Lord Metatron – Trinity of Light – Channeller Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah – 3-21-15


Archangel Metatron

Greetings, My Dearest Beloveds,


It is my pleasure to walk with you during this time and all times of creation of the New Earth.

We are entering into another Portal Of Light that has not been felt upon this planet previously. On March 20th with the New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and the Equinox all showing their beautiful energies as an extremely entryway of light into GAIA, I believe it will be a welcome entryway into the next phase of growth for Gaia and each of you. But I assure you, that preparations must be made within yourself to accept these energies on a much deeper level within your core essence.

I know that many of you are doing fabulous work but in truth, we must go deeper. The effects of the changes within Gaia are so strong that each of you needs to step up to the next level of your responsibility. Otherwise, you will be taken into a completely different direction than you truly thought you were going.

This is not because you are not doing as well as you would like to be. In fact, it is because the light infractions are so strong that each individual within the planet must go further into their soul’s existence. It is a time of great renewal, which takes us into a completely different paradigm of light and existence than has ever been felt before.

The power can only be as great as One that Can Hold That Power.

This Trinity of Light represents light coding that is being implanted within the earth through the effect of the Sun and the Moon, but with the entire existence of the Earth. It is a cataclysm event in proportions of the light infractions. It is something that none of us could ever imagine would occur, but yet we are here experiencing it together.

This focus of light is the start of many elements upon the planet. It is an entryway for more of the Christed Light frequencies to be implanted within the earth as we come upon the Festivals of Ascension with the Christ (April), Wesak (May), and Humanity (June) through the next season. It is an opportunity for each individual person to see what is within him or her so that they can achieve the highest possible reflection of the Wesak energies.

As initiates, each of you are standing in a place of renewal; that process of regeneration is only possible when an individual understands deeply what keeps them from the full potential.

The pathway of Mastery is not just about being an Ascended Master to achieve great things; the first component is the pathway of the Self as the energies assist in removing all particles that have kept that soul from achieving these things in previous timelines. Each of you is being gifted to go further than you have ever done before and being grounded within a physical body. That is a huge achievement in itself.

The next element is that this Portal Of Light is going to assist the Earth to awaken in different ways than it did before. So there could be quite a bit of turmoil in places around the world. In order to allow the shift to occur into a higher frequency, the areas that don’t hold that light element within itself must be changed. This is where it becomes very difficult, as the changes occurring within and around the world could be quite monumental.

The other side of this event is the beauty that the Light and the Dark are standing in equal parts of each other. It is a time for Gaia to fully move into more Light and allow the Dark not to take precedence over elements.

Each of you, as the initiates upon the earth, then are able to see a difference within yourself. The infractions of the light and dark can be shifted dramatically if you allow it to be. This is why this energy is so very powerful. Great change can happen to everyone but only if they are willing to step into the next doorway of opportunity.

So as this event occurs, it will give each Initiate, each Ascended Being, each Angelic Being, and Inner Earth Being to take on a huge responsibility.  It is time for each of you that are on the planet to hold the light you receive to take it into Gaia so that her foundation will be illuminated by the Light you are receiving.  This will assist in the process of the future months to be more grounding for the planet and all of humanity.

This will also assist each of you on a personal level.  The more light infraction that you can hold within yourself, the easier your transition will be for the New Earth.  The energies of Wesak represent moving into a higher level of the initiation process so having this Portal of Light at this time to be activated within you is a gift in itself.

This is when each of us together with the God Force and the Source of Oneness with each of you upon the Earth unite with one another to create a force of Light that is beyond your wildest dreams. It is a place of great renewal but not without removing the old elements that have been in place for eons of time. This includes your timelines, Earth’s timelines, and all of ours. We all must step into wholeness for this project of the New Earth to be created.

The Trinity of Light with the Super Moon energies is our doorway into a new world.

I extend my hand to each of you, helping you to aspire to the greatness that you are so that we can do this job together.

It is our Opportunity of Light, Love, and Freedom Within to be Fully Acknowledged.

It is my Divine Purpose to stand with you as we unite as One.

I Am Lord Metatron at your service.

Integrative Channel:  Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

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Archangel Michael, Archangel Faith via Natalie Glasson – Illuminating, Awakening of the Crown Chakra – 3-20-15

Archangels Michael, Faith

Channeler Natalie Glasson

Through our loving angelic frequency we bring forth our divine consciousness of inspiration and healing to touch your being and awaken remembrance from your soul; a remembrance which is beyond your current reality, beyond the dimensions and realities of consciousness of the inner planes.

Such a remembrance cannot be contemplated by the mind; only digested as a familiar vibration through the soul.

Your soul is capable of an immense magnitude of abilities and creations. As an Earthly aspect of your soul, the greatest and most empowering way to recognise your soul is as truthful loving magic.

Imagine if consciously you held the belief of your soul being the most awe-inspiring magical vibration, light, and substance, capable of anything and everything. You would take notice of your soul, consciously weaving it into every aspect of your reality, your creations, thoughts and experiences.

You would become the acknowledged divine creator of your reality; a sacred force attuned to and flowing from the Creator. Imagine how exciting and fulfilling each day upon the Earth would be. It would be a fulfilling journey of evolution, understanding, and acceptance of the Creator.

Your soul is greater than any magic you could possibly imagine. It is already the truth of your being; there is simply a need for your recognition.

Let the only limitations you choose to hold onto within your being and reality, especially when existing in harmony with your soul, be the limitations of love.

Allow yourself to exist, create, think, feel, and experience within the limitations of the Creator’s love. Of course the love of the Creator has no limitations, and this is one of the understandings we wish to bring forth; and yet when you exist in the limits of love this signifies you are always creating and experiencing in a space of love.

You know love to be expansive, and so this space is [expansive]. When we move beyond the love we enter into fear, anger, pain, and suffering, which allows each soul upon the Earth to evolve, understand, and learn; and yet this process of learning is no longer fully satisfying to many.

When you allow yourself to exist in a space of love within your being, mind, emotions, reality, creations, and experiences, you are offering to yourself an ever-evolving and inspiring freedom.

Allow yourself to let go of barriers which hinder the glorious magic of your soul, and yet if you must hold one limitation let it be to stay within the confines of love.

This can be a challenging concept, as limitations and barriers encourage a feeling of disempowerment; and yet living within the confines of love is completely freeing because love is more expansive than you could possibly imagine.

By existing in the limitations of love, you are asking yourself to change your perspective on limitations while realising that love is the most expansive and freeing space you can exist within.

To remain in the space of love within your being, mind, emotions, creations, and experiences, is a conscious choice due to your understanding and experience of the sacred love of the Creator.

All of your actions and reactions, even the way you perceive yourself and your reality, is a conscious, or was once a conscious,choice.

‘I choose to exist in a conscious space of love.’

The greatest tools for remaining consciously in a space of love are awareness, release, and then returning to love.

This is awareness of energies, thoughts, emotions, or blockages arising from within you, which are not born from the space of love; a conscious release, detachment, and breathing away of that which no longer serves you, and then the ability to recognise the space of love once more.

Your space of love evolved from the Creator, and yet it is personal to you and can span across the entire universe of the Creator; it is so magnificently free.

With these tools and allowing yourself to consciously exist in a space of love (an energy, vibration, feeling, resonance) within you, the magic of your soul is far easier to see, sense, and utilize within your physical spiritual reality on the Earth.

We can acknowledge any experience, thought, or emotion beyond the space of love as a conflict to love. When we accept a reality beyond the limitations of love, we are accepting contradictions, which is akin to believing in two realities, one within the limits of love, and maybe one within the limitations of fear or illusions.

The second phase of the energy wave of ascension labelled the Crucifixion energy brings forth the illumination of contradictions, asking you to consciously choose the space you wish to create from within your being.

The illumination of contradictions proposes a deep purging, especially at a mental body level. Many people upon the Earth wish to see beyond the illusions of the Earth, to see and sense the inner planes, and yet a mental shift and modification is required.

With illumination of contradictions, you are able to consciously choose which you believe to be untrue and which you wish to accept as your truth.

You may believe that your contradictions, like habits, are a part of your personality; that they are what make you who you are, unique, and create your personality. To some extent this is true, and yet your contradictions do not belong to you.

They are energies, beliefs and perspectives you have chosen to carry with you. They do not define you. It is your conscious choices, especially when born from your soul, which create and maybe even define who you are and wish to be as a soul upon the Earth.

When you observe your contradictions, consciously choosing that which you believe in, wish to energise and experience, then you are creating a focus perspective within your mind, and a focused pathway before you; a clear pathway, more fully resonating and aligned with the Creator.

Notice your spiritual beliefs; notice how these alter throughout your day, even becoming the complete opposite.

Through the dissolving of contradictions, you are dissolving rifts within your being, within the consciousness of the Earth and humanity, and even within the universe of the Creator.

This purging within the mental body symbolises a coming together, a unification and fusion of the Creator’s light within, all while dissolving the illusion of separation, which is still so prominent within the language and actions of many upon the Earth.

At this time when the energy wave of Crucifixion brings forth the illumination of contradictions, a powerful penetration of light is streaming through the universe of the Creator, anchoring into all dimensions, while piercing the Crown Chakra of the Earth and the Crown Chakras of Humanity.

This penetrating light moving forth from the Core of Enlightenment within the Source of the Creator has a purpose of enlightenment and illumination.

In awakening the Crown Chakra, the light stream holds the purpose of penetrating the mental body while awakening wisdom of the soul and wisdom already held within the Crown Chakra.

A shower of illumination of wisdom, understanding, and enlightenment is upon us all now. It is a time of the activation of the Crown Chakra, a time of receiving the divine luminosity within the mind and mental body, to bring forth tremendous healing for all and the Earth.

This divine intervention is being supported and encouraged by many upon the inner planes, with Lady Quan Yin and Lady Pallas Athena overseeing the shift and awakening.

Lady Quan Yin is the Chohan of the Eleventh Ray of Light, focused upon embodiment of the soul while Lady Pallas Athena is the Chohan of the Twelfth Ray of Light, an expression of the Christ Consciousness, an active love. Lady Pallas Athena also assists many to complete their ascension processes at an Earthly level while supporting each soul’s Christ Initiations; she is a source of empowerment.

With these two divine goddesses supporting a needed activation within your crown chakra to develop your soul light flow and understanding within your being, they also act in assisting light, soul, enlightenment, embodiment, and empowerment within your being and ascension process.

This activation is beginning now and will continue for several months, thus supporting acceleration of your energetic and light vibration.

You may wish to use this invocation to support your unification with this activation of the Crown Chakra of the Earth and humanity:

‘I embrace myself in the energy, light, and consciousness of Lady Quan Yin and Lady Pallas Athena, with your support, and as you oversee all aspects of my being and ascension, I invite the penetrating light from the Core of Enlightenment within the Source of the Creator to connect with my Crown Chakra, awakening, purifying, activating and empowering my Crown Chakra.

‘Light streams through my Crown Chakra into my Mental Body, creating states and insights of enlightenment and illumination born from my soul and sacred wisdom.

‘Let the light of the Core of Enlightenment within the Source of the Creator simultaneously dissolve all forms of contradictions within my thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives.

‘I now consciously choose the space of love within my being, allowing my sacred vibrations to unfold with ease and perfection.

‘All aspects of my being are now showered with illumination of wisdom, understanding and enlightenment.

‘I know I am connected with Mother Earth; the activations now occurring within my Crown Chakra and being also occur simultaneously within Mother Earth’s Crown Chakra, allowing expansion, illumination and the release of sacred wisdom from Mother Earth’s Crown Chakra, to either be returned to the inner planes or anchored into the consciousness of humanity, whichever is appropriate.

‘I know all is in balance and harmony as we all resonate with the truth of the Creator.
We are all divine receivers and magnifiers of the light of the Creator. And so it is.’

Please practice this invocation as often as you wish. Always leave time after the invocation to allow the energy to flow into your Crown Chakra. Imagine the light from the Core of Enlightenment within the Source of the Creator flowing and penetrating your Crown Chakra, observing as the light fills your entire being while being aware of the shifts it instigates within your being.

With Angelic Love Eternally,

Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith

“Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith: The Illuminating and Awakening of the Crown Chakra,” channeled by Natalie Glasson, March 19, 2015 at Source:http://omna.co.uk/the-illuminating-and-awakening-of-the-crown-chakr…

Source Links: Natalie Glasson OmNA School ; Sacred School of OmNa

How to call Archangels – Diana Cooper – A new light on Angels

Lilou Mace

Archangel Zadkiel via Fran Zepeda – Your Kingdom of Truth – 4-10-14


Archangel Zadkiel:

Hello Precious Ones. I AM Zadkiel, Archangel of the almighty violet flame, the flame of truth and purification. Many of you know me. I hover around you lately and assist with purification and transmutation. You are all clearing in immense leaps and bounds these days, and you have required much assistance of many in the Celestial and Galactic Realm to boost your awareness and boost your abilities to clear and transmute to reveal the true essence of You that is emerging ever steadily and true.


As you survey your “Kingdom of Truth”, you have been privy to many new insights and remembrances of what you are composed of and what you are made of and what your purpose is. And albeit difficult at times to encompass all that you are, without being blocked by expectations and qualifications, you are proceeding nicely along this path of ever-expansion into who you truly are.

You see, you are made up of so many things, but yet you are made up of simply the frequency of LOVE. And not so simply as yet. Many of you have been dipping into the deep deep reservoir of their Love Essence as it has been made itself more present and obvious that you are swimming in it, that you are encompassed by it, and that yet you encompass it at the same time. It has always been there, but not so obvious. There has been a wall, invisible at best, but a wall that signified separation, the theme of the day for many many eons.

As you know, the walls are coming down, breaking down, crumbling down, and with it comes a rush of this deep reservoir of LOVE and True Essence of your Divinity to flood your awareness, and to be your present truth. You only have to allow the awareness, to be overcome by the reality of it, dear ones.

And so I beseech you to continue to allow these walls to continue to crumble, these walls of separation that used to define how you look at things, that used to be your only world. You have merely adopted and taken on that way of looking at things for many many eons. It is time for you to open the curtains of your Soul and realize the immensity of your expansive world out there, made possible by your perception from within.

And so that you do not think I am talking with riddles, consider this: You are so immense, you are so expansive, that at one time you were content to house it in a small physical vehicle and a small frame of reference. like miniaturizing what you really entail.  And now that the walls are lifting and your rendered “smallness” has given way and begun to expand back up to full-size Divinity, it is coloring everything differently. And it will merely take some time to adjust, to get used to your new “eyes” and to also clear them of the sleepiness you have endured for a long long time.

And so dear ones, I come to you to remind yourselves of your progress in this, of your utter courage and bravery to let all walls and veils disintegrate to expose the rawness, but beautiful essence, of your Soul and Divinity.

Congratulations…we know it has not been easy for you. But just as a baby takes time to grow from the tiny cells of its emergence into physicality, you take time to “grow” into your new body, which is now composed of not only your physical vehicle, but all the aspects of your True Being. The integration is moving quickly for many of you and morphing beyond what your “mind” can comprehend at times. Just allow the emergence, just allow the metamorphosis, and let it take the twists and turns it is meant to. For that you will be grateful.

For it will allow you to be adapted to the frequencies of On High and give you more and more a taste of what we in the Celestial and Galactic Realm experience daily: the sweet music of the Soul, the sweet music of our Divinity. You are there amongst us and you are not far from the full expression of it.

Take this all in, dear ones. Allow for mistakes and twists and turns in your emergence. The road always leads to the same place as long as you remain open and loving to yourselves. And very shortly, you will turn the corner to reveal a bigger more expansive reality and world that you will feel so much at Home in. It only requires your perseverance and your allowance of every new venture that beckons you in your Now Moment that speaks of Love and Wholeness.

I bid you farewell for the moment but I shall return again, and I AM always in your field if you beckon and allow me.


