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Archangel Gabrielle Beckons Us – Come Fly With Me – You Are Ready – Channeler Linda Dillon – 9-22-14



Archangel Gabrielle beckons us: Come fly with me…you are ready!
September 21, 2014

When you tend to the truth of your existence and your being, the physical reality will follow. This is one of the primary teachings we are bringing through sacred union…

So, let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breath of ruby red; the red of the heart, the red of life blood, of a perfect red rose, of the ruby itself. And feel, from your root chakra, that red cord that comes out of your root and from your heart, this beautiful golden emerald cord as well. And as we breathe the ruby feel your cords intertwining if they want, dancing together if they want, and going directly into the heart of Gaia; Gaia who is anchored fully and completely, her heart is now anchored in the 7th dimension of the Christ Consciousness and the Love. So feel it, feel that little tug at your root and in your heart as you feel like you are plugging in to the heart and the essence of Gaia; that as we go forward on this journey together, as one circle, we are completely connected to her, that she’s keeping our feet on the ground and a roof over our head.

And breathe that rich, beautiful red and sink into your heart. And as you are sinking into your heart, feel all the turmoil, whether it’s the collective or what’s gone on during the week, just feel it flushing out of you. Literally come with me down to the ocean and walk in with me or stand by the edge or come swimming with me, come ride the wave and let the tsunami refresh you and cleans you and fill you with a million different colored sparkles of blue. And feel the Love of the Mother. And breathe.

Greetings, I am Gabriel, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, Messenger of the Mother, Messenger of the Father, Messenger of All. I remind you this day, as you clear your key motivator, your core issues, as you let the old residue of the old 3rd go… Why do you do this? Why on earth, on Gaia, within this galaxy and this universe, why on earth are you doing this? Because your very soul, your heart, your mind, your being, your expanded being demands Love, demands freedom, demands joy and requires joy.

Joy is the breath of life; Love is the blood, is the oxygen, but so is joy. You are undergoing this magnificent transformation, demanding and commanding the truth of your path, of who you are because you are tired of suffering and you are tired of seeing the suffering of humanity. You’re tired, you are sick and tired, child, of the illusion.

The tsunami has awakened you like never before. And you think you have cleansed and cleansed, you have dove deep, you have ridden the waves, so what is the problem? Dear hearts, there is no problem; it is just that the housekeeping for yourself and for humanity goes very deep. This cleansing is complete. It is about the entire shift of reality of an entire planet of billions and billions and billions of beings, of human beings, because the kingdoms and Gaia and all the elementals, the devas, they’re already there. And you are being beckoned to as never before and there is not a query in your heart; you are saying ‘Yes!’ And in that ‘yes’ is the reclaiming of your freedom, of your liberation, of your ability to create and co-create.

We have suggested to you, we guide you, we beg you, “attend to your spiritual self, to the truth of your heart, to the Love, to the joy.” When you do this, truly do this, and I am here and the legions are here to assist you with a rain of gold or bubbles of joy, with the key to the Warehouse of Heaven.

When you tend to the truth of your existence and your being, the physical reality will follow. This is one of the primary teachings we are bringing through sacred union, but we are happy to give a preview.

When you put your focus on what you truly are…your worth, what you deserve, the Love that is extended to you from so many directions that it makes you spin…there is not a disconnect, it is a sacred spiral. When you are in that whirlwind and spiral, the physical will follow. We are not saying to ignore the physical, but what we are saying, first and foremost, follow your heart, claim your joy.

Do you think, my beloved ones, as angels and archangels and masters, that we never stop and claim our birthright, our totality, our joy? Because we do. It is ever expanding, it is infinite and eternal. Now let us explain to you what that claiming joy by a legion of archangels does…it expands the quotient of joy in the universe. We are co-creating with the Mother/Father/One and guess what our greatest joy is in this moment of your eternal now, out of synchronicity, out of sequence, out of what you have known to be the truth…our greatest joy is joy, our greatest joy is seeing the fulfillment of the Mother’s plan.

