts within your
reality which are necessary for your spiritual evolution.
It is an opportunity because of the great volume of love, to experience
fulfilment, healing, in truth whatever you wish for.
I, Archangel Metatron have shared with you simply a focus which will aid you in accessing the beautiful opportunities available at this time.
Your inner planes guides are present to support you, we do require more and more that you call upon our assistance, because as you grow  spiritually it is easier for us to communicate with you however your responsibility for your spiritual evolution means we can more increasingly intervene only with your permission.
I am always present to guide and assist,
Archangel Metatron
Found at:   Pauline Battell

LISA BROWN – Solstice Ascension Symptoms – 12-21-15


Lisa Transcendance Brown

Okay loves, we are getting our ROYAL BUTTS kicked with these continual cosmic blasts of everything Light. We’ve been gamma the last few hours and I made it just that long and now it’s back to bed for me. A short walk to get the trash can at the road did me in. Melissa going through her upgrades for her and me going through mine, and these are completely different, which is how it works for us all!

I’ve not been put in bed and gone through this much physically in what seems like years. My whole head clearing, my left eye as my upgrades are to accommodate Crystal Skull knowledge as well as upgrade this within my own Crystalline Structure. Head whammy huge, the rest of the body upgrading and dumping too. Now, it’s not intense, it’s just that I don’t get shut down anymore and I am getting shut down. This is HUGE so honor you. Letting everything go. Nothing’s more important than this.

The Spine is the center of all CRYSTALLINE ACTIVATIONS. The body gets shut down when immense amounts of photonic light activates inside. It’s the point. We weaken, radiation obliterates old programs inside, food does not work well so take care with this.

Killing the old cells/programs, even eating live is rejected for they kinda are opposites while this occurs. Sleep, rest, be lazy. Solar winds mix in to bring the sleepies, releasing DMT/Melatonin for many too. When we awaken, we are stronger, have more cap-abilities and things are way easier, more abundance comes, you name it.

These are lasering through our physical light-bodies deactivating the old programs that we all held. This is your evolution as a Star BEing and the eradication of the old so that all can move further into the Higher Realms Frequency Bandwidths of NEW Earth without the old stuff anymore. This is what you came here for. The more you embrace, honor and assist, the easier it is and the “faster” all occurs and comes forth.

Now it’s the head/brain…. nausea does come with these. Everything you feel is this. If you are not feeling it, no worries, you will. The relaxing of the body and the releasing process speeds up how much you can feel. I love you. Back when I can. ♥

Crystal encodements are being activated as well. Galactic Vortexes opening. Pineal ♦ gland, heartbeats in body as this occurs. Everything is. ♦

Source: (92) Lisa Brown

Maria Chambers – Ascension – How Far Have We Come? – by Ascension With Earth – 11-20-15

Asana Mahatari


Maria Chambers   –   Ascension   –   How Far Have We Come?   –   by Ascension With Earth   –   11-20-15