I AM Archangel Zadkiel


©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. www.franhealing.com   www.franheal.wordpress.com



Archangel Michael – The Really Big Cosmic Picture of What’s Happening on Earth – Channeler Meredith Murphy



Meredith Murphy

Meredith Murphy Channeler



Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled by Meredith Murphy http://www.expectwonderful.com

Telepathic Transmission – 14 December 2013

(Edited written transcript of original verbal channeling transmitted as part of the the Soar Fest: Relationships in the New Harmonics)


Greetings, High Fliers!

How are the currents you are feeling today? We see you syncing up more now with what is altered within you. You are starting to feel a sense of hopefulness as you start to feel the emergence of your refined and uplifted field, which is coming into a more coherent arrangement. As you emerge in states of greater and greater coherence in each level, of upliftment … they are not levels, but you might think of them as such … because they feel so different. As you emerge in these new states of coherence, your energy field is actually in a new arrangement, which is creating the coherence. So you have incorporated new aspects into your energy field, by bringing them forth from within your DNA, and released others.

It is for you to facilitate all of this with your willingness to support the body and be with yourself, in these moments of deep rearranging and reformatting. So all of this is possible because of your interest at a soul level and in your interest, in human life, in cooperating and collaborating with these larger units of your own self. That, Dear Friends, takes the experience you are having into realms that are elevated and powerful for the evolution of the Cosmos!

The Cosmos. Yes, indeed, were you expecting that? [wink]

We wonder and feel amused at being able to say things like this to you as if we were the messengers of some very big and cool news, do you get that?

Because that’s what this is — some big and very cool news to you! Of course in your higher levels, in the Cosmic Consciousness you are, you are metaphorically, rolling your non-physical eyes at us (we wink as we say this) because of course you already know these things. However, we are feeling amused by being able to play with you, and transmit this message, which makes this inner knowing sort of an announcement in the Earth-world to you!

So please do humor us! Allow us to play with you, after all, this is one of the most exquisite energies in your world, this ability to be fluid and flexible and let humor and play be such simple and easy ways of knowing delight! Delish! We must say delish for we know this is a favorite word of a few people here, and we are in the mood to please you with your favorites and simply, to uplift and delight you with the deliciousness of being you at this now moment in time, in All that is. And to tell you why, you too ought to feel so exquisitely happy.

Dear Ones in all seriousness now, we want to ask you, are you feeling your fan club? Are you feeling the many focal points of light that are watching you with keen curiosity and amazement? For indeed they are present. They are present in a way in which you can sense them if you open to them, with this awareness. So if you let yourself tune to these energies, which are being — truly, deeply, more than you can even imagine — very inspired by the possibilities you are creating. So we’re going to talk more about WHY it is feeling this way. These beings are being very inspired by the possibilities you are creating, and if you tune to this, you could make this whole challenge of Divine Embodiment so much more fun for you! You could pause and acknowledge your fan club! And listen to your own heart, and your inner knowing as they share with you, a deep comprehension, of the fundamental effect your creativity and courage, your bold, amazing transformation, is having in their own understanding — the understanding of your fan club! About their world and their own civilizations and cultures.

For you see, the civilization and culture of your world are already renaissance-ing. We like that word, we just made it up. Renaissancing. Do you get it? There is a lot of creativity happening here. So a lot of power being wielded with expanded focus here! And the energy that you have brought to work, and the energy that you have achieved with your own challenges as you really, and most importantly, as you FULLY, embrace that you are the Creator of your experience? Wow. That’s the stuff of dreams for so many other cultures, and we are not kidding. We are not prone to hyperbole in saying this.

The resolution of difficult energies is paramount for other cultures to witness — it’s PARAMOUNT — in order for them to feel the possibility of opening up their worlds to greater freedom. Do you realize this? Many worlds are not that free. Many domains of experience are more constrained. They do not know how to resolve the challenges they feel sure they would have, if there were to experience the intensity of immense contrast.

As we have been working together, you are spending time focusing on being more sovereign. On creating a more neutral and peaceful experience from your state of awareness.

We have spent a tremendous amount of time together, you and I, letting go of the need to control others in order to achieve this and to realize you can to it, yourself. You are learning, as you do this, that you don’t need the world to change. It doesn’t mean you might not like things to be different. However, you are getting, deeply, profoundly, that you don’t need the world to clean up its act for you to be happy. You, in fact, are setting your world free. Even more! So you are moving beyond these ideas that the only way to peaceful embodiment is to limit what happens OUTSIDE OF YOU, because otherwise you can’t handle it. You are taking your own power. You are creating your own experience from the focus of your awareness and from paying attention to you.

Do you see Dear Ones, the incredible intentionality to the sequence of the Soar Fests? How this sequence in general is useful as you consider your own remembering and reclaiming of your capacity?

We started with a basic introduction to the New Harmonics.We encouraged you to invite the higher units, the higher levels of YOU into the game. We spent many, many days talking about how you might do this and also supporting you because you allowed this. We were able to en-train you into a more refined energy of embodiment. To support you in opening up your resonance to all that you are, more fully so that you could embody more of this and let it come in.

Then we focused on Abundance, primarily financial. The fears and lack of confidence many of you have about money, keep you from feeling and embracing the freedom, you have here. Embracing that freedom is essential to your mission.

Then we moved to Self-Love, to begin to get you really tuned into you. To create a state of attentiveness to YOU where sovereignty could be achieved. So you could have, the experience of realizing you don’t need other people to change to find happiness.

Then we turned to the embodiment of your higher levels, because the Eclipses and the Equinox set up the perfect platform for this and your self-love made greater level of embodiment possible. This self-love created the potential that your creation would be fueled by its alignment with Divine Will.

So here we are now, because you love you, much more.

So you feel much more capable and free. Are much more clarified in your physical form, and in the material way you are present.

Here we are now having shared and worked with ideas of setting your standards. Remember the whole focus on self-love was fundamentally about creating standards for your experience. NOW because you are capable of setting standards that support your upliftment and expansion, now we’re talking about relationships.

We are now preparing you to take the reins in your world.

That’s what’s happening. We’re now preparing you to take the reins in your world, in a way that you cannot even yet fathom. That’s what all of this is about. Of course you can take these reins now, any time you wish. However to operate well with them, you have to cultivate.

You have to cultivate your capacities as we have been discussing recently. So today we are talking a bit about the VERY BIG PICTURE. The REALLY BIG COSMIC PICTURE. To empower you by putting all of this in a context that is more Universal.

So you can expand your awareness and begin to see that wholeness you have long been told you’re influencing is a thing that will fuel your joy, and give you a great sense of meaning in what you are doing as you understand more about the WHY.

These other worlds, these worlds that, in fact, so many of you think, or have thought — we hope you’re not thinking this anymore, in the same way you’re growing in your neutrality about all kinds of things. Because for a long time as you remembered these other worlds, as you awoke to your multidimensionality, you thought these other worlds were better than Earth. So many of you wish at times to return to some of these other worlds. So many of you “looked up to” these other cultures — like the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Sirians, the Andromedans — these other worlds in which you are present in another way, that is why you feel an affinity with them. Why at times you want to return there. These other worlds are not better; they’re just different. So most essential to the understanding we are transmitting today, the really cool big news we’re talking about … is to realize, these other worlds are less creative. A lot less creative. The reason for this? They have a lot less contrast. A lot less freedom … and they’re watching and learning from YOU.

You have known for a long while that Earth is a free-will Universe. We call it a Universe because it is, unto itself a wholeness of profound individuality. A unit of incredible diversity and contrast and freedom, and because of all this: immense creativity.

So these other worlds that feel so resonant with you and which you herald from in some ways, many of you, are beautiful! However they have less freedom, and they have less contrast, and as a result, they have less creativity. And they are, and this is why they are, very interested in how YOU, Dear Ones, would find a way to feel love and know who you are, amidst this plethora of diversity, and contrast. Amidst the intensity of the distractions here. So YOU, are showing them how it’s done.

You’re showing them how it’s done, in fact; you’re showing them that it can be done!

You’re now walking a new pathway of light. So this idea that your world has been of interest to the whole Universe it may have seemed very abstract to you before, but we hope now you’re getting it.

You’re not doing what was aspired to by so many — which is finding peace by removing the intensity and the contrast from your experience.

So some people have done this even on Earth, by being a monk for example. Only interacting with other monks, which is in a much more controlled setting, with much more structure and much less freedom and most definitely less contrast. You’re not doing that. So you’re also not living within a closed community of religious tradition, which is also been another way in the past that people did this. They only associated with people who had the same beliefs as them. They’re are still a lot of people that think that’s the only way to go! Who think everybody has to believe the same thing. We want you to recognize in these perspectives that think this is the ONLY way to go, is a lack of self-confidence. It is the lack of self-confidence that is being expressed. We have shared with you so many times that real confidence comes from experience. So because you are opening up yourself to let the fullness of your being experience Earth with you, you are in a fact, seeding a tiny, tiny bit of self-confidence into the mix of a lot of other cultures about working with the contrast as you do so with so much skill.

So most of you have not moved to the boondocks. Most of you have not removed yourself from all kinds of contrast and connections as a way of finding peace. We do understand that most of you have had long periods of inwardly focused time in order to facilitate your remembering and your ascension.

However, most of you, you have stayed very involved in the world, even though you may not see it this way. Because many of you have spouses, friends, and lovers, and children, and parents, who are living in the world, and this is part of the plan. This is why we always encouraged you to trust these people to do it their own way. To not feel you need to try and change others. Your pathway in sovereign neutrality.

You are here to find the inner well of peace and happiness, and find your sovereign neutrality, and rise up into a more expansive cosmic expression of your being, and then to take the reins! To take the reins and create a new earth.

So to do this you did not want any of your freedom to be removed. You did not want any of the contrast to be, you know, destroyed or disappeared by someone else. You wanted all this contrast to be present to inspire you. So that you would have boatloads of ideas for how you could then see, how things might be to your preference-ing, more beautiful, more harmonious, more amazing in your experience. To create an experience for you of vision and possibility. You are capable of this sovereign, neutral, FREE state of feeling the underlying unity AND feeling the contrast, and working with all of it.

THIS is the newness people.

THIS is the newness that everything aspires to in the ascension of your planet and the embodiment of Divine Fullness in each of you. Feeling the underlying unity and knowing it to be the truth of your being. Knowing you are innately harmonious with everyone and everything. Realizing that you are eternal and this is simply a game — which takes all the fear out of the picture in any real way. And then? In your sovereign, self-loving, attentive state with standards of neutrality, opening up to all that you are, rising in frequency. Rising beyond contentment. Reaching for, as humans are designed to do, the optimum, the imagined perfection, the sense of beauty and exquisiteness that comes from the essence and uniqueness of Source as YOU. So creating from this perspective.

Using your powerful presence, your neutral awareness of others, your uniqueness in presence, to feel the joy of your own preferences. To feel, the eagerness and enthusiasm for what you enjoy most. Rising so much more into these states of anticipation and happiness that you find again YOUR current: in human form, which you will experience as the rush of passion. So as you step into your passion and live from and as your passion, you will know bliss, in embodied form, within all this contrast, and in awareness of the innate unity and harmony you have with everything.

This, lovely ones, is showing EVERYONE, every point of focus, in every corner of Creation (so to speak) that the contrast is not to be feared. That the contrast can be the fuel to exquisite material experiences of uplfitment and love and true being.

You are emboldening all of life to open up more! To feel confident enough to allow more freedom and contrast in, so creativity can flourish. THIS is why Earth is so important. This is why YOU are so amazing. This is why, you have a fan club! lAnd this is why you are the Family of Light, known throughout creation for your boldness. For your creativity! For your powerful, amazing, fearlessness and entering into realms and doing stuff like this! This is why this time in which you are now focused, has been heralded and anticipated for so long.

It was not, so you could eliminate everything irritating outside of you to feel good. You are not here to get every body to think as you, in order to find peace. It was learning to use your awareness to create your states of being and in doing so, to set everyone and everything free. FREEDOM is what THIS is all about. Freedom and Creativity.

You are liberating these qualities of experience throughout creation, which is making the expansion of awareness that you, as the unit that functions as All that is, as Source … you’re making the expansion of awareness which you crave innately as Source Creation, more and more possible.

For this, we are so excited.

I AM Archangel Michael




The Sword of Truth – Sever the Psychic Ties That Hold You Down – Archangel Michael, Buhda, One Who Serves – Answers From the Masters – 4-1-14

ascended masters 2




I am Arch Angel Michael. I have come this day in this moment to announce the near ending of all you have been working for and the beginning of your new age upon this planet. Much that you have been waiting for, in many cases with baited breath is now upon you.  All of the many truths that have been secreted away from you, the people of this planet are about to begin to be revealed. You have barely an idea of the breadth of all the information that will be coming to you in just a short time now. It has been said that the truth shall set you fee and indeed it shall. My sword has alighted on each one of you in this room as well as all those who read and resonate with these words, my sword of truth for the many untold coverups that the ptw have perpetrated on all of you. Of course, you the collective, you are the progenitors of all that has been created in this, your illusion. All of those coverups are near an end now and what will follow is an open understanding that you the people of this planet are free and sovereign unto yourselves.

The time is at hand, my brothers and sisters to lay down the sword of fear and fighting to be replaced by my sword of truth and Sananda’s of love. Together you and I are now forging a new understanding to replace the old outdated misinformation that has mired you down in the muck of fear and hate for far too long. You are sovereign and have all the forces of the Universe at your command to right now all the wrongs that have been done in the name of Jesus, God and through the many religions that celebrate false ideals and beliefs that have far outstripped the common conventions that have perpetuated the lies for far too long.

Be ready now to open yourselves up to the new understandings and the new higher levels of consciousness that accompany the higher vibrations to which you are headed for and in many, have already reached. It is only your mind and the customary conventions that are still tending to hold you back. Now is the time to utilize my sword of truth to sever any remaining psychic ties that still may be holding you down to this your created illusion within your 3d paradigm.  As always now, the new mantra is “believe and you will see”, so as you strike my sword against the illusory binds that seemingly hold you down still, know that they are being rent asunder under the mighty weight of my sword. This will also in turn free your DNA structure to begin or continue to mend itself back to the original intention of 12 strands and release your cell structure to begin or continue to metamorphasise into its now intended crystalline structure, which then in turn will be able to hold and anchor more light to the planet to then allow for more and more of those who are just beginning to awaken to take in more light and understanding to help with their awakening and ascension process.

You are in the early morning stage just before the dawn breaks but this is a new dawn with a new sun that is rising to bathe all in this new light of love and belief. And after this new dawn, will follow many new ideas and conventions that will be born along with this new Golden Age upon the Earth. What you had before considered only science fiction and far from reality, will become your every day norm and you will be sheltered and comforted by this new energy that is even now sweeping across the planet in preparation for the tsunami of love to descend into each and every person and to wash away all the years of strife and turmoil you have persevered through to arrive at this NOW point. The seventh trumpet has blown and the signal is about to be given.

Believe in this now, as I tell you, that you are all here for a reason. A reason and a purpose that has not yet been shown you in many cases but it will begin now to flourish within you, to come about so that you will finally remember the truth and that which you have come for. And yes, indeed, the truth shall set you free! It is already doing so.

I am Archangel Michael and I am with you in all the times that are coming and I have been with you in all the times that came before. And together, you and I and all of those that work with you and work alongside of me, together we will bring in this new Golden Age on the Earth.

All of my peace and love be with you. As I turn this over now to your beloved sister, Susan.


We come forth to share with you as the one known as the Buddha. Coming with a heart full of love and compassion. Last time we had a full discussion on forgiveness and this time, this time I wish to bring a lighter message, that of enlightenment.

There are so many stories about what I went through when I was in that lifetime as Prince Siddhartha, leaving my wealth and family as I ventured on my spiritual quest. Much the same story that you have over the lifetimes that you have had in this world, in this path here. In and out of wealth. Many of you have been in and out of wealth in this lifetime alone. Indeed, it is just part of the path.