So come and ride this whirlwind with us, stretch your wings out, unfurl them. You are ready. Claim your divine birthrights and then, dear heart, either settle in to the bubble bath of gold or come and fly with me…both are joyous.

Go with my Love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 09-20-14
© 2014 Council of Love

Archangel Gabrielle via Linda Dillon – The New Beginning – Meditation for Tsunami Of Love – 4-19-14


Follow along with the meditation that brings you into your heart to receive the answers to pertinent questions for these times…then listen to what Archangel Gabrielle shares…”Welcome to this time, the time between what you think of in so many ways as passage, or Passover, the time between death and resurrection, the time to listen.”


Anchor in your heart and go deeper and breathe in with the Blue Diamond and on the exhale feel yourself going deeper and deeper into your heart. Now take another deep breathe, in through your nose, of the Pink Diamond and on the exhale go deeper into your heart. And now a deep breathe of the Gold Diamond, canary diamond, and exhale into the Gold Flame and feel, at the base of your tri-flame, how these three flames are braided and united and go to that spot where the three flames are connected. And go deeper.

Go deeper into the center of that emerald green, through that pin-prick of light, through the portal of your heart, into the interior realm, into the void, into the Stillpoint. And feel yourself, deeper, feel yourself in the silence of that beautiful black velvet energy and above you your tri-flame still burning brightly.

Now ask yourself and just listen or perceive or use your fingers or your muscle testing, but this answer is for you, not anyone else…“Have I ascended already?” “Am I in the Tsunami of Love?” “Is the Shift occurring right now?” “Has the big unfoldment started?”

And if you got “no” to any of those questions, just go back and ask the “when” question because the “when” question is also specific to you. So, “Have I ascended? When?” “Am I in and an anchor of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love? When?” “Has the Shift begun? When?” “Have the massive big changes evident, clear, upon the planet begun?” When?” And take that information that is Archangel Gabrielle speaking directly to you and cherish it and trust it; we don’t need to always understand everything…it will become clear, but tuck it away and trust it.


Greetings, I am Gabrielle, I am Archangel Gabriel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, welcome my beloved family. Welcome to this time, the time between what you think of in so many ways as passage, or Passover, the time between death and resurrection, the time to listen. Our beloved Mother, that goes by many names and many faces, but there is only One, speaks to us of the Tsunami of Love and do you know, dear heart, I am known as Central Administrator, but I am also known as the Communicator, the Announcer, and I bring my Trumpet of Truth this day. And I blow this horn from the four corners of the universe, no, not merely Gaia, and it is not to announce the end of the Earth, but to announce the New Beginning. It is to announce recovery, rediscovery, it is to announce sacred union, it is to announce the Tsunami of Love which begins.

Anchor yourselves firmly my children because you are the breakwater and you are the circle that can play and ride the waves of the tsunami and to show the collective that there is nothing to be fearful of. How can one fear Love, let alone the Mother’s Love?

It is upon you, it does begin. Anchor yourself deeply within the heart of Gaia and anchor yourself in the 13th Octave and become the screen through which all light, all love, all energy passes, that you may be washed clean and that you will do so, also, on behalf of billions. The bath needs to take place. There is too much residue and you, not merely you who listen to this call this day, but you, the human race, the collective of humanity, of earth-keepers and starseeds and hybrids, you have announced yourself as ready, willing, able, prepared and eager to go forward.

We take you the way you are. We wash away pain and suffering, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, but particularly, the first relief you will feel is the physical. You will feel buoyant in the waves.

Go to the seashore, go to the mountain tops, go to your back yard, go to your bedroom, it matters not, the tsunami will find you. And it is not merely a cleansing, it leaves behind the imprint, the residue of love that it will fuel you, support you, integrate you and help you make that quantum leap, individually and collectively.

Beloved ones, the time is now. Your star brothers and sisters are amongst you. Look not only to the skies but to each other; look to the ground, look to the treetops. Prepare yourself to receive the abundance of your birthright. The time is now.

Go in peace, go in joyous celebration, go in deep gratitude, go and play with the fairies, my dear hearts. You are blessed and you are the blessing. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 04-19-14

© 2014 Council of Love