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SG Anon Huge Intel

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My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.

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  1. The ‘G’ stands for the ‘G’ of ‘God’ and it is encompassed around the ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’ imaginary ‘Great Clock’ year of the ages of the zodiac. This throne of the eternal one sits as the eternal 8 sections. The 8 on its side symbolizes eternity!
    We are now in the green color near Northern Pole star ‘Polaris’ headed into the yellow age of Enlightenment then into the Gold!
    It takes approximately 25,600 years to make one revolution. I am writing a book that I will self-publish on kdp Amazon by next year!
    We have already come into the age of ‘Aquarius’ from out of ‘Pisces’. It is time for the pouring out of this information!
    The yellow little building shown here on my Template is of the ‘Cepheus’ Constellation. It is as the ‘Temple in Heaven’. It is also the woman of the ‘Book of Revelation’ clothed with the Sun. She gives birth out of her belly/navel of the information fully into the future but not until around 7200 A.D. as this is where the ‘rod of iron’ (eye-are-on) is set as the handle of the ‘G’ and also the center of our minds.
    This has to do with bringing Peace to the world through S(o)alve-ation of these mysteries. Jesus and John have given us many clues and riddles and parables to help accomplish all for these times.
    You will find this ‘Cepheus’ little pyramidal shaped house on our American dollar bills which hold the ‘all-seeing-eye’ of God in her heart. I have found that this ‘Temple of HEAVEN’ is the exact shape of this pyramid on our money and other masonic symbols!
    This ‘Great eyeball’ is formed in the quadrant of the ‘L-i-on’ where the star ‘Vega’ is centered as the Brightest Northern Pole Star around this Circle of time. It reigned at around 12,000 B.C. and is where all of our religions and cultures stem from. This is why UNITY will finally be achieved when these messages are spread far and wide. ‘Vega’ will reign again as our Pole (Guide) star at around 13,600 A.D.
    This Whole Template is now as the New JheruSalem of Peace that comes down from HEAVEN as the stars fall from the heavens onto my art and paperwork MASTERPIECE here now to Enlighten our FUTURE!
    This Final Work of Art shows where the ‘alpha’ and ‘(o)O-m-ega’ reside to end within the Enlightened mind/brain of man which is the whole ‘flying eagle’ quadrant that began at around 21,600 B.C. as the ‘a’ began on or near the Shepherd Star ‘Errai/Alrai’. I believe the end of this ‘flying eagle’ quadrant will be at around 10,000+ A.D. or so! The ‘O-am-ega’ actually never ends!
    So then, the new ‘all-seeing-eye’ of God is not of the red eye (star) of ‘Vega’, but it is the the green eye (e) of ‘Pisces’ where Jesus reigned on the earth, and the completion of his work is now being poured out here during the lime (l- i’m-silent-‘e’) green of ‘Aquarius’. So, we must get rid of the ‘red’ heart in ‘Cepheus’ ‘Temple of HEAVEN’ and change it to ‘golden heart’ as are inside our eggs (the egg is the ‘white stone’ that hold the hidden manna and the ‘gold’ center of our future). See Revelation Chapter 3 verse 17!
    So, as we follow the woman clothed with the sun (yellow) down to the ‘gold’ of our future we find the true center of our ‘eggs’ (at around 7,200 A.D.) as the ‘Pineal Gland’ of our 3rd eye (as some call it). As we go farther toward the time of around 10,000 A.D. we reach the ‘o-range’ color where ‘Deneb’ reigns heartily! As you may not know, this is one of, if not the, Brightest star of our Whole Milky Way Galaxy! It is so far away that ‘Vega’ appears Brighter but it is not! This star appears in the constellation of ‘CYGNUS’ (the swan) as the head of this ‘Northern Cross’. Jesus was to die on a cross to bring us here!
    See Revelation Chapter 22 verse 16 where Jesus says: “I (eye) am the root and offspring of David (Day-‘V’-hid), and the Bright and morning Star”. So then, the heart of Jesus is actually ‘o-range’, the color of creativity! These words will all help to bring us Enlightenment for the future of all mankind! Salve-ation/Solve-ation is here!
    Denise Therese Martin


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