What is enlightenment? Some of you experienced enlightenment when you were much younger. Some of you have experienced enlightenment in just a few months past. There is no right time. Enlightenment is what is referred to in the past in this group as the clock that is going off. Enlightenment is a recognition of connection. Of so much more than that which you perceive in your day to day world on a daily basis.

There is so much more to that which you perceive as the restrictions, the confines of a world that is given to you at the time of birth and yet you have come to this lifetime to be shed of all of these misconceptions, rules and experiences.

And many people think they have reached the stage of enlightenment at one point in time or another only to realize that enlightenment is a process. There are stages of enlightenment. It is not a one time fix all solution. You continue growing in each lifetime. You continue growing as a soul in the experience. The play on words I gave Susan to share with you was, “in-light-in mind”, light in the mind, the light bulb goes off, does it not? Something shakes you awake. Something shows you something different. And as that process continues, you continue in your life’s experiences and you continue to learn more. And if you are open, you continue to have new teachers come, share and move onto new teachers. Those teachers may be in human form. You may experience those teachers in spirit form as Ascended Masters who share such as in this group. You may experience enlightenment in films as you watch or plays upon the stage.

There is no set way for the message of enlightenment to come through. For each of you has different experiences, each of you has different opportunities; each of you has different time clocks. To a large degree, these have been pre-set before you came into this life. In part, perhaps, you had other work to tend, other relationships to experience and then it becomes the time for you to awaken, as the time is now. To be called to the mission that is at hand.

Light in your mind, enlightenment. Sometimes people believe that you are enlightened and then your life changes and then, you are on a spiritual path forever. However, you, yourselves, know people that had an experience of enlightenment and then returned perhaps back, to their old lives, their old ways, their old belief systems. And you wonder what happened to that spiritual being that was so enlightened. It is an ongoing journey.

Yes, before enlightenment one carries water and works their day to day tasks and after enlightenment one carries water and works their day to day tasks. So indeed, it is a process and the reason I wanted to share this with you today is there are several of you in this group that have had challenges with family members, people that you love, that you so want to bring these messages to and yet it is all in each soul’s good time. Some of you, such as those in this room, have come to be the ones who are the feet on the ground, the people who are in action. Prayer action, action in the deeds you are doing and in what you are saying. Other people are the people you are sharing with, you are ministering to. There are two sides at all times. You cannot always be the server if there is no one to serve.

So do not be in a rush for people to wake up because with the changes that are in the midst, with the energy shift, with the awakening of the DNA and the addition of the new chakras, with all of these things that are happening to the human race, soon, soon everybody will be awake and they can receive this message that you so want to share. And even with that, there will be different stages of enlightenment to those who are new to awakening.

Talking about cabals and darkness are topics that will be difficult for many people to hear you approach. Talking about light, compassion, forgiveness and joy and one of the things that will be best for all of humankind will be equality that you will see come about in a very short period of time.

Equality in terms of everyone having opportunities for food, for shelter, for energy. Abundance of prosperity until that is no longer needed by human consciousness because everything will be supplied for you abundantly.

Another part of equality is the equality of races, especially as the lines of religion are let go as humanity realizes that indeed, religion is a manmade invention. And the need for it goes away. Equality with the sexes when you can for the first time, see clearly into the eyes your partners, into the eyes of those who will come into your life as Divine Partners, as you come to realize that Divine Partnerships have nothing to do with sexual relationships but in truth with Divine energy and balance and accomplishing the tasks you come together to accomplish.

These will be new concepts for you. We know they sound wonderful in this room and exciting but they will be something that will take a little getting used to, full of wonder and love that they are. And all of these things are part of this New World. Part of the reason the Ascended Masters have come to share with you and speak with you each week is indeed to have you visualizing and imagining the New World seeing images, picking up but also putting out. Putting out those images of universal love in qualities of crystal cities, of visiting Hollow Earth, of space ships in the skies, and meeting your Galactic families, all of these things that you continue to envision and to manifest in those higher levels as you raise the consciousness of all across the planet.

All the parts of you, all of your atoms and molecules in the matter world have been here forever so you are part of stardust from all creation, you are part of all that is present on this planet at this time, you are part of the Saber Tooth Tigers and the dinosaurs, you are part of the butterflies and the grasses and the trees. All of these are parts that comprise you as a human being so more and more you will feel this deep connectedness with all of life, all of past, all of present, all of future, especially as the timeline disappears.

So indeed, there are wondrous, wondrous times coming forward. We are so excited to be sharing these with you. To be dancing in the streets with you. We will experience the EVENT with you that triggers all the changes in your bodies, in your minds and in your spirits.

So we leave you today with the understanding that indeed, we are one in all that we do, in all that we are, and that presence that we are in, that we move in and have our being in, we are one.

Blessings and enjoy your journey my friends. Namaste.


Greetings to you. I am the One known as “One Who Serves”, rather we are the “One Who Serves” there are several of us. And we may interchange here. You may hear some crazy people coming through, it is very possible. Please understand that we are going to shout now because there are a few here who are still not quite here in the room here. They have not come back from their experience so we are shouting out. Wake up People! Wake up! And not only here in this room but wake up to all that is occurring in your lives. This is very important now that you understand that there are so many things that are happening that are beyond your imaginings, even now. You are not quite seeing but as we have said many times, begin to “believe it and then you will see it”. That is what you must do. That is the new way. That is the new age that is coming upon you. And we implore you to allow for this process to move fully through you. Understand that as the Archangel Michael was here and touched each of you with his sword of truth, that sword of truth, that truth is moving through you now. It is going to bring you to the next step of your evolution. To the next understanding of who you are. Believe it and you will see it!

This is what you must do. As you are out in nature look at the sky and believe that the new colors are there and they will be there. Look at the various trees and bushes and grass and see the beauty of the green colors coming through and the red colors depending where you are, and all these bursting through, these brilliant colors in their new expression here. To be here with you on this planet. To share with you. All of you are experiencing these changes but you must believe it within yourselves and the more you believe it, the more you will see it. This is the promise.

And as you believe it, you will begin to see it. Your Pineal Gland will awaken more and more and your DNA will begin to form itself back together again. It is already doing that. First it happens at the higher levels. This was explained by the James earlier on. First it happens in the higher bodies and then it expresses into your physical body and this is the process that is occurring. And as you begin to move more and more into the higher vibrations you will begin to experience more and more.

And as the Buddha said, as you move higher into these vibrations, you begin to experience these higher levels, at first you are dropping back, you are coming back into who you are now into this 3D realm. Eventually, you will be moving and staying there. And there will be your ascension. There you will stay and remain. Never to drop back again unless you wish to and those of you who wish to and we hope that there will be many that wish, and we are speaking now to those who will be reading these words, we are hoping that many of you will wish to drop back and assist those others to come forward and move on in and understand who they are and awaken to their divinity within themselves.

All of this is coming, brothers and sisters, all of it. And you are on the forefront of that. You have prepared yourselves for a very long time and you are the ones who are standing on the edge, as has been said by Sananda, you are standing at the edge of the finish line. You are about to cross the finish line. Do not stagger back now. Do not allow yourself to fall back. But finish the race for it is almost over.

I will get off my soap box now and entertain any questions you might have. I am a different “One Who Serves” who has just come in here. I am a little bit more on the humorous side. I can do this if you would allow. Please understand that before we have questions here, we had something else come up. Your group, this particular group is moving in a fashion here. Moving to truly understand who you are and as you understand more and more who you are, we who mentor to you can utilize your services and you can be of service here. The more you are willing to do this, the more you can be utilized in this fashion.

And we are speaking of this directly because there are things coming here very shortly and also within this group that you will be asked to move forward in your consciousness, in your vibration here. And we are going to ask you to think on this over the coming week here. And when you return, if you return, we know certain ones may not quite make it back here and that is OK but if you wish to be a part of this, you wish to move on in your expression, in your purpose here, in what you came to do for your mission, then we are going to ask you to return and we are going to give more on this in the next week here. Much more will be given to the James as well as the Susan will be receiving things as well as others in the group too in terms of beginning to know and understand what you are here for. And the truth will certainly set you free and it is doing so now.  And now, we will take questions here. What questions would you have?

Question: How should I be meditating? Should I be doing anything differently?

Not so much in your own personal changes here. We are talking about group evolvement and beyond group evolvement here. Being of service outside of self. But for yourself you are asking this now, please understand that all you are doing is what you are meant to be doing. And you would keep doing those things and if there is need for something else, it will come to you. That is for each one here now.

Each one will come to an understanding more and more certainly as the truth now is going to come out and we speak now not only in this room but the truth in general is coming out is it not? Look all around the planet and see the truth coming forward. And yes, there is still those things of disinformation and all of this that is coming out but much of this is purposeful, much of this is necessary for the process because for the old 3D paradigm to come crashing down, it must first have these experiences of things to bring it down. And these types of activities, the plane disappearance and all these things that are happening and are going to happen here in the very near future, all these things are purposeful, you must understand that.

So in your daily meditation, however you would find yourselves meditating, whether it is formal meditation with all of the breathing or if it is simply being out in nature and feeling yourself one with nature, or touching a pet and feeling the love, that is meditation. Meditation is looking at a small child and feeling the love coming from that child. Meditation is being one with the trees and the plants and the animals and the sky and the Earth etc. etc. You see?

Question: What is the difference between meditation and thinking?

Thinking is more in terms of contemplating. You are thinking within your mind. Thinking within your brain processes. Meditation is going within. So when you meditate you go within yourself and you find your inner knowing within. That is what meditation is, it connects you once again with your higher God Self. That is meditation. Meditation is said to be listening to God. When you pray you are talking to God. When you meditate you are listening to God or to your higher God Self. You see? Does this answer your question?

Question: Is this the right time to relieve a person who works with me of his job? He seems to be of a lower vibration.

First of all we would ask you to look at the wording you have used here. He is of a “lower” vibration. Please understand that as you maintain that, you are creating a judgment within yourself that this one is of a lower vibration. How would you know if this one is of a lower vibration? You only know it from your point of view, from your truth in you.

And indeed, this one may be of a lower vibration in this sense here but please understand that all of those who are of what you would call a lower vibration, those of the dark forces, are not necessarily so, you see? They have come here for a reason too. They have created this, or helped create this whole 3D paradigm, this illusion, that has been created here. Without them you would not have it and yes, you would look at this and say and without them we would have a wonderful life here but please understand there is a reason for all of this. In order for all of you to understand what is light, you must first understand what is darkness. In order to understand what is love, you must understand what is fear. The opposite, all the time, duality, all of this was meant to be in many respects and yes, the experiment has gone on longer than it was necessarily thought to be but it is purposeful.

So those that you would look at and make judgment that they are of lower vibration, they may be of a higher vibration, they may be a master themselves in this guise that they have taken on here. We are not saying that it is so but it could be. So please be aware of your learning and even more important of those processes, thoughts and feelings that you put behind this. That is more important. Does this answer your question? We do not answer your question more directly. No “X” marks the spot and here is your treasure. You see? Even though the James many times would like for that to happen. We keep saying no, no, we are not going to do that. Any more questions here?

Question: Aside from living and speaking the truth, how does one convince other people to stop creating negativity? I recognize it is their world and their righto do that but how can we teach or show or convince that person not to do that?

First of all, we would like you to take out the word, “convince”. Because that is putting you into a higher point, a higher state than they are and that is the same thing again, who is of the lower vibration. So you, yourself, are not here to convince anyone. To teach, to spread love, yes but not to coerce in any respect. For if they will come to what they need to come to on their own, then all you can do, just as all we can do, as much as we would like to do more sometimes, we cannot, but all we can do is nudge here and there. And that is all you can do as well. You see?

Question: So, I have a belief or a truth or a law or whatever, in my life experience, if something negative comes into my life experience, is it because I created it? And I know that even though I have a hard time accepting it. Is that a reality or a truth?

Most definitely. Everything that is in your life, in your creation, you have created, you have put in there. In whatever respect that may be. You are the one who creates it. Your mind is the builder. Whatever you have built in your life, it continues to build in front of you every moment of your life. You see?

Question: So, would it better for all of us to view a situation that we made it and from that perspective, we can change it?

Yes, whatever you make you can unmake. Believe and see!

Question: What I am saying is take responsibility for it? And make a decision to be conscious about the choice.

Yes. Yes that is correct.

Question: What would be your advice about every day protection. What should we be doing every day to keep ourselves safe and shielded? Would the golden bubble help others shield from negative? How do we protect ourselves and others from negative attacks?

First of all you use the words, golden bubble. Surround yourself in the golden bubble, in the golden white light merkaba, a shield of light, whatever you want to call it, a golden bubble works well too. Know that love is shielding you, it is protecting you from the negative impulses that come around you, from the words, the feelings, all of this, it can protect you from this. And again, it is believing is seeing. If you know it is happening, then it is certainly happening.

Now as far as you speaking to others about this, again speak only to those who wish to be spoken to about this. You are not to do as some, go door to door and spread the light, that is not what this is about. You are not ready for that. We are not ready for you to do that yet. And we use the word yet here because there will be a time in the future, not door to door certainly but more so, more and more you will be able to spread the light.

It is that same when you look at your UFO incidents and things of that nature and you look back on the years here and look back to when if someone saw a UFO and they brought it out and talked about it they were laughed at. People thought they were crazy. And more of the population of the planet would agree with that, they were crazy, there wasn’t any such thing. But, now if you say it, everyone says “I want to see it! I want to know it too! I believe, I believe!”

You see, it is all changing. So all of this is changing in your lives, people. You are experiencing more and more of the truth within yourself and the truth will certainly set you free and it will set others free as well. But they must come to the truth just as you have. On your own, in your own way. Don’t be too quick to go out and try to bang somebody over the head, like the cave man thing or bang the woman over the head and carry her away. That is not the way of the New Age here. You see?

More and more will come into your aura and as they touch your aura, they will feel that deep within themselves. Not necessarily at a conscious knowing awareness but at some level they will feel it. Do they not feel the love, those who work in the medical industry here; do they not feel the love from you as you touch? You know what we are speaking about here. See?

Question: How do you navigate between the material world and the spiritual world and keep a balance?

That is something that many of the Lightworkers and such are experiencing now. To move between the two worlds into the higher vibration. And as you feel the bliss and the Oneness and then the coming back, the falling back down. Someone says something that brings anger or something of the old bring something back into play here and you are right back into the old 3D paradigm and wishing, “What am I doing here? I don’t want to be here anymore! Back to that again!” And something happens and you are back to floating up again in the heavens, in the clouds, you see and something occurs again and you are right back down. This is what is happening here. So, in order to move through the various changes, what have we said many times? Just go with the flow. This is very important. It is what it is. Swim downstream rather than upstream. Let the current take you. This is how you move between here. Does this answer your question? Is there further clarification needed?

Question: Can I help? Navigating, go with the flow, when the material world shows up, we are to allow it rather than resisting it. So the spiritual principle behind that is allowance and that navigating is not necessary, it is allowing life to occur and situation to happen.

Yes! And know that as these situations occur as life occurs, all is part of synchronicity; all is part of way it is to be, to follow your blueprint, your contract that you came here for. So all of it is purposeful in moving you in those directions. Sometimes it seems to go against the flow, yes.

Question: I have a decision to make. I am trying to understand what decision is serving the highest good. I want to make the decision based on serving. If the flow goes either way I need to know how to make the decision.

Yes. And I want to suggest to you not to make the decision with your head, with your mind. Do it with your heart. So go deeply within yourself and ask the question within. Ask your higher self. And then let the answer come in whatever fashion it will come. It will not necessarily be in words, it may be in pictures, it may not even be in that very moment.

It may be a synchronous event that happens such as in your book, “The Celestine Prophecy”, you see, all the synchronicities that happened in that, those of you who watched the movie here a little while back. All the synchronicities that happened. It is all synchronicity so let these synchronous events to take effect.

Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Those words by the Master Yeshua were meant for those of us at this time now. Also in the past time certainly but also in this time now. The time is here the time is NOW people. Allow it to be. Go within. Go deeply within and ask and you will be guided in whatever respect you need to be guided here. It is difficult to tell you directly because we do not want to guide you in any way here. Give you a nudge. Maybe move you in one direction but not too much, you see?