Many of us take for granted how far we have come and how much we have advanced in our ascension process.  It’s good to shift our gaze away from the symptoms of ascension and look at our present state of consciousness compared to even a short time ago.
I love frequenting the local neighborhood coffee shop.  I love sitting alone in a booth, writing in my journal, working on my blog from my tablet and iPhone, enjoying the aroma of freshly brewing coffee and cinnamon buns.  I love the feeling of being alone, in my own sacred space, yet I am surrounded by people and life.
This scenario mimics how we as ascending masters are beginning to enjoy being here on Planet Earth.  Being fully ourselves, living alongside other humans, while being joyfully detached from the world.  How delicious that place is!
We have moved out of giving away our power to an outside god.  We have grown bored of talking about these concepts of embodying spirit and we now want to experience it.  To live it.  For the most part we have moved past the stage of creating drama outside ourselves, of being in caustic relationships or jobs, of worrying about the disorder in the world, and of trying to change the world. We are more easily able to choose how we want to feel, and we understand that our minds are trying to integrate with our new consciousness.  We have learned patience with our mind and our body through this often overwhelming transformational process.
We are learning to detach from our own internal drama as we put into practice living alongside our mind.  We are living in our human personality, with all its ‘issues’ without allowing our darker feelings to rain on our parade.  We are learning to give those feelings room to express, but ultimately not identifying with them.  Not feeling a need to change them just as we no longer feel a need to change the world.  Another healthy detachment.
Yes, it can be boring at times, with no drama being stirred up, not playing victim so much any more and not so attracted to enjoying the hard road.
Yet we know in our hearts, regardless of what feelings may come up, regardless of what conditions we are experiencing in our bodies, that we are moving into something profound.  Something more fulfilling than we have ever felt before as a human being.
We may have forgotten that we are here as pioneers and leaders of the new consciousness.  This transformation from human to divine human can leave us feeling so incredibly vulnerable, that we don’t quite buy that we are forerunners.  But that is precisely why we are the leaders, up in the front of the line.  Most humans are not ready to be so vulnerable.
So each of us in our own way, are leaders.  We are here to be in service but in a whole new way.   Not in the old way of sacrificing or compromising ourselves.  Or from a place of misguided altruism.
As we look at the world and all the strife, civil unrest, wars, man’s inhumanity to man, we see a belief system playing itself out that says there needs to be a price paid for freedom.  We see that these outer battles are but a reflection of the inner ones.  People believing they need to protect themselves from an outside force.
We on the forefront of ascension know there is no need for such protection.  That in fact, the more we try to protect ourselves the more we invite in the ‘enemy’ with our frequency of fear. We are discovering that we are safe, have always been, and will always be divinely guided.  That we are eternal.  That there is never one moment when we are not loved fully and unconditionally by our soul, by our divinity.
Our non physical counterparts, the grand archangels, the Ascended masters forget sometimes the challenge of being in human form, the fears and concerns of having a physical body to contend with.  The upkeep alone can leave the most evolved being scratching their head, asking themselves, “What have I gotten myself into?”
There are times we feel that the impossible is being asked of us:  to allow a total transformation of every cell in our body in order to accommodate spirit?  Make that statement to someone not awake and they will see you as delirious.
Let’s not underestimate the density of this environment we live in:  both the emotional and physical gravity.  The pull from mass consciousness, our own old programming and our ancestral download of disease and dysfunction.  All of which is changing.  Our moving into self love is bringing up buried energies, both emotionally and physically that we find ourselves having to move through, (actually those energies are moving through us) with no support from the world around us.  But we are doing it.  And we are doing amazingly well.  We are treading in places most humans are not yet prepared to go into.  We can’t comfortably share the depths of what we are going through with even those we feel close to, because they have not gotten there yet.
So see the place you are at now, and revel in the progress you have made in a short time – this lifetime in this body!
Our non-physical friends are in awe of us.  They can’t believe we have been able to do what we are doing.  Embodying Spirit in this one lifetime, awakening to our Christ Consciousness, and staying here on the Planet.  We are here as alchemists, moving energies within us, which in turn moves energies in the world around us, opening up potentials and doors for others to walk through.
That alone should make you feel a sense of passion for being here.  What an incredible adventure you have initiated.  You, as a souled being, on a soul-level, wanted to experience enlightenment, and didn’t want to wait 20 or 30 or 100 more lifetimes to do it.
You were clear.  you said, “This is the lifetime…whatever it takes!
And do not underestimate your soul’s resolve!
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Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff – The Quality of Reverence – 9-25-15

Angel of Light - gabriel - marlene

Archangel Gabriel

Beloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the quality of love known as reverence.

This quality manifests as a deep appreciation for the splendour and beauty of the world around one. It is also an inner longing to connect to something greater than oneself.

It is a quality of the heart that leads one to look for the good in all things.

The feeling of reverence gives voice to one’s desire for a connection to the divine, to find fulfillment beyond oneself in the mystery of life and the sacredness of all things.

Embodying this quality brings one closer to other people and to the world around them. It is the experience of transcending oneself and opening to something greater. It is feeling a sense of wonder that the beauty and glory that they experience in the world was brought forth from the Creator for their sheer enjoyment of it.

These feelings are sacred moments which encompass a disposition of the heart that acknowledges the beauty, goodness and wonder of every creation. It fills their heart with praise and gratitude to the Creator for the beauty, the wonder, and the mystery of creation. They celebrate the Creator as the source and foundation of all things, seen, unseen and felt.

Reverence is experienced as awe and amazement at the vastness of silence when one gazes up at the night sky which is filled with the sparkle of worlds without end. It is a deep appreciation of the expansiveness of the gift that is freely bestowed, bringing a sense of oneness within each soul. It is a natural response to the marvels of divine creation.

Reverence is the movement within one’s heart that comes through hearing a piece of music or a song, through a work of art or writing, through the birth of a child, or through contemplating and simply feeling the exquisite beauty in the composition of all things great and small.