We do not give direct guidance. It is a major undertaking for you. You have portions within you that are fighting this. Go or not go. You have to look at each of these and what they are saying and why they are saying it. Those portions of you. It may come in your dream state even if you pay attention to your dreams. It will come in some way for you. You see?

Question: Will I manifest a move to Oregon to be closer to my kids?

There you are asking for time frames and what has been said before, soon, some day. We are not saying. We cannot the place of your discernment of your decision-making process here but we can tell you that there are forces at work here that are moving you in a certain direction for whatever reason that is or whatever needs to be here. Those forces are at work here. Could be what you came here to do. And we will leave it at that.

Question: Does everyone have their own contracts and are we creating life moment to moment or is it set in stone?

There is never anything set in stone, please understand that. What you come in with, what we call the blueprint, the plan you are following, that plan is opening out every single moment of your life and to the point that you follow that blueprint is the synchronicity that we are speaking about here. There will be things that tend to move you away from that blueprint and there are things that will tend to move you back that way again.

There was a movie, the “Adjustment Bureau”, if you saw that movie and if you did not see, we will recommend it because it will answer this question in a funny, roundabout way, but it is almost accurate. There is a director there who is shooting everybody like part of a play here but it is certainly your higher self that is that director. You see, your higher self is the man behind the curtain in the “Wizard of Oz” you see?

If you remember, even in that movie they said, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” This was purposeful of those of the forces at that time who wished for you not to pay attention to your higher self, you see?  We must release channel here. Anything further?

We are done for this time. We so enjoy this time for being with you. And to have these types of expression with you, we are not sure yet who will be next time. That will come during the week. Please understand that as you continue on during this week here many things are happening around the world, many things are happening within your own inner world, and these things are going to continue at a more and more and more rapid pace. And very soon, the someday comes after soon, but all of this is coming. So we leave you now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

Archangel Michael – Clearing Negative Memories

Uriel Heals – Align With The Energies That Are In Line For You – 3-18-14

Archangel Uriel 2


Align With The Energies That Are In

Line For You > Uriel Heals.

The energetic foundation for the Earth and for humanity has reached new levels and this has caused a great deal of friction for those of you who remember being in previous ascension cycles. Each time you have achieved a similar place in your previous incarnations, the results have not been as you expected and now you are afraid of the possibility of failure or of non-completion. You are aware that this new energy resonates at frequencies previously unknown to humanity and you feel you must be on guard so it is used in the highest and best way possible. Since humanity is at a new foundation, the misuse of this energy will not achieve the results you believe may be possible, which is the return to non-ascens

ion timelines. Because the basic frequency of humanity is higher, previous outcomes cannot manifest in the same way now. Your alignment is essential because the energies are already ‘in line’ for you to connect with.

The dimensions whose access is now available to you are portals to energy that is from your energetic past and part of humanity’s potential energetic future. It is your previous experience of ascension cycles, in other dimensions of being and universes of experience, so you are recalling your past

as you are escorting humanity into its ascended, evolved future. In order to expand into the potential of the energy now available to the planet, you must recall your past, the experiences you have had in other lifetimes, timelines, and dimensions, as teachers and healers who have participated in previous ascension cycles. You are already aligned with this energy from other aspects and incarnations. Now you must align with it from your human aspect and perspective.

While this is a new experience for the earth and humanity at this time, it is not a new experience for many of the emissaries of light who are participating in the process now, it’s just new for the 3D aspects you are embodying. You have brought these memories with you as tools for you to use in this cycle. There are powerful aspects awakening in each of you and in much of humanity, reconnecting you to your power and divinity that will help you create the new energetic pathways that become the channels for the new energies needed for the next phases of ascension. These are energies you are already ‘aligned’ with, now you can bring the energies of the Earth and humanity ‘in line’ with them. Energetic expansion is bringing you into a new awareness of your power, potential, and possibilities that require you to remember what you have forgotten, the aspects that you have set aside as you believed they caused more pain than progress, and were not helpful or useful as, in spite of your powerful abilities, the ascension cycles were never completed.

Each ascension cycle brings alignment with new frequencies, moving light and energy farther along an evolutionary spiral that brings it closer to Divine Source. The cycles build on each other and a new one begins with the completion of the previous one. When a cycle is completed, new frequencies become available if there has been an expansion through humanity’s willingness to embody more light and higher vibrations, which allows the receipt of new energies. You have now achieved the end of a cycle and are ready to begin a new one.

Love is becoming the new frequency of connection, and the physical human is reconnecting to its divine center, seeking for joy and peace in the experience of life and for the world. This is not the time to stop, it is time to increase the effort, to raise your own frequency, dig deeply into your memory of times when you were powerful teachers and healers, when you came to the earth to participate in other ascension cycles, no matter how they ended. You have always been successful in raising frequencies, even if it has not been enough to complete an entire ascension cycle, and it is time to re-align yourselves with that energy.

If this period is frustrating it is because you are in new phases now, and as you come closer to completion, the fear of failure looms for you. Failure is a human belief, and in the greater context of universal movement, failure does not exist. Focus on the singular purpose of ascension, re-alignment with divinity, reconnection to Source energy, transformation and evolution, a return to the divine nature within. Be open to receiving confirmation of your own power, shine your light brightly, and do not be afraid of the potential for failure, as your full trust and faith are required now, to maintain the momentum that you have created to complete this cycle now. And remember you have the support of the entire universe in this process, so ask for assistance, guidance, and support when you need it, it is there for you.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to http://enlighteninglife.com

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Archangel Michael, Archangel Ariel – Channeler Gulcin One – March 2014

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Gulcin Onel (Mavinin Sesi)

Archangel Ariel – Become Your Spectrum Self – via Julie Miller – 2-25-14


Message from Archangel Ariel  /  Received by Julie Miller


February 24, 2014

Before we begin the message that has been prepared for you today, let us give thanks to the day that is before us, a day gifted by God, a day that is filled from the morning you open your eyes and until you finally lay yourself down to rest is filled with unlimited potential and opportunity to bring in new changes, to grow and to develop in many new and wondrous ways, and let us give thanks to this dear vessel for allowing me to come forward once again to speak to all of you. Thank you.

Regardless of the kind of relationship you have, whether your concerns are with family, friends, co-workers or people that you may pass by or those that serve you in a number of ways are there for you to build upon and to maintain. The cementing used to build and maintain any relationship is created with an important mixture of trust, compassion and acceptance of the other person. Of course there will be differences, how could there not? It is essential to take into account the differences that are apparent, understanding you are not meant to be exactly like the other person, and even if you have some of the same interests and it is through these interests that draw you together, it is equally important to accommodate the differences as well as what you find compatible in order to build a long-lasting connection.

How well do you know the other person or persons? Have you become so used to their presence that you have taken them for granted and not noticed that after all this time that they have changed right before your eyes? The truth dear ones, is that it is not easy learning about many different people that are different from you and from your beliefs, but it does make a huge difference when you take the time to learn more about your friend, family member, co-worker and even the cashier that rang in your groceries without being overly inquisitive. It is important for you to acknowledge that each person that crosses your path was meant to and touches a place inside you even if they only came into your life once. When you show pure and genuine interest with another person, that energy is felt and kept for a very long time and remembered.

One of the easiest ways to get to know someone is by asking questions about important things. When you take the time to learn of the other person’s values, you are building a connection and the connection you are building demonstrates you have an openness to learn, that you accept the other person for their values and differences and it brings about respect that is mutual. When the other person is sharing their values and beliefs, it is only normal to share your own and when you do prepare yourself to be challenged if the other person does not understand. Don’t always jump to the defensive or provide a hateful reply. Appreciate the challenge because the other person is now learning about your values. If you are not comfortable with certain questions let the person know they have probed a little too deeply. Remember not everyone is on the same level of understanding or awareness. Be patient, demonstrate compassion and learn to share what you are comfortable with sharing…it is a beginning and positive development for future sharings.

If you are alone and not romantically involved with anyone, there is no problem with this and for some people being alone is a conscious choice. There is a lot to learn when it is just you. Even if you live alone, it is important to be able to reach to others, like a friend or family member for companionship and human comfort. We understand it can be hard to be on your own at times. We encourage you to learn positive ways to be with yourself that is healthy and rewarding…become a spectrum whole self.

There are so many different variables that surround the issues of building harmony within relationships. People from families that have broken down for one reason or another may find it difficult to connect to others, but at the same time they are yearning to make that special connection that does work. Work at enjoying the life that is in front of you, while you are working at making deeper and meaningful connections with others. Don’t abandon the enjoyment of life because you are working on achieving a connection with another dear soul. Sometimes family has no blood relation, remember dear ones there are many dear souls that you can connect with that is not out of your reach that are family to your soul. They can become your source of strength if you let them and never forget you always have God to turn to and He is always there waiting for when you need Him, holding His loving arms out to you to catch you in His infinite embrace.

It is vital to keep in mind that the prolific relationships are derived from pure and honest living, loving and from sharing. When a dear soul is living purely and honestly, they are not out to control others, they allow others to live as they choose as long as there is no harm being done to others around them. They are not there trying to change others, but they remain open and available if guidance and support is needed. Opinions and preferences are not forced because they genuinely enjoy who they are with for who they are.

When you come from a loving place and you demonstrate this energy towards another, you are giving yourself in the capacity you can unconditionally. This is clearly one of the hardest things for so many dear souls to do within any relationship mainly because emotions get in the way and create a warped perspective in your sense of responsibility. We know when you love; you love deeply, but if your love is pure, you will not try to shape certain conditions upon those you love that are based on your likes and not theirs. There are ways to bring the best out of someone without being forceful. If you see a diamond of a person but is still in the rough stages, simply be patient and gently keep rubbing away their debris, earning their respect, love and trust in return and in time you will be rewarded by a gem that sparkles beyond anything your imagination could conjure up.

Sharing in any relationship brings people together in harmony. Harmony is balancing and essential to any relationship and of its foundation. It is important to point out that any relationship is never about JUST you, they are about the other person and you working as WE. Of course there will be rough patches and difficulties in your relationships. The difficulties in life are how you grow as a person and when they include people you have built a relationship with, they can help you grow together. When problems arise within a relationship, even if it’s a platonic friendship, it’s important to not allow the issue to put aside because by ignoring the issue, the issue festers and becomes toxic over time and will damage the structure of your relationship and many times this structure becomes so damaged that it is irreparable. Learn to talk and to communicate openly and with respect to each other’s feelings. Express your feelings and concerns about what you are thinking about and don’t allow judgements from other people cloud your own thoughts and perception of what is in front of you. Yes it is important to be circumspect but don’t be so cautious that you miss the point of your need to share your concerns.

Because there is so much involved in relationships and having them flow harmoniously, it is essential to be willing to take complete responsibility for all your words and actions that you expressed if you truly wish for the relationship to continue. As adults, you are expected to be responsible for what you say and do yet we see even now among your modern world how many adults are not taking responsibility or being accountable for any wrongs they may have done towards another…blame becomes an easy scapegoat and all blame does is create guilt and feelings of inadequacies onto the other person. A lack of responsibility damages the growth of any relationship. One of the best ways to improve a troubled relationship dear ones is simply removing the need to blame and to accept responsibility where it is needed and to work together to discover feasible solutions rather than complaining about what is not there or what is wrong.

By working together, you grow together. You may have a good friend for many years or married your best friend, but even after a few years this person has changed and so have you. You both changed even from 5 years ago to now. To assume that this person has remained exactly the same while you know you have changed is very unrealistic. It is sentimental to remember the person you became friends at the time you met, but that person has grown and so have you. Take a look at the relationships you have now, the ones with your children, with your spouse, with other family members and friends. Observe how they changed over the past 4 or 5 years or from the time they came into your life. Have you missed some developments because you looked away and were too preoccupied with your own life, or have you watched them grow and noticed their stretches upwards and sideways that helped them reach to where they are now? A good and long-lasting relationship requires growing room, not just for the other person but for you as well. The space provided for growth and development must be nurtured by compassion, love and by your openness to be the strength they need when necessary. When you are able to bring out the best in each other, that is the true and genuine telling of a good relationship, and this doesn’t have to be between lovers, this kind of relationship can be found with friends, other family members, customer service people, and other people that you associate with often.

Try to remember dear ones, that when each person that you are connected with grows, this does not mean your relationship has to end, it simply means some of its dynamics has changed. And if you can accept the changes, then you also move with the changes. There very well may be some major changes that come about that you are not compatible with and such changes can create a disruption in your relationship. When you feel you are growing apart and you are absolutely sure there is no fixing to change the sudden course of events, then understand that some relationships do come to an end. Knowing this dear ones; every person from every relationship you have had and from those you are still part of, all come with important life lessons. Now you can choose to only see the negative ones, but they are also rich with positive life lessons if you are willing to open yourself to embrace them.

All relationships require love and care in order for them to flourish and continue. By allowing someone you are connected with to be untended, the survival of your relationship is less than favourable. It is important to find time for just you and this person, where there are no interruptions – just you and the other person. One-on-one time is nurturing and it helps to keep the structure of the relationship strong. The time together doesn’t need to a big just as long is quality time well spent…together. When you have finally found time to be with your friend, spouse, family member or even co-worker ensure you providing your full attention and not demonstrating boredom or distraction…show you are interested in what they have to say and in them.

We understand that being with friends and family members that don’t live in the same city, state, province or country can be a challenge, but now with so many technological advances there are many ways to connect and to nourish your relationships. One thing we encourage you to assume is Faith – have faith in the people you are connected to; trust them and believe in them for just as they are. We are positive there will be times when your faith, trust and belief in people will be tested. You will cross paths with people that will abuse your trust and will abuse our faith and we urge you to forgive them and allow your heart to guide you to the right way to go. Don’t always assume people are out to harm or to do wrong, it is far better for you to assume that others will do the right thing because you prefer to attract positive, love-filled energy. If you look at the world and the people that share your earthly home through eyes that are angry and critical, there will not be any relationships for you to build upon or maintain that will be long-lasting. Trust your intuition about people; learn to follow the direction of your heart when interacting with others. Who is once a stranger can easily become your best friend.

When you indicate to another dear soul that you believe in them and that you trust in them and have faith, you then become a source of encouragement and illumination. When trust, belief and faith is recognized it is harder to break as breaking one of these attributes doesn’t just bring harm to one person, it brings harm to both. When you have a relationship that is built on compassion, acceptance and trust; choices become different because the choices don’t only affect one individual, but have the capacity of affecting all that have become part of the deep relational connection. Understand dear ones relationships not only require responsibility but they also require commitment. Stand behind the dear souls that you trust, give them the support they need and believe in them – become the rock if they are weathering a storm and become a comfortable place to be at any time of their journey.

It is understood that many people among you prefer to live complicated lives instead of living in simplicity. Knowing this, it is important to not see things in black or in white, remember there are other colours in the spectrum that are important and help fill your life. Just because someone is different from how you think or how they choose to live their life doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your respect, compassion or acceptance. Instead of seeking to discredit someone’s differences, seek to understand the reason behind your clouded judgement and from your discoveries and explorations you will come to the conclusion that you are not just learning about them, you are learning about you in the process.

And so it is…

I AM Archangel Ariel through Julie Miller


Archangeloi of the ELOHIM – Karen Doonan

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Message from the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM for 15th December 2013.

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Heavenly Blessings Radio – 12 Divine Rays – Archangel Gabrielle – 2/18/14

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The 12 Divine or Heavenly Rays are crucial in embracing our spiritual foundation the essence of who we are. In understanding the ray(s) upon which we travel, we gather information about our sacred self and our mission and purpose, not only for this lifetime but throughout all timelines. Each Ray has its own unique color and qualities, special attributes that you elected as you emerged from the heart of the Mother.

Come and join us for an interesting and exciting discussion of the Divine Rays. Learn how the rays relate to your chakras, your star brothers and sisters and the Divine Hierarchy.

Archangel Raphael, Archangel Chamuel – 1-14-14

This message is from Archangel Raphael
channeled by Cindy McGonagle, February 14th -28th, 2014

“Children of the Light, we Archangels are delighted when you ask us to be present in your life. For myself I am here the minute you request my presence. I am here to comfort you and those you love. Please remember I can and will always be sending you love and light and beams of sparkling light to uplift you. As most of you who know my energy, I am part of the green ray of healing. I can offer suggestions to help ease your pain if you will only open your heart and feel my love for you.
Earth is not an easy experience for many of you and sometimes daily life can be a struggle, but have faith and call upon the Angels of healing to help you.  Many times healing requires a greater understanding of the soul agreements, and this may take lifetimes to understand. Other times miracles can be done with the help of your inner knowing that you are a major source of your own healing. It is true your will is amazing and when it is focused on healing miracles can and do take place.

Nature offers much healing if you are able to include it in your daily experience. Taking time out to realize the beauty that can be enjoyed if only for a moment. Young children often remind adults of the simple wonders of nature by how they spend their time enjoying it.

Having a sense of humor can also be a key to self healing. For others dancing or singing can bring you into a state of rejuvenation. No matter what means you choose, always choose the highest and best for yourself and for those you love.
Sitting in candle light and calling in the Angels is yet another way to feel our presence near you. Sometimes in the early morning hours the Angels of comfort and healing will surround the beds of those who need extra healing light. Don’t worry there are thousands of healing Angels to go around and every time a request for our help is made we are there in a split second.

One of the best ways to show and Angel you appreciate their help is by saying thank you and that you are grateful for the help. If you still need reassurance that we Angels are around, ask us to give you a sign of our help. We love to do this, sometimes we use a song on the radio, the time on a clock, a feather, a touch, or even the flashing on and off of a light bulb.
When you need an Angel, we are just a call away.
” Love to All”
Archangel Raphael

This message is from Archangel Chamuel,
“A gift of a Valentine what a wonderful tradition, to send love, my specialty. Yes I am an Archangel of love. From a tiny heart drawn on a piece of paper and shared with those you love. This universal symbol is easily recognized and celebrated by all who receive it with an open heart. Tonight is a special night that brings the vibration and frequency of love and its expression round the world. Some share the written words of others through cards, others celebrate it with food and sweets, but no matter how it is celebrated love is magnified!
Unconditional love is the highest expression of love that is what humans exchange when their hearts are opened to this amazing frequency of love and light.
Many of you listening can practice universal love for the planet and for your very own existence, it only takes a moment. Love yourself, honor yourself and most of all accept yourself as a Divine Expression of love. That is how the Angels of love see and know you.

Happy Valentines and lots of love and light to all who desire to feel love’s vibrations.”

Archangel Chamuel

Channeled by Cindy McGonagle

gardennotes@msn.com & http://www.cindymcgonagle.com

© 2014 Cindy McGonagle © 2013 Cindy McGonagle Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

Linda Robinson — Archangel Zadkiel – Receiving The Energy Of Higher Light -1-20-14

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“Receiving the Energy of Higher Light”  –  February 2014

Greetings Beloved Ones,

We are Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst of the Seventh Ray of Light of Transformation and Manifestation, and we greet you in Love and Light. Today, we wish to discuss energetic patterns of change and their importance in bringing in new patterns of Higher Light.
You are receiving powerful influxes of higher energy coming to you in waves that are increasing exponentially.
Old energetic patterns are being dismantled to prepare and clear the way for the new energy to develop and manifest into magnificent new patterns of higher vibrational Light.
The old energetic patterns are composed of thinking and attitudes based on third dimensional frequencies. While these are not detrimental, they are not the highest possibility that is now available to humanity. It is similar to getting a new model car or an appliance that has more updated features.
The new higher dimensional energy opens the way for greater awareness both on an earthly level and on a galactic level. This allows for ascension to higher Light pathways.
Each clearing of old energy and influx of new energy opens the way to a higher frequency.
You may have noticed this in very practical ways. If you have experienced holding an article of clothing that you once loved and you realize that you no longer want to wear it, you have seen this change. The article of clothing carries energy that no longer harmonizes with your new higher energy.
You may experience similar changes with food, music, or activities. When the time is right for your awareness to shift, these changes can be experienced rapidly. They can occur literally overnight.
Sometimes, the changes may be more universal. A favorite store may close. A product you use may be phased out. An activity you enjoy may be discontinued. Individually, one change may seem insignificant. However, when you find several of these endings occurring within a short period of time, you may be experiencing a dismantling of old energetic patterns in preparation for new ones to emerge.
It is similar to a glass of water. If the water has been in the glass too long, it can become stagnant. The old water must be poured out before the fresh, new water can be added.
The same principle applies to energetic patterns. The old pattern must be dismantled to make room for the new.
It is not a matter of one pattern being bad and another one being good. It is simply a matter of which pattern is the best fit for you at the moment. The old pattern has served you well. Thank it for its service, and allow it to return to the Source for transformation into higher vibrational energy. When you realize that this dismantling is part of a natural cycle that is preparing space for the new, you are less likely to feel attached to the previous items or activities because you understand the potential to receive something that will nurture you as you move into the higher energy.
For a time, the old and the new co-existed simultaneously to ease the change for you. Now, it is time for the new to manifest fully. Even though the changes may seem to be occurring all at once, the new energetic pattern has been forming for some time, and now it is manifesting.
For example, you may find a new product or activity that you like even better than the old one. Your energy has moved to a higher level, and the Universe is making new items and activities available that will support your growth. Your part is to understand the change that is occurring, release the old without attachment, and greet the new with joy.
Welcome the change, and feel a lightness around you. This will help you move forward more easily. If you feel any resistance, check with your inner guidance to be sure the change is right for you. If it feels right and you want to move forward, you may call on the Violet Flame to help transform the energetic patterns.
As the new energetic patterns manifest, enjoy them without attachment. You can do this by fully embracing and enjoying the new activity or item, while at the same time, remaining open to another possibility that may be an even better energetic fit for you. It is the clinging to old, outdated patterns that causes distress.
The more open you remain to receiving the new energy and the patterns that come with it, the more easily you can move forward.
Beloveds, we commend you for welcoming the new energy of Higher Light, and we honor you for the beautiful Beings of Light that you are.
Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and We surround you with love
And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson,www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com­.
Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson,www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com /

Contra Mary – Light Chamber From Archangel Metatron While You Sleep – 1-31-14


Metatron’s Cube


An hour before you go to bed, ask Archangel Metatron to prepare his Light Bath for you.

If you are in peaceful surroundings, you may be aware of a gentle current of light running through your body. Relax and allow this to be. Archangel Metatron is the Primary Source of Pure Light available to Humanity, and an absolute expert in Light Quotient building.

Once in bed, or in your receptive state, state the following, either aloud or mentally.

Invocation: ‘Archangel Metatron, please now place me within your light bath’.

Visualize yourself lying horizontally, completely relaxed, on a bed. All around you are pillars of beautiful, golden, glowing light. These are all around you, in precise geometric locations. You are lying directly within the Centrex of a Metatron Cube. (ART PICTURES OF METATRONIC CUBES)

It is the size of an average bedroom and has more than enough room to fit you comfortably within the centre.

golden light

Close your eyes, and imagine yourself and every cell of your body, becoming pure, Honey Golden, Liquid Light.

Feel Archangel Metatron’s beautiful, divine presence, as he places his hands upon you. All your stresses, strains and worries dissolve as the Archangel pours his frequency through every cell of your being. As you become more relaxed and more immersed in his Light, you will notice that the room is becoming brighter. This does not disturb your relaxation. You become more at ease. Archangel Metatron is simply amplifying the Light Quotient of your bath to precisely suit your needs.

You will never be ‘overcooked’ or receive more light than you individually require.

Ask Archangel Metatron to dissolve anything within your body, aura, or fields that you know has been an issue within the course of your day, for example, anxiety, any fear that you may be running, physical issues ( i.e. headaches, injuries, any other ‘body stuff’). Feel his golden light flowing through every chakra, opening them and spinning them at a fifth dimensional frequency.

Finally, ask Archangel Metatron to hold your perfect level of Light Quotient within your body and fields at all times, day and night. Relax and sleep.

Thank you AA Metatron

by: Rev. Caroline Dawley


Note: Archangel Metatron is considered to be one of the most supreme angelic beings sitting next to the throne of God and at depicted as the crown of the tree of life in Qabbalistic teachings. He is the representative of the Source, creator of the outer worlds. He helped in building the Great Pyramid of Giza and placed within it the purity that goes with that high vibrational area.

Creator of the Electron, Metatron transfers the Divine Blueprint of Creation to all levels below him. He is credited as ministering the sacred geometric patterns of the universe and his vast consciousness is very involved in Earth evolution especially in bringing in the Platinum Cosmic Light of Union. He teaches classes on inner planes, especially in the use of Light within physical manifestation to raise consciousness

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Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel – The Gifts Now – A Blank Slate, An Empty Chalice – 1-25-14


Archangel Gabriel: The Gifts Now – A Blank Slate, An Empty Chalice, channeled by Shanta Gabriel, January 22, 2013 at www.TheGabrielMessages.com | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Dear Ones,

Your soul volunteered to be here during this pivotal time to act as a bridge between Heaven and Earth. You are here to bring Spirit into matter, to be the Divine human that acts as a Light Bearer for awakening consciousness. It is incumbent upon you, therefore, to bring your spirituality into every area of your life in full unity and recognize that all is a part of God. When you do this, your presence becomes a blessing and all that you are brings more Harmony into the world.

In this time of new beginnings you have been given a great gift ~ a blank slate to work with so you can create your new life in 2014 and beyond. There is a magical quality to this place of the unseen, unknown future. Having released all that you were in the past, you might be feeling empty and uncertain. For some it is very uncomfortable, yet recognize that this is a very sacred place to be.

You stand at the apex of awakening consciousness, and blessings are being showered upon you from Source energy, enabling you to work very closely with your Soul’s guidance system. This is important to know because your intuition is becoming very clear and you can trust yourself in a new way. The Angelic Dimensions have seeded the consciousness of humanity with a powerful, loving force of intention to bring the highest frequencies into daily life in pure harmonic, cohesive balance.

A Sacred Vessel is a Gift ~ especially when it is empty

You can bring this powerful balancing aspect into every area of your life. Recognize that you are being offered this blank slate as a developing form to assist you in creating a new foundation for your life. You are being offered a Divine living substance that awaits your command. The form you are developing is like your sacred matrix for manifestation. It is in this vessel that you place your dreams, your intentions and your highest visions for your life and all life on Earth. The beauty of this gift from God is that it is actually empty. All patterns of the past have been released, and you are in the process of clearing the last vestiges of energies that do not serve you nor resonate with the new frequencies.

Imagine that this form is becoming a sacred chalice in which you will co-create everything that you are ready to receive. This matrix will hold the light frequencies you need for manifestation of your powerful intentions. You are filling this vessel now with each thought and emotion that you focus on. This may not be good news for some who are still focused on all that is not working and that which seems to be missing from life. Your attention to these low-frequency details are part of your creation mythology and will not bring to you the sense of Well-being and Happiness you desire.

When you look at your sacred vessel and complain because it is empty, you are missing the gift that is being offered to you from a Benevolent Universe who wants you to be happy. This is a Sacred Chalice to hold your unformed life, open and ready for you to bring your prayers for the fulfillment of your Soul’s Destiny.

The first months leading to Equinox are very important for you to remember all that you do want to receive; to focus on that which is Precious and Powerful and Beautiful. In this way you fill your Chalice with holiness, and the Universe assists you in bringing forth your deepest Soul’s longings. Remember that the focal point of your attention will fill the empty vessel and prepare your matrix to hold that focused power as the year progresses.

Increased Levels of Sensitivity

As you move into 2014, your sensitivity levels will increase. This could feel very uncomfortable depending upon the energies you are involved with. Your interaction with different types of people, electronics, and sounds could have you feeling very jumpy and brittle, perhaps stimulating new decisions on where and with whom you spend your time. The idea of becoming a hermit may seem ever more attractive, as you learn to feel more safe in a body that is vibrating at higher 5D frequencies.

On the other hand, you may find yourself being able to merge and be comfortable in Nature in a new way that allows you to feel fulfilled and happy. The activities of the lower chakras are going to demand that you become more attuned to their needs and requirements. Activities such as creation of a spiritual practice to help you focus on your breath and a consciously-grounded connection to Earth energy will assist you to be more present with your feelings, and the impulses of your heart’s guidance system.

You will feel a call to take better care of your physical body using higher-frequency food and exercise that increases your physical balance. Your emotional body is being encouraged to live in more neutrality and equilibrium so your nervous system can adjust to the new frequencies more readily. Your mental body is being inspired to true, authentic wisdom as your brain cells become activated with full-spectrum light. Do not make it more difficult by over-thinking the process. It has been set in motion by your soul’s response to the high frequencies now available, and your heart will provide the intelligence you need as you learn to thrive in 5D.

Bringing Spirit into Matter

You can become the Sacred Chalice, ready to receive the new patterns of Wholeness, Truth and Oneness. It does you no good to kick the vessel and complain that it is empty, just because you do not see the evidence of that which you want to manifest. This empty vessel is a Divine gift from God. It is your work now to fill this matrix and energize your life with the harmonic frequencies containing the magical substance offered by the Divine for manifesting your Soul’s Destiny on Earth.

You have this precious time between now and the March Equinox to prepare yourself and fill your vessel with the power of your intentions so full movement into manifestation can occur after the Equinox. When you are prepared, you can step into magic.

You have so much assistance and the prayers of your heart are being heard. Keep your prayers high to honor the gifts available to you in this pivotal time on Earth.

“Divine Presence,

Thank you for blessing me with this holy vessel to fill with my deepest longings and heartfelt desires. Help me to recognize the gifts being offered to me and turn my attention to that which I want to see manifest in this time before Equinox. I ask that my Higher Self gently remind me of those dreams that are ready to come forward in my life at this time.

Please bring me the assistance I require to fill my life with more Beauty and a sense of accomplishment. Allow me to make friends with the Guidance System that inspires my Higher Self and brings fulfillment of my Soul’s purpose. Remind me to be attentive and alert to the inspiration that is pouring through me in every moment.

I ask that Divine Light fill my being and raise my vibrational frequencies so I may listen with a fuller awareness. Fill my heart with Divine Love so that I may regenerate this love throughout my human form and radiate love into the world through my being. I am so willing to fulfill the impulses of my heart and co-create with the Divine a new way of being that blesses the Earth with all that I am. Help me bring the fullness of my most authentic self forward into the present moment. Let me use my new-found freedom to create miracles in powerfully conscious ways that serve all of life on Earth at this time.

May all beings recognize the Divine Love filling our hearts in every moment, and may I be a radiant instrument of your Peace-filled Presence. Thank you God, and so it is.”

Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel Copyright: January 22, 2013 http://www.TheGabrielMessages.com

Archangel Gabriel – Creating A Matrix For Sacred Light – Channeler: Shanta Gabriel – 1-24-14

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Shanta Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel – 2014 – The Year of Balanced Relationships

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Archangel Michael – The Councils of Selves via Ron Head – Hang on to your saddles for dear life for the next short while – 1-22-14

New Human 2


We continue.

If you could see what is happening to so many others at this time, as we do, you would have a much clearer and more optimistic view of your circumstances than most of you do.  You see, clearly or not so clearly, your own progress.  You know of what may be happening for friends and acquaintances, perhaps.  Even at that, your knowledge is limited to what you are told and your own interpretations of it.

We, however, see the entire tapestry of your collective.  How could we not, since we, as we have been at pains to teach you, are deeply involved as participants in the entire process.  It is also important for you to begin to understand the fact that you are also completely involved.  That is a large part of what you will begin to understand now with the lifting of the veil, the parting of the curtain.