Reverence felt within one’s heart is a force which draws their focus inward and fortifies and invigorates their soul. They acknowledge this life force within them by holding reverence and respect for self and others in all ways. They hold reverence and respect for the Earth and all of her creations by using the gifts of Earth’s intelligence, creativity and loving compassion in replenishing ways that restore, sustain, and regenerate all life.

Reverence is the sacred cup that holds the nourishment of wonder, wholeness and a celebration of life. Living a reverent life is fuelled by a compassionate heart and generous spirit. It is a life that embraces the qualities of joy, peace, hope and beauty.

When one values their life in a heartfelt way, they find a way to generously value others in order to enhance the well being and ecology of Earth, all of nature and humanity. They treat everyone and everything with respect, courtesy, gratitude and reverence.

As a steward of the Earth they have reverence for their partnership with nature. They feel loving compassion for the Earth as the source and foundation of their human life experience, as their home, their security, their peace, their past, present and future. They appreciate and value nature’s vast diversity of resources and its inherent beauty and do everything in their power to protect all life. They see the world through a lens of what is meaningful and what is beautiful and revere the spirit of beauty that is all around them at all times.

They are kind to nature and endeavor to enhance and sustain forests, oceans, fresh water systems and fragile ecosystems for future generations. They see their planet as a sacred sanctuary in the universe, one that is filled with diversity and abundance for all life upon it. When they are in the midst of nature, they feel it as sacred, to be revered and preserved in all its intricate and fragile beauty.

They connect to the universe with love, humility, reverence, celebration and a search for deeper understanding of their place in it. They have a sense of enchantment with the world, and feel that life on Earth is special and is the natural and divinely intended state of humanity.

When people recognize the sacred in all things and focus their attention on seeing the divine in everything, their spirit lives from a place of reverence for all that exists. Reverence embraces many of the positive spiritual qualities and values about life that people aspire to in their heart of hearts. It awakens them to the divine presence in all things and brings purpose and meaning to their life.

By developing their inner life, they grow in wisdom and love and have a deep reverence for the divine. They find themselves moved to express gratitude and experience moments of spontaneous worship in communion with the divine. They are more aware and involved with the world around them and naturally affect others around them and the world itself in more life affirming and enhancing ways.

May you revere the divine in yourselves and others and trust that in all things love is the answer and always prevails.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

© 2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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Lisa Gawlas – New Instruments or Mounting Obstacles? Which Way Did You Choose? – 9-15-15

heaven and earth!8

Lisa Gawlas   –   New Instruments or Mounting Obstacles?  Which Way Did You Choose?   –   9-15-15

I really thought I would have nothing to share today, true to spirits forewarning (about damn time…smile) the field itself is void, nothing I can see at this moment.  So I decided to see if I can dive into the bathtub and get a little news we can use.  The one thing I can say for sure, there was a distinct shift in everything.  At first, all I could see is the black behind my eyes, when this happens, I always take it old school, back to the beach in my mind’s eye, back to the alignment of my team walking the beach with me and then wham… somehow, I find the new frequency, the new entrance into the expanded field of me, of us!  Sure enough…

The energy around me was so fuzzy, like tons of gray cotton balls all stuck together, but yet, I knew I landed at a small table in a room that was not visible at all to me.  Directly across from me was a dude I recognized from many of the readings over the years, Merlin.  He too was fuzzy, but I know his energy signature well.  He placed these 4 or 5 hollow tubes, wood, something on the table in front of me.  Each as a different length and he told me this is your new instrument.  Huh??  Tubes sprawled out on a table??  What the hell do I do with them?  I will never ever forget his reply, and his reply set up the theme of the rest of this month in readings.  “You’re not going to figure it out by looking at them.”  Well dah!!

I had woken up yesterday morning sure I went thru the birth canal of the eclipse.  My head was a dull aching thing, the base of my skill, from ear to ear, hurt.  The headache radiated up from the base of my skull and spread out in bursts.  I could feel the energy in the bone structure of my skull moving, expanding and giving me a headache.  I really wanted to give it the whole birth thing, since most babies come out head first.  Nope.  Mr. Merlin showed me that as I slept and went thru the eclipse (it happened from just before 11pm until just after 3am in my world) the first of these hollow sticks was placed in my core energy.  He then showed me the back of my spine being energetically opened up and this crazy hollow stick being inserted.  Thanx??  But I still don’t know what to do with it, how to use it.  I then was shown a pan flute.  Ohhhh so this is a musical instrument??  Besides not being able to draw, ya know, I have zero musical ability too??

pan flute

So the headache was the first of four musical pipes placed in my spine, the longest one first, each month, the next longer one will be added until we hit December, then the last one.  So I had to ask, you’re a magician, why do I not have a music teacher here???  I got a belly laugh in reply!!  NOT FUNNY!!

After I got out of meditation, I looked up an instrument made out of hollow sticks (I had no idea what it was called until found it in the internet.)  I had to laugh as to why its called a “pan flute.”  The pan comes from the Greek god Pan (god) The “flute” part of the name comes from them being a woodwind. (taken from wikipedia)  I got the connection!!  The Medulla Oblongata is also called The Mouth of God.  It is located on the cervical aspect of the spinal chord and attaches to C-1, C-2 and C-3.  This is in the Throat Chakra center that governs Self Expression. (taken from my website)  

So, back to my crazy meditation.  All of it is more a message to all of us, which is why I am sharing as much as I can remember today.  The next thing I know I was asked again about my desires.  Wouldn’t it be sooo nice is spirit just told us what our desires should be and we follow that??  lol  I have no idea, to assist my daughter in her emerging growth??  And then the reply comes back… but what about for yourself??  Hmmmmm… Well, I am at the giving up part of a partner, but there is still a little fire burning on that spectrum.  That must have been the magic reply because what came next, soooo surprised me.

There was the beautiful energetic Archangel Michael hovering above our earths atmosphere, completely aligned with the planetary system I know and love called the Pleiades.  He seemed to pluck a man from that system, suspended him in from of his own (energy) body, merged with him, then fanned out the combined energy down to earth… to a single man on earth.  Archangel Michael explained that this man is going (or has gone thru) a near death experience so the energy merger can fulfil itself.  Knowing spirit talks both in literalness as well as metaphors… I had to ask which this explanation was surrounding.  They told me it doesn’t matter.  Ummmm, well, yeah it does!!  You are going to show me this and then tell me it doesn’t matter!!  What the hell?  Then I was instructed to pull up all my fishing poles (hey, I don’t have that many out there lol) and remove them from all the ponds because in this version of the new story, he ain’t coming thru that gateway.  Wanna give me a hint on how he will just magically show up??  Maybe in my box of Lucky Charms???  God forbid… I get a sly smile from the angel of truth.  Dammit.

Then it all just got weird really.  The information went more planetary wide with the entrance into this new light field (of all earths.)  There are many people who were given the task of alignment with their field of light who choose other things.  For most people, that’s just the way of it, for others, their responsibility was to align, period.  I was shown very particular examples (people I am familiar with.)  Some may get sick, this one person (no one I read for) was forewarned already that if he didn’t do things a different way, his body would start breaking down and in this meditation, I was told, he will become very sick.  Bless his heart.  Others I had seen climb down a light tan wooden ladder onto the filtered earth, which I now see in the center of the expanded earth.  Where the opportunity to transmute the obstacles that they avoided or just weren’t sure of, will be placed in front of them.  I seen like a massive mound on the earth, and the only option is to transmute it.  You can no longer walk around it, I even seen the potential of walking thru it, and all these bees flew out.  Yikes…

And then I seen the ones coming thru the eclipse to the dust particles floating back down to earth.  Merlin said this coming week, we will be focusing on the new instruments being inlaid in people.  Kewl beans!!!   Seems to me, there is a whole new orchestra of music being readied!!

For the rest of the afternoon yesterday, all I could hear in relationship to this instrument thing is was the first line of St Francis’ prayer, but the whole embodiment of the prayer is what is now being Demanded of us… not to seek to be that, but to BE THAT.  I am changing out the “make me” to the “I AM” authority, and equally changing out “let me” to “I WILL.”  The reason being the difference between KNOWING who you are and still trying to figure it out.:

Lord, I AM an instrument of Thy peace;
where there is hatred, I WILL sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,
grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood, as to understand;
to be loved, as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life

(Lets make clear that last line, is not about physical death at all, but to die to the old and reborn into the new expanded field of life we are living now.)

So with all this, the point is, no more looking under old rocks for what you once sought with a burning desire.  All of life reincarnated in one way or another this weekend, new codes, new soul blue prints, even new “divine partners” coming to the fore, if we will let go of the life that just completed itself.  If you don’t let go, no worries, the obstacles will become so big… you will either park in front of it for the rest of this incarnation, or transmute it.  Because as we cross over the full lunar eclipse… well, lets just say focus on the joy of transmutation as well as really understanding your new instrument.  Take nothing for granted!!

Dammit if the choice isn’t, as always, ours!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of new music creating magic for ALL that have ears to Hear!!

I love you soooo much!!

Lisa Gawlas