We will paint for you now a quick picture, if you will, of a very important process which is currently going on for many.  You have seen it mentioned here and in other places, but you may have given it less attention than it warrants.  In no way do we wish you to feel left out if the specific things we mention are not a part of your current experience. What we wish to do is alert you to watch your own inner selves and outer lives for like changes.

Some are receiving the activation of abilities which they did not know they would have.  Some are having meetings, in dream state or out, with beings other than those they thought possible.  Some have sat in a moment of wonder upon realizing that certain things have ceased to ‘push their buttons’, as you say.  And some are able to understand that they are experiencing a merging with higher aspects of self.  And there are many, many more things that we do not mention.

There are almost seven billion of you there, each one unique in make-up and purpose.  We do not have that much space here.  So let us point out that, what you most need, to ready yourselves for what is to come next, is what you, and we, are bringing about for you now.

Some will not choose to receive it.  But those who follow these types of message will be either kicking-and-screaming or sliding-and-laughing receivers.  You have so chosen and you will NOT be left behind.

Now, it is time to surrender.  OH, you do not like that word.  And we understand why that is.  What we are asking you to do, however, is to let us have the reins for a bit and to hang on to your saddles for dear life for the next short while.  Consider it a carnival ride.  Or, as your humorists would say, “Hold my beer and watch this!”

This, dear ones, is going to be a fun year if you treat it that way.  Of course there are things to be straightened out which may not appear very pretty at the time, but keep your focus and all will be well.

With love we say, “Till next time.”

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/

Archangel Zadkiel – Transmuting Judgment into Understanding – 1-18-14


There are so many dear souls that are being held back by the tight grip of their emotions; emotions found through disappointment, anger, blame and resentment just to name a few. Unfortunately these emotions create a vice-grip kind of hold over your ability to attract happiness and there is only one person that can release these heavy, negative emotions and that person is you.

Forgiveness is a wonderful way to bring yourself and others the healing that is definitely deserved. The healing from the process of forgiveness can be instantaneous or it can felt at a later time through great patience, prayer, persistence and trust that all is working out as it should – think of yourself as a blossoming flower rather than a package of deep seated anger and resentment that is about to explode. It is understood dear ones that forgiveness is closely related to compassion and if you are holding onto any resentment or upset it is important to forgive and let go. The more you carry these negative emotions around the more depleted your energy will become and in time these negative emotions will begin to affect your physical health.

If you question how you would know you need to forgive someone, and then the answer is clear, it comes from when you think or talk about a situation and you feel yourself instantly becoming heated, or you may feel a flush of anger course through your body. There are many noticeable symptoms your body will relay to you that speaks of unresolved emotions and feelings regarding a situation that includes another dear soul.

One of the greatest tools given to you to help release negative thinking that is nurturing and helps bring you to the doorstep of forgiveness and compassion is the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame when invoked by your need of it will help transform your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that carry heavy and unproductive energy into positive light-filled energy. The Violet Flame will help dissolve your resentments and lead towards the path of letting them go. The Violet Flame when invoked on a daily basis will help heal those wounds you have been holding onto, the pain felt by your physical body will be relieved and you will be able to see the situation that had upset you for so long with a clarity not known before because you were too busy being angry. Permit the Violet Flame to work through your total body, allowing it to dissolve all negativity and discord, releasing all disharmonic thought and emotions and bring yourself back to being at peace with yourself and peace with the world around you. Let it help raise your confidence to forgive the wrongs and bring yourself back to being the loving and compassionate being that has been trapped by your negative thinking and emotional actions and words.

Take it upon yourself dear ones to work on moving from judgment to understanding. As you work on this you will begin to see things from a different perspective, one free from anger, hostility or resentment. And in time you will be ready to forgive. And when you forgive you are not just forgiving the other person that was involved in the upsetting situation, you are forgiving yourself for allowing yourself to react in such a negative fashion.

When you are seeking to understand why a person acted the way they did during any situation or circumstance, make an effort to learn more of this person; discover if they are normally hostile, are they depressed or defensive – the more you learn of the other person, the more you understand. When you understand the dynamics behind the negative outburst the more able you are able to forgive and let go. Many dear souls that are defensive are protective and are afraid of something being revealed. It is essential to you and to the situation that was presented to you to make the best use of your skills and of your awareness at all times, tune-in to body language, facial expressions and if possible ask the person different questions than what the situation is about. By asking different unrelated questions you are able to build a connection through sharing that is compassionate and kind and it will help you understand the person that is reacting negatively. If you cannot talk to this person right away because their interaction with you has upset you, take the time to calm yourself and bring peace back into your demeanor then express with genuine sincerity that you are there for them, that you are willing to listen if they are upset and would like to help bring harmony to the situation. Allow your compassion release the restraints blame often binds you with.

For the many dear souls that respond defensively and with anger it is important to express those emotions but we encourage you to learn where these emotions stem from, what is their root cause. Very often the pain you have been carrying comes from a situation that took place many years ago, possibly in your childhood. Until you learn why you feel a certain way, you won’t be able to heal. Allow yourself to feel and to release that pain; be it through tears, arduous exercise or other ways that help you cleanse and clear your mind from those heavy emotions. Every emotion you have dear ones is registered into your body that will have direct effects on many areas of your physical health. It is extremely important to address your instinct to defend yourself in a hostile way by flushing out your negative emotions and to learn to express yourself in ways that are healthful and promotes peace and tranquility.

Find ways dear ones to release your anger and upset that doesn’t bring further upset to others. If it is possible take a walk through a nature trail, when you know you are alone scream out your frustrations or cry for as long as you need. Permit yourself to fully feel disappointed, sad or unhappy. Find someone to share your feelings with and allow yourself the time and energy to heal and to just be wherever you are. Take a breath and sigh out relief.

When you are going through the release of negative emotions and feelings, ask yourself how this feels in your body. Discover the sensations that this healing is bringing compared to the sensations before you allowed the healing to occur. Before you allowed yourself to heal with the Violet Flame did you feel betrayed, abandoned or even filled with rage, and learn why you felt those things. Forgive yourself for feeling so heavily. Allow the Violet Flame to nurture your total self back into harmonious balance with life.

When it is time to express forgiveness you will know. It comes as a deep inner feeling of readiness where your mind, heart, body and spirit are in balance and you are confident you will not become angry. If you are unable to face the person regardless of the reason, you are still able to forgive. Find a quiet place and allow yourself to be at peace. Make use of the person’s name that has created so much upset for you. Imagine them sitting next to you or across from you. Tell what you are feeling, speaking out loud as if they are right there and you are sharing a conversation. When you are done with all that you have to say, simply thank them for listening and release their spirit and energy in great thankfulness.

When you have sufficiently expressed your pent up emotions, it is now time for you to create new boundaries between yourself and with that relationship. This dear ones could possibly mean you see this dear soul less often, you may need to create new courses of action that pertains to the relationship or possibly dissolving the relationship entirely. You will discover ways that are best for you that provide you a net of safety and it’s important for you to feel emotionally safe among people you associate with.

You might find it a bit challenging when you are creating new boundaries with close friends or family members as others may not agree with your choice for greater space between you and the person in question. We encourage you to love always with a full heart, while at the same time protecting your inner child, where those tender and delicate emotions live and be strong with the boundaries you set in place. Recognize dear ones if you are always putting the needs of others above your own. We know many dear souls do this, and it is essential for you to realize that before you can be of any real help to any other person, you must be able to love and care for yourself. Making yourself a priority is not being selfish as many others will try to claim, it is showing you are honouring your total self within the peaceful solitude that is found when you are able to love yourself for all that you are.

Letting go of resentments and animosities that is felt towards others can be a daunting task but with the help of the Violet Flame, you will come to the actualization that letting go of past transgressions is very healing and transformative. We encourage you to not hold on to the assumption or expectation that letting go will be quick and easy, for some cases it can take several weeks or months. You will find yourself going through phases where you feel better, then come to realize after certain triggers that you are still angry. Don’t be alarmed dear ones; this is perfectly natural. Understand dear ones you soul does not heal on linear time. Be patient and give yourself the space for healing to take place, where happiness returns through your spirit in large amounts and don’t fear asking for help. When you pray and ask God for direction, trust the path He illuminates for you and let go of the pain while you are in prayer, trusting that God’s brilliant Light and infinite Love is healing you from the inside as you welcome His presence into your heart.

If you can truly make the Violet Flame work for you, where you can release and transmute those negative burdens you have been carrying then that will be to your healing advantage dear ones. Understand the Violet Flame is a privilege given to each of you from the Heart of God to assist you to make the necessary transformations and changes that is required to release and dissolve any karmic afflictions as you are preparing to transition into newer ways of living and being that are of the highest of good. Use this flame well, often and daily. Be more proactive with your life and find time to confront your life when things become out-of-control or where your emotions seem to be in charge. Learn to discern what brings you true happiness from what does not and bring the Violet Flame in to help transform your life from that point forward. Know dear ones; you may invoke my presence at any time while working with the Violet Flame and trust that I will help you through your difficult moments that life suddenly throws at you. You are never alone, no matter how dark your days or nights may feel or seem. When you ask for God, know He is there.

And so it is…

I AM Archangel Tzadkiel through Julie Miller


The 13 Energy Centers and Archangels


Steve Beckow – From Here to Eternity – Views of an Archangel, Part 2/2 – 1-19-14

ArchangelMichael Ron Head


Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia, http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/01/from-here-to-eternity-views-of-an-archangel-part-22/

(Continued from Part 1.)

Archangel Michael is very tender in his love. After Dec. 21, 2012, when I was feeling depressed and conflicted, he said:

“I’m asking you, no, not as public figure, but as friend, before we even begin, to come and to sit with me in sacred union … to relinquish and to give to me any concern, dismay, despair, anything that is not of wholeness. I come this day fully prepared, my friend, to speak to you and to answer your queries.” (1)

On this occasion I also did what Spiritualists call “testing the spirits.” I asked him if he was aware of a conversation that another member of the team had just had with Grener. He surprised me by saying: “I am aware of pieces of it, yes. I do not eavesdrop on every conversation.”  (2)

I asked him to repeat what he had heard and he repeated the conversation almost verbatim. But again his acknowledgment that archangels did not eavesdrop on any conversation was another insight into life on the higher dimensions.

In that same reading, I continued grumbling and reminded him that he had promised me his darshan (appearance) which produced this interesting rejoinder: “For my full presence to suddenly apparit [appear] would probably cause you to drop dead.” I laughed and said that that could have advantages. He responded: “Yes, it  would. But that is not our plan.”  (3)

Once, when he was discussing the tendency of lightworkers to do it their way, he acknowledged, again remarkably:

“Even with us of the archangelic realm or the angelic realm, there is the tug of war that always happens with the ego, with the delightful personality, the push and pull that says, ‘But I want to do it my way. I know that my way is the best way. You do not understand. You are not here. You are not suffering on Earth. You do not know what time-frames look like. You do not know….’

“We go through this all the time, and it is anticipated, it is expected, and it is part of the process of letting go and allowing yourselves to come into that full alignment so that the choices, the actions, the sense of connection is direct and with One.” (4)

There are innumerable angels in incarnation at the present time, numerous archangels, some seraphim and even some elohim.

I asked him if one prominent lightworker was an avatar and he replied: “No, but she is very enlightened.” I asked if there was a name for her type of individual – an elohim, a Melchizedek? And he responded: “You can think of her as an elohim.” (5)

Well, if I can think of her as an elohim, that seems to imply that there are rungs of evolution equivalent to the elohim that we don’t know about.

He discussed incarnated archangels on another occasion and outlined an instance in which an archangel had assumed a composite form, taking with him contributed elements from an ascended master, who was also the head of a planetary council. On the matter, he added: “An archangel can give energy [and] can hold energy.” (6) In the case in question, the archangel incorporated the energy of the ascended master with a fragment of his own to form the incarnate composite being or hybrid.

Further of interest was the fact that he described the ascended master as himself “a collective soul”! “There are various aspects to [him], even more than what you would think of as a singular soul.” (7)

He explained how the archangel “borrowed” from the ascended master for his present incarnation.

“Think of it in this way. Say that [ascended master] is a billion atoms of energy. Well, he has some cash to spare and so he shares it. So the incarnated archangel is carrying some of that energy.

Now what human beings don’t fully understand, you are beginning to and it is the Mother’s teaching that is helping with this and her gift of course of clarity. But in that single atom is everything – all the patterning, all the DNA, all the information.

“So when we say that the archangel has part of him, he has part of that billion, and so [the ascended master] is fully participating.” (8)

I once asked him why an incarnated archangel might not have any sense of being one and he responded: “Because they have agreed to be human.” And what do they give up by agreeing to be human? He replied: “Huge portions of memory.”

Was there anything else?

“Yes – and of course many of these qualities will be restored – but the ability for instantaneous creation.

“But their qualities will expand.  That is what they have forfeited as it were – sacrificed, put on hold.  The deepest connection and knowing of the unification and the presence of all – that is the greatest sacrifice.” (9)

Finally who would not want to hear the following feedback from their boss – that they would be in partnership from here to eternity? Can you imagine the impact on me of hearing these words?

“It is not just love that we share. It is service to the Mother. It is this unyielding, undying, eternal commitment to her service.

“And my trust in you is unwavering, that if we did not speak for a thousand years, you would know, not think, not feel, but know that I am right next to you. Sometimes I am typing. Sometimes I am moving your pen. Always I am whispering in your ear.” (10)

When in past ages have humans had a chance to know details like these about an archangel? When have we had a chance to work so closely and intimately with one?

We’re so privileged in this epoch to have this kind of contact, contact freely offered by beings who can be in a million places at once. And I think they want to be known – for many reasons.

They want us to work with them. It isn’t given to them to do all the work. If they did so, there would be no evolution, no development for us.

It’s we who are tasked with building Nova Earth and they who are tasked with encouraging and empowering us. And we couldn’t have better advisers and supporters as we go about our mission in the run-up to Ascension.


Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel – 2014, The New Harmonics of Light and Sound – 1-18-14


Archangel Gabriel: 2014 – The New Harmonics of Light and Sound, channeled by Shanta Gabriel, January 17, 2013 at www.TheGabrielMessages.com | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Dear Ones,

At the 12:12:12 activation, the core resonance for the Earth became aligned with Unity Consciousness. With every Gateway portal and code activation since that time, this resonance gained more stability, reflecting the Golden Ray of the Christ, Unity Consciousness throughout the Earth. During 2014 the new harmonics that create unity settle into the Earth’s field, awakening a resonant consciousness within the human form, while joyous harmonic activity is feeding the elemental forces within the core of the planet.

The harmonics of light and sound have an impact on all structures of the Earth, activating a core resonance that vibrates outward. As they anchor into the crystalline grid, these harmonic waves of catalytic evolution shake loose the debris in operating systems on the Earth, as well as in the consciousness of all humanity not vibrating at these accelerated frequencies. This could very easily cause upheaval in many different environments and a breakthrough to Love within the heart of all beings.

On a deep inner level within your core essence, these harmonics cause an ecstatic recognition of your soul’s imprint for Divine Perfection. This core vibration helps you to center your focus of attention on true Unity, Balance and Harmony.

Prismatic Brilliance

Harmonics are component frequencies that reflect the powerful waves of energy coming to the Earth now. Harmonic frequencies of sound and light stimulate a core connection to Source energy within you that empowers your new life in 5D. You have a seed code within your DNA that responds to the stimulus of these Light Activations. At the highest frequency, the light is Iridescent White and holds a powerful resonance that illuminates your mind.

On the final Solstice of 2013, a multi-faceted star holding this iridescence was placed in your heart like a tuning fork, to stimulate the ecstatic impulse of Oneness within you. It resonates to the deep sound frequencies carried on the harmonic waves of evolution. The harmonics being empowered at this time also hold the catalytic frequencies of Rainbow Light, that include this diamond iridescence. These radiant light frequencies hold the Divine substance necessary for manifestation of your Soul’s Destiny on Earth.

The Light of the full-spectrum Rainbow is available for you to draw upon as Living Frequencies. The Presence of Divinity is reflected in the frequencies of the Rainbow, and each ray of Light carries a quality of consciousness. You can literally draw upon the rays of light that most perfectly express that quality you need to have manifest in your life. Each quality is a vibrant frequency of color that holds the guiding energy of light you require. The harmonics within each ray also carry the sound frequency that will assist that activation within you.

Full-Spectrum Light and Sound

As you allow yourself immersion into full-spectrum light and sound, you create a new vehicle in which your Soul can live as a Divine human on the planet. You are becoming Homo Luminus, one that is aligned with the multi-dimensional realities in fully conscious representation. Each of your chakras is now vibrating in clear rays of color so that old patterns are being sloughed off, like the skin of a snake, so you can align with the frequencies within these new harmonic fields.

You are being prepared and all is in readiness. The first few months of 2014 are about integration and clearing: Integrating the new and graceful clearing of the old in a simultaneous, co-creative process. As you attune to your core resonance, vibrating in oneness with the new harmonics of sound and light within your being, all will follow in a perfect awakening process. The more you can trust this process, the easier it will become.

As the new harmonics spread into the highly vibrating light-body field you so diligently have been building, every cell in your body is affected and all that is not in harmony with this resonance is being released. Your physical body may be experiencing deep inner heat. The switch is on, and attention must be paid to cooling your core so the physical can integrate the frequencies without burning up. That means that extra care must be patiently and lovingly given to your newly-born Divine human learning to navigate the new frequencies.

The central organs are affected, and all they need to thrive must be provided. Pure foods and water, as well as supportive cleansing and clearing techniques, need to be applied with gratitude and appreciation for your vehicle of ascension; the one who is carrying your soul’s consciousness into multidimensional times living on Earth now. We will be addressing the ramifications of these catalytic waves on your body in the next message.

Deep Resonant Sounds

As the harmonies of the spheres are resonating in the magic of Rainbow Light, the depth of the Divine sounds begin to reverberate within your being.

Ancient sound instruments that raised vibrational frequencies have been prominent in sacred ritual and prayer for more than a thousand years, because the drone acted as a reminder of the One Presence within all things. The resonant tones of these ancient drone instruments, such as the tambura from India and the didgeridoo from Australia, are still available to connect you to the Wisdom of the Earth and with the Divine in perfect harmony.

These ancient sounds vibrate in the core of your central nervous system and remind your soul of the wisdom it has always known. Crystal bowls are especially empowering during this time as well.

The power of Sound and Light is coming to the forefront this year, allowing your body to become more accustomed to the higher frequencies that have been streaming to the planet in ever accelerating waves of Light. All that is not in resonance will fall away gracefully if you use simple tools of breath, prayer and sound to keep you in alignment with Source energy. In these ways you will help support your body as it frees itself from old patterns and stagnant energy before the acceleration of the Equinox in March.

We will be speaking to these processes in more depth in Part 2 of this message. In the meantime, it is important for you to Trust the Process and Ground Excess Energy. This thought can become a mantra to help you remember to come back into your center of balance.

The harmonics of Light and Sound act as a catalytic spark, giving you access to the Evolutionary River of Divine Frequencies that will support you in this new year of Awakening Consciousness. Remember that All is truly Well. In gratitude we say, so be it and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel Copyright: January 16, 2013 http://www.TheGabrielMessages.com


Steve Beckow – From Here to Eternity – Views of an Archangel, Part 1 – 1-18-14

Depiction of Archangel Michael

Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia, http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/01/from-here-to-eternity-views-of-an-archangel-part-12/

Photo: Depiction of Archangel Michael

I’d like to offer more views of Archangel Michael as revealed in readings through Linda Dillon.

He’s very playful – I almost said “human.”  (He’d appreciate the joke!) He often teases. Here he is teasing me about my endless questions:

SB:  I guess I’d better start asking some questions.

AAM:  Dear heart, the world could end and a new universe begin and you would still have questions.

It is part of the delight of who you are.  I do not say this in any way to bring you down.  Understand even if you were in – and you are, you know, you just don’t know that you know – the fullness of your being, in the fullness of your awareness, you would still be asking questions about the next step.

SB: (Laughter.)  At times I get the feeling that there are no more questions I need to ask.

AAM:  You get it in moments and then you have a rest and then you devise new questions.  It is like a cat that is lying in the sun enjoying the bliss until a mouse passes by. (1)

I once asked him to confirm that he anticipated my questions. Listeners to An Hour with an Angel will know that I’ve pointed out on occasion questions that I had written down to ask him which he’s anticipated. He responded, teasingly: “Well, let us say that we are very close.” What does that mean?

“We share telepathically and energetically, more than anything, a knowing of what is going on, a commonality of our hearts and minds. So yes, there is a knowing, but there is also the importance of the human factor.

“Because we want this to be an exchange, a conversation. I do not always simply wish for you to come and to hear what I have to say, because it is just as important in our closeness and in our love that you express the yearnings and the feelings of your heart.” (2)

You may recall in an earlier article that I reported the Divine Mother saying she did not send perfect beings to lead this Ascension effort. She wants her Ascension ground crew to go through their work along with the rest of the population so that the process can be illustrated.

Archangel Michael privately offered support for this statement in a series of comments which again are revealing. He said:

AAM: There are very few of us that are not fully engaged. We restrain ourselves in some situations. And you know I have never been one known for great restraint.


But here we are, in a time of movement, where the populace is reclaiming what is theirs.

S: So are you restraining yourself in order to allow us to play our part?

AAM: That is correct.

S: Then I guess we’d better get a move on.

AAM: When we say we are pushing and pulling, I am not just speaking metaphorically. (3)

On another occasion, Archangel Michael and I were discussing archangels and he mentioned a particular one that I hadn’t heard of. I asked him if he was well known and he replied “he is a very little known Archangel – well, on Earth” (4) and that it would do no good to look him up in articles on angels.

That was the only clue I’ve ever been given that there are more archangels than we know of and that they may be known in some parts of the multiverse and not in others. In that same reading I said that I had no idea what an archangel looked like and he replied, again humorously:

“We can basically look like whatever we want.  Now if we are in our natural form – that is what you are truly asking – then we are indeed very large.  In terms of human proportions we are tall, we are not fat – we are big.  There is no such thing as a fat Archangel.

“We tend to be big, and it is not a fantasy about the wings, and we tend to use them as we choose, but they are many layered, many are colored.” (5)

On another occasion he gave a peek into what is probably the rescue of the “fallen” angels.  He said:

“Long ago, I have travelled to the heart of darkness, to that place where desperation had found root in my brothers and sisters; where arrogance had led to lack of clarity. We did not go there seeking to destroy, but rather to illuminate and to bring home those we loved. Did we seek to eliminate and destroy the arrogance and the desperation? Absolutely. But never those who were carrying it.” (6)

In a later reading I asked him to tell me more about the heart of darkness and he replied:

AAM: When we go to the heart of darkness it is usually on a form of what you would think of as a rescue mission. We go to the place where the density of illusion, whether it is that imbalanced or unbalanced desire for power or greed or lust, has become so strong that it has solidified.

SB: And you’re answering a call, are you?

AAM: Well, sometimes the energy is so dense that no call goes out. They are quite happy in their place of darkness. But you see we have long memories, and we remember that spark of light that was within, say, a person who has now travelled to that place.

And we remember the love, and we know the love that we have for that being. And so we go to that place, whether it is galaxies away, or part of an inner city, and we rescue, we break out, we break the shell, that very dense energy of darkness. And we basically lift the person out of that circumstance.

It accomplishes two things. And as we say, sometimes the reintegration back to One is very rapid, but sometimes it is staged because it depends on whether they are in form and wish to continue to be in form, living, or not.

But what that extraction does also is that it breaks up that field of energy. Because the field of the density is usually surrounding either an individual or a group of individuals. So as soon as you extract one component, then the density begins to fray. It breaks. It is like ice breaking. When you step on thin ice in the spring and the whole lake cracks, that is what it is like. (7)

I asked if this was not what he was doing with the top members of the Illuminati and he responded:

“Yes, and we have had much help from human beings who are part of my legion, who think they are asleep and who are working diligently with me. And then they wake up and they wonder why they are so exhausted.” (8)

I said that that rings a bell and he responded: “Does it not?”

“So I do not go alone. We do not go on these missions alone. You have the saying on Earth, safety in numbers. Well, it came from us.” (9)

(To be continued tomorrow.)


Archangel Michael – Inevitability of Change – Deep Dreaming with Gaia – via Celia Fenn – 12-13-13

Channeled through Celia Fenn© 2013-14 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

Beloved Family of Light, it has been an intense and tumultuous few months since the Planetary New Year in July and the influx of New Light through the Stargates in July and August. These Energy Shifts have brought Change at a very Deep Level.

This Change is inevitable, for it is part of the processes of Life and Evolution. When the Earth shifted into the Fifth Dimension in December 2011, she shook off her rigid limitations of the old Third Dimensional Grids and allowed herself to re-connect with the Graceful Flow of Divine Light from the Heart of the Cosmos. This meant that every Living Being on Planet Earth was also recalibrated to this New Frequency of Accelerated Change.

Change is inevitable. It is part of the process of Life and Growth. It is the opening of a bud in Spring and the falling of the leaves in Autumn. It is the first green shoots in the snow and the richness of the summer harvest. All have their moment in Time, in the Richness and Flowering of Physical Life.

But, even beyond the natural laws of Growth and Change on Earth, there are also Changes taking places at a very deep level of Consciousness and of Creation. The New Light Codes that enter through the Stargate portals accelerate and activate energies at the atomic and subatomic levels, that we would call the “God Particles”. These nano particles are the Divine Cosmic Intelligence as it manifests into Physical Reality. As these particles evolve and change, so they initiate Change at all levels of Creation.

So, Beloved Ones, we would say that Change is occurring first at a very deep level in the Fabric of Creation and in the Collective Consciousness of the Earth. But, you will also feel this Change in your Physical Bodies and in your Collective Experience as Communities.

The Physical Body and the New Reality

As the deep shifts occur, your Physical Body will begin the process of adapting to the New Reality and the Higher Consciousness Grids. There are two processes involved here. The first is a very deep cleansing and throwing off of anything that is heavy, low frequency, toxic and limiting to you and others. You may notice your body seeking changes, in diet, exercise, sleep patterns and ways of expression. This process of “clarification” is necessary for the next step, where the body begins to “breathe light” in the Cells.

The process of “breathing light” is a Cellular Process and it occurs spontaneously in the Cells when the Body is at a High enough Frequency and ready to make the switch. At this point, the Body will derive about 50 percent of its nutrients from Light in an intracellular synthesis process, and about 50 percent from Physical Nutrition.

We would say, however, that this shift only occurs when the Body is clear, grounded and aligned with the Light Body. It is a Spontaneous Evolution and occurs when you are ready. At that point you become a “Shining One” as you begin to radiate Light and Energy from your Cells. This is the First level of the Shift from the old Carbon based Physical Form to the New Crystalline Light based form.

Beloved Ones, we ask you not to try to force this process, but to listen to your body and what it needs. If you are not ready for the Shift you may still need more traditional methods of nutrition until your body is ready. Even after the shift, you will need to monitor your nutrition and energy levels to ensure that your body is maintaining its new pattern of energetics and radiance.

Once you have made the shift you will find it very difficult to be in close proximity with people and environments that are toxic and polluted. Your new energetic structure is designed for the New Earth and desires clean air, light and nutritious food, and a light filled and harmonious environment.

This shift of the Physical/Energetic functioning will also be felt on the Emotional and Mental levels. Your Emotional and Mental energies my be unstable for a while, and fluctuate quite widely as your System integrates accelerated light energies travelling through the nervous system and firing the hormonal system and the brain cells. You may find yourself responding very swiftly with strong emotions in some situations. Just know that it will take a while to adjust to the accelerations in your system.

Beloved Family, over time we have shown you how to ground yourselves into the Earth Star Chakra and the Earth Center, and how to align with the Cosmic Heart. This is an essential daily practice as you work to integrate the light breathing and the acceleration of light impulses in the nervous system.

When this process is complete, you will feel yourself aligning in to a new sense of yourself and your power as a Master of Light. You will have more confidence in your ability to manifest abundance through working with the Divine Light and shaping it into Co-creations with the Divine Source.

The Earth Community and the New Reality

Beloved Family of Light, just as each one of you is experiencing this acceleration of light, so also is your Collective Expression as a Global Community. In the Fifth Dimension the aspect of Inter-connection is the prime vehicle for the manifestation of Collective or Global Reality. So it is that you will find that you have shifted from a culture of “nations” to a Global or Planetary civilization where “nations” are simply a part of a Planetary network.

To explain more clearly, in the past each person thought of themself primarily as belonging to a specific nation with a national identity that defined them. You also identified with the issues of your particular nation or state. Now, as the Earth becomes a Planetary culture or One Global Nation that is connected, all issues affecting the Planet affect every nation and every person. There is a new identification with the Earth rather then simply with a part of it.

The New Indigo and Crystal children already know this and they are “wired” to live their lives as Global Citizens, beyond the limitations of borders and boundaries. The New Earth will allow for the recognition of One Planet rather than many nations. It is the next step in the Collective Evolution of the Global Community.

This does not mean that this Global Collective will be controlled, manipulated or dominated by any power or group. At the 2012 Transition, responsibility for the Earth passed to the Higher Dimensional Council of Elders and the Council of Earth Keepers. These are the Light Councils that determine the direction and evolution of your planet. You work with them when you meditate for Changes, for Peace, to end suffering and to create the New Earth. Each person who is called to be an Earth Keeper will feel the need to assist where the Planet calls them.

So, this effectively means that governments become administrators on the Physical level of the decisions and directions that are formulated at the Higher levels by these Councils of Light. So, you will find many surprising shifts in the way in which governments deal with Global issues.

Initially, as the energies accelerate, you will be confronted by many unexpected and surprising events. Everything is changing. But, gradually you will begin to see the outlines of the New Reality emerging as Light begins to manifest in the reactions and responses of those who adminsiter Earth on the Physical level.

As you observe these changes, do not become anxious, simply allow yourselves to accept that the deep changes are manifesting a New Reality that is in harmony with Divine Creative Intelligence. The old scars and traumas of Atlantis are in the past and there is nothing to fear. The future will be an expansion into the Light, Joy and Abundance of the New Reality.

Once again, we say that the Indigo and Crystal generations are here to lead the way into this New Reality. They will be passionate, caring and filled with Fire and Light to manifest this New Reality. It is their Mission and Now is their Time. There will be many emerging Young Leaders who will help to guide the Planetary Community from the limited Economic “Mind Prison” of mental constructs to a New Reality of the Possibilities of other ways of Living, Sharing and Manifesting what is needed for Life on Earth.

Deep Dreaming with Gaia….A New Communion of Light

Beloved Ones, in all these Deep Changes, there is another aspect of You that is also changing. In the past you were limited by the nature of your society in the old energy grid. You were disconnected from Earth and Sky and you lived your life in a “closed circuit” of mental and emotional ideas and feelings that allowed you to be controlled by those who manipulated the media that controlled these ideas.

In the Awakening process you were able to disconnect from your “closed circuit” matrix and expand your reality into a Multi-dimensional awareness that embraced both Heaven and Earth.

But, on the Earth are still many who live within the old closed circuit, and many still emerging into the New Consciousness. So, there are differing “levels” of Consciousness, the more superficial mental/emotional circuit and a much deeper Multi-dimensional Expanded Consciousness.

It is this Expanded Consciousness of which we wish to speak now. It is a Consciousness that touches deep into the Earth and deep into the Cosmos. It is a Consciousness that awakens your connection to the Galaxy, but also to the Earth.

As you expand into the New Reality you will find yourself “dreaming” with the Earth. You will become aware that you are a part of Gaia and that she speaks to you, not in a superficial way, but in a very deep consciousness where she will transmit to you images and feelings. You will feel with her and dream with her.

Some of you may be asked to assist in deep healing processes for the Earth in places such as Fukishima in Japan, or to assist in working with the Forests, or in clearing and cleansing the Oceans and the Air so that the New Earth can manifest. Those who are called to this work will be the Warriors of Light who will focus intention into the Transformation of old beliefs and patterns from Atlantis into the New Earth patterns.

Then there will be those who are asked simply to dream with Gaia and to dream a New Earth of Abundance, Love, Beauty and Clarity. To Dream Clear Skies, Clean Oceans and Lakes, Healthy Trees and Forests and Plants, and all Living Beings Co-existing in Love and Respect. This is the emerging and original dream, as the Atlantis trauma is healed and the New Earth Emerges into manifestation.

We wish you Joy in your Deep Dreams of a New Earth and a New Reality.

~ Channeled through Celia Fenn

© 2013-14 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

The Golden Light Channel

via GoldenLight – Intergalactic Homecoming Celebration for All – Update on Ascension, The Event – Council of Angels, Archangel Michael, and Pleiadian and Star Nations – 12-12-13


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Good evening, we are the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian Council. We wish to give you an update this evening on your ascension process and all that will be coming to you in the coming days. Today is a year since the opening of the 12-12-12 portal and indeed many many things have occurred behind the scenes which are still in fact hidden from your view. We want to give you a metaphor of what is occurring right now in the higher dimensions for you. Picture a beautiful field of flowers and trees all around, with grassy areas of sunlight and shade and the sun shining upon all. There are tables being set for a grand feast, decorations being put up, and many many party planning activities are in process. Flowers are being planted in a most beautiful arrangement, fresh food and drink are being laid out, and there is a grand scene of preparation for a beautiful celebration for our earthen humans that will be commencing shortly. This beautiful celebration will be honoring the christed light within each one of you, as well as the principles of sharing, love, unity, harmony, abundance, peace, a merging with the higher dimensions, assistance from the galactic star nations who will also be attending the celebration, and many and all of the higher dimensional principles from which we operate in the angelic and higher dimensional realms. All of these principles will be celebrated during this joyous occasion. All beings on earth are invited to this feast and reunion of our galactic families with beings from your higher consciousness earthen communities, including you. We are showing the channel a vision of these beautiful celebration festivities which are being planned for you. Please take a moment to pause and tune in.

Those of you who are moving towards the higher dimensions and on a higher consciousness path will partake in this celebration and in these festivities. We are preparing these especially for you. There will be a reuniting with your star families of origin which will feel like somewhat of a homecoming for you as well as for us. This will feel like a family reunion on a galactic scale. Can you see us all embracing and interacting in a joyous celebration of harmony and love? Can you feel the spirit of goodwill and harmonious intergalactic relations which are now occurring? We in the higher dimensions can see this celebration taking place now, as remember we are outside of time. All is occurring simultaneously in the higher dimensions. You, too, will be able to function outside of time as soon as you are feeling more comfortable in your higher dimensional, multidimensional bodies and after you have begun to really integrate your multidimensional selves into one multidimensional being. This is the Pleiadian Council speaking now and we want you to know that we have many ways to assist you in learning how to live a multidimensional life.

We have many technologies which will guide you along on your higher dimensional path….beautiful healing technologies given to us by Source Creator and used in a loving manner for the highest good of all. Wonderful free energy technologies which will propel your world “into the stratosphere” so to speak and reduce your dependence on oil, which is the lifeblood of Mother Earth Gaia. Removing this oil from her body is akin to removing the blood from your body. It drains her and is so unnecessary! Of course those who have been in charge in your world and we say have been because their time of power is coming to a close, they have encouraged your dependence on oil as it profits the multinational corporate machinery. Our free energy technology, just this one technology out of many that we will be bringing to you, will change your world forever. Imagine a world wherein the energy to propel or operate everything, where all energy, is free. Imagine a world without sickness or hospitals or pharmaceutical companies in which the health of the human body is always in pristine condition, in which bodies and minds are ageless and in which you can take any form at will. This is just one aspect of our higher dimensional societies. A society where death is not a sad grievous occasion, but where there is actually no death and one can change body or form at will and simply dematerialize upon no longer wishing to partake in the illusion. The free energy and healing technologies we will will bring and offer to you as gifts from our intergalactic societies (we the Pleiadians and other star nations) to yours will change everything for you. Our technologies will assist in transforming your world into a free society of beautiful and loving higher vibrational energies. The channel was thinking the other day, “It should not cost money to live on Earth.” She is right. Earth life should be free for all, not a monopolistic society wherein the elite live lives of luxury and the 99% live high stress lives spending all their time focusing on survival. This will all change with the introduction of our much-needed technologies and principles. And we speak now for all the star nations with which you will reunite, not just the Pleiadian societies. All intergalactic societies with which you will be reuniting have much to offer your civilization, much to assist you in advancing forward.

The Agarthan beings living in Inner Earth, many of whom are from the ancient civilization of Lemuria, will also be at this grand celebratory Event. They too wish to be a part of these festivities as they also have much to bring to the table to offer your outer earth beings to assist in this transition to a higher dimensional society. They have been waiting for the time to be ripe just as we have. All will come together during this time to exchange love, hope, goodwill, remembrances, information, sharing, and abundance for all. What a beautiful time this will be!

Imagine that during this great festive celebration which we described earlier we unveil these technologies. Imagine what an incredible celebration this will be. A new freedom will begin to overtake your joyous hearts and minds and a most joyous feeling will emanate from you all.

Imagine a world in which money is not controlled by a few private mechanisms designed to be self-serving by those who created the system; imagine instead a world where universal abundance and prosperity is the lay of the land so to speak. All contribute to the good of all and all have everything they need for a joyous and loving life. Each person spends a percentage of his or her time doing what they love which contributes to the whole. Each person has all the “money” they need because all members of the society are contributing towards the building of this society. All members are in a concerted effort to be at One for the Good of All. Food is abundant and free for all, shelter is not only plentiful but also beautiful and free for all, transportation is also free and many are adept at teletransportation or are learning to become adept at it, and communications are done telepathically and holographically. Picture a person sending a holographic “movie” to another as a way of communication, much like your videos are shared today on your computers; these holographic pictograms and “video”grams are freely sent as a form of communication. This is the way we “instant message” in the higher dimensions. Sickness and death are a “thing of the past”; struggling for survival is no longer the focus of daily earthen life, and life becomes a most joyous endeavor unlike anything you have ever known since coming into this present life on earth. Many begin to remember their star origins; their memories are awakened as the veil between dimensions continues to fall away, and this awakening and remembrance is a part of the joy of living this new life on earth.

We function in the higher dimensions with abundance and joy created for All by the All……self-serving behavior never comes into the picture because we all live from the viewpoint of the heart and function in love as a beautiful expression of Source Creator. All live by the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. This is a principle followed with higher awareness by all and one of the elements of the foundation of this new way of life being embraced by all higher consciousness beings on earth. If one wishes to create a new reality; a new hologram; a new civilization; one does not fight the old; one embraces and creates the new. This is one of the many higher dimensional principles we of the star nations embrace.

These are the concepts, principles, technologies, methodologies, and practices that we of the intergalactic star nations wish to share with your earthen societies if you are open to them. We think the time has come to begin to introduce these principles to you and we also think you are ready as an earthen society for many of these changes. The time is ripe just as a fruit is ripe for plucking.

We return now to our celebration, our feast and our festivities. These will continue for many days and begin to spread all around your globe until it becomes part of a much larger, all-encompassing Global Event wherein many other great changes are occurring on your planet. We say “are occurring” because, as mentioned over and over again by us, we are outside of time and can see and enter into this grand celebration which is happening in the Great Now. We are your star nation families and we wish to express our joy and love on these most joyous and loving occasions that will be occurring on your planet sometime in the near future in your timelines. These will happen when you are ready. Begin to prepare your minds and hearts for living in a higher dimensional world. Open up to your own personal inner vision and origins and begin to connect with your galactic self and your multidimensional being. Always connect in with your higher self first (“I connect with my higher self, please connect with me”), then connect in with your multidimensional and galactic self…….this then in conjunction with your earthen being is your new Multidimensional, Galactic Self. You are a star being just as we are and your true history will also be revealed during these great celebrations which will be occurring as our societies reunite. Grand celebrations are planned and if you wish to attend we would ask that you envision all of which we speak so that you may dissolve your current holographic reality and blend it into this new holographic reality which awaits your arrival. Your minds are powerful beyond measure. You are coming into a time wherein you will begin to know your power as a higher dimensional being and begin to use it wisely and with love for the highest good of All.

The grand celebration and connection of our galactic societies awaits your arrival, and you are invited just as all earthen people are invited and we ask only that you bring your highest vision of yourself to this celebration and let go of all that no longer serves you. Cleanse your bodies, cleanse your minds, cleanse your lives and move forward into this new higher dimensional reality which awaits you all. We will be awaiting your arrival with open arms and open hearts, with lots of love from your families of origin who welcome you home to your True Self and to your intergalactic family reunion and celebration that we have prepared for you with our highest intentions and most caring and loving thoughts for All.

Channeled by Goldenlight, www.thegoldenlightchannel.com. © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.


Ascension Mandala by CreativeMandalas.com

ISON – Archangel Metatron

ISON COMET http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/“As she soars through the skies of the second merger
She brings with her the wisdom of the ages to have come
As she merges with the Sun’s rays at the noon of the eternal waters
She brings forth the understanding of all that has gone by and has arrived
For she brings with her the eternal truth of The Source,
The eternal truth of the understanding of the key of life,
For she swirls within her very passion
In order to bring forth the mightiness of ONE.”

The ISON, the magnificent, and the magical and the all powerful and all encompassing comet, as she is known to your earthling selves, dwelling on GAIA at this very momentous splinter of time. Have you no clue as to the prowess that is about to unfold before your eyes?

We the ascended masters of the 33rd parallel, the 33rd decree and the 33rd dimension are here to quench the inquisitive minds of your human selves, for we look upon you with delight, for we look upon you with understanding and unconditional, unyielding and eternal love. For you all, are the children of the creation of the minds, that have come and gone before you, for you who dwell upon GAIA bring forth such awe within us, that we shall share the mightiness of the informational decree that is about to unfold on your GAIA.

And so, let us begin the venture of explaining to your minds the true history and the idea, and the informational powers, and the codices hidden within the one that you call ISON.

No, dearly beloveds, there shall be no fear amongst your hearts, for the fear that dwells therein, shall be removed once and for all, for the fear that has been generated for you by those that you understand to be in the power of your own bodies, and your own souls, bears no rulership over your souls, bears not rulership over your hearts, for the ones that you believe to be in power of your souls, are mere mortals, walking along the side of your very beings. Those who shall benevolently accept the assistance from the above decrees shall bear witness to the bridge of the ISON that shall open wide before their very eyes.

For what we are referring to, is the evolution that is about to unfold within your very beings, a change unseen and unheard and misunderstood and unattainable to your naked eye. For only through your hearts, shall you know the real meaning of the ISIONIC energies that are about to engulf and spread throughout your GAIA.

And so, the collective energies that are lifted from your earthly selves, desire to know that which you shall expect to occur on the physical planes of your existence, shall any calamities to be expected? And we say to you that there shall occur such a state, for when there is change, there shall be great change.
The upheaval of the earth shall bring forth the hidden knowledge, the hidden knowledge that most of you are in dire need of , for within your human incarnations, you still are seeking from the outside that which you shall and must find within, and so to help you rediscover who you truly are, the upheaval of the earth energies, the earth grounds and dust and core, shall bring forth the hidden treasures therein, the hidden treasures that have been hidden for your generation eons prior, by those how have come before you, by those who have returned, indeed returned onto your planet GAIA, to assist you in your incredible, astounding, phenomenal, mind boggling, and all encompassing growth. Growth that is affecting not only your own psyche, but the psyche of ALL who dwell in this magnificent universe of yours.

And so, upon the close encounter with your sun, the ISON shall pass through the outer ridge of the suns’ holographic self, and shall recode the sun’s energies and the suns codexes in the sequence of the directional womb, and redirect such energies in the sequence all too familiar to your earthly selves, the sequence of the fabionachi codexes, and once such sequences of the binary codexes enters your psyche, and is absorbed by all that sustains you on GAIA, you shall incorporate these energies into your very being yet again.

But this time, dearly beloveds you shall fully reawaken to your true selves, no more shall the masks be worn upon your faces; no more shall you hide beneath the masks that you have placed upon yourself in this incarnation. For you will have unclothed it all, in order to leave that which no longer positively serves you behind, and to move forward in your destination to the new planetary alignment of GAIA.

Many revolutionary discoveries are to be brought forth into your world., many technological advancements, but more importantly and what you are all seeking first and foremost PEACE, peace within every cell of your being, peace and harmony within every single cell of your understanding, and those around you. And this is just the beginning, for more and more of the awakened ones shall bridge the gap and create a circle of light of such magnitude that it shall encompass the whole globe and shift the energies in the direction of true peace, true understanding, from heart to heart and not from mind to mind, the peace and harmony on earth that you have been dreaming about, and have been holding onto for a very long time shall finally spread throughout your GAIA, step by step brining you to your final closure of liberation, freedom and understanding.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

AA Metatron & The 33rd Dimension – Channeled by – Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

Archangel Michael – Channeller Ron Head – Do not underestimate the Power of Your Love, Your Compassion

blue AA Michael

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Archangel Michael

We are here today to speak with you of the marvelous portal into which you are passing at this time.  We would pass on to you some reminders of how to best utilize this wondrous opportunity, as there are still many of you who have not yet activated or remembered the wisdom which has been made available to you both recently and in your past.

Before stating that you have not such knowledge and wisdom, we would advise that you search inside with great intent and determination to find what is there, that you find that which is what you are, and not listen to the voice which tells you that it does not exist.

Feel that which is what you are.  Feel all of what you are.  Of course, that will be the quest of your forevers, but you can begin it or continue it today.

The time has come that will find you more able to see, to sense, to feel your greater selves than ever before.  You will be able to learn, to remember, to expand, to grow, and to change in vastly more wonderful ways and in less time than ever before.  You will find, if you look for it, a self that will surround you with all of the love which you ever need.

Perhaps you might want to begin by loving that self, by welcoming that self.  We tell you that this part of you, or rather the all of you that you are a part of, will arrive bringing gifts you cannot yet even imagine.  You may also wish to begin by holding gratitude for those gifts even before you open the package.

You are the ones chosen to bring to this world the things necessary for her, for society’s evolution back into its intended purpose and condition.  You were chosen to bring them and you have done so.  It is time now for you to open the packages you have brought.

Some of you will now find abilities and talents unknown or long dormant.  Some of you will think you have not such things to bring.  Be assured that is not the case.  Some, indeed much, of what is most needed is the simplicity, the purity, of your hearts.  Do not underestimate the power of your love, of your compassion.  Do not undervalue the effect of your smiles, of the hugs you give to those around you.

You cannot see with your physical eyes the extent of the change those seemingly small things bring to your world and beyond, but see in your imagination the possibility of it and you may begin to understand.  This is the time when those things are needed.  This is the time when they will be needed more than ever before.  Stay grounded.  Stay centered.  Stay focused.  And maintain your steadfast intent to build the world that is a wondrous garden for all to play in.

May the love and blessings in your hearts surround you from this day forward.  Good day to you, dear friends.

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Archangel Metatron – A Process of Learning – Seeking Truth – 10-24-13

Matt Muckleroy·1,057 videos

Metatron by Carol Mager – The Divine Mind – Your Inner-Outer Worlds

Carol Mager·135 videos

Metatron says it is time to direct your attention to your own inner world because your outer world is a perfect reflection of your inner world. To change the outer world, you must change your inner world first. He suggests that you view events in the outer world as if they were a projection on a TV screen. Then, through love and acceptance, you become more detached from your own “movie” the story that you tell to yourself that is your life and you can even change your past and future from the perspective of your divine mind.