What’s Really Happening To Humanity and This Earth?

Posted by Universal Lighthouse on October 27, 2021 



What's Really Happening To Humanity and This Earth?


Whats Really Happening To Humanity and This Earth?

Channeled Through Divine Light, By Chellea.


Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

So much is happening around the world trying to bring in Disclosure, and Truth at all angles, But I am being shown By the Divine light, that it is all a Big Stage and a Big Show to hide whats really happening to Humanity and this Planet.

We know that the energies have shifted, and now we are experiencing a much higher vibration on this planet then humanity has ever experienced before. But what does this do to the Earth herself.

Mother Earth according to some ancient teachings, has been sleeping in a since, for the last 11,000 years or so. What this means is she has not been fully awake or conscious, until Now.

In recent weeks, some of the Judaic Mystics that study some of these ancient writings have claimed, that The Earth has now awaken, and is fully conscious of our true intention towards her and her other inhabitants.

The Earth being in a very slumber-some state never cared what was happening to her and her nature. It was as though she was drugged. By allowing herself to be put to sleep, This allowed for the Dark to use her as a playground. They knew if she ever woke back up she would destroy them. At the present she is very awake and is beginning to clear herself of the Darkness.

We can see this through the volcano’s, earthquakes, fires, and storms. This is not going to be easy for many, who considers the Earth for only her resources. No it is not about Climate Change, Climate Change is another way of denying that shes a Living, breathing being, that gives us Life. That is the Reason we call her Mother, She is the womb of which the Infinite Creator gave us Light.

And, She is about to Wake everyone up to her awareness.

Some of the Most ancient writings speak of the connection we have as humans to this Planet. Most Native Cultures Remember this Connection. Now that She is awake, We are not just simply sitting upon her surface, but we are now actually interacting with her directly. She knows each of our intentions toward her and Others on this Planet. She sees us as her children. So, when her children are not getting a long, harming each other, and are acting up, she will stop it. For many This will be their hell on Earth that they have created for themselves. Just as with the rest of us this will begin our Heaven on Earth. As The mother begins to since your personal intentions you will notice that your path will begin to clear and things will become much easier for you, as long as your true intentions are of unity, love and Kindness.

Their is many of us who have been working to bring in Light unto this Planet, and By doing so we have awaken her and Now she has begun her cleansing. This very ancient and hidden knowledge of the consciousness of our Planet will begin to shift humanity into new awareness. As long as many continue to mistreat and disrespect others and this Earth, they will feel her disappointment.

I am shown a Star by the Divine, This is like what many would consider, the Star of Bethlehem. It is the Star that leads the way, and Brightens our Path. During these times Humanity is being asked to look upon the Stars, Many are here to guide and assist us on this Journey, but they can not until you agree to allow them. The Divine Beings of Light follow a very strict code, to allow for our Freewill. However, Just ask, and they are beside you and assisting you.

As more become aware of the truth that we live within a Living Universe that is conscious of our presence and intention. many will begin to have more respect of the Nature from which we exist.

Many who have went out into space recently, have become very aware of the conditions of our Planet, even voicing their concerns on mainstream media. But it seems that the concern is if Humanity will survive. This is because of how Dark humanity has actually become.

In these moments of our ascension, Many will fall away due to their true intentions not being of Love and Service to Others. This is a choice that they have made. No One will experience this ascension the same way. We are ascending along with our Mother Gaia. To do so we must raise to the occasion.

and so it is, and it is so,

In so much Love and Light,

Channeled Through Divine Light, Chellea @ universallighthouseblog.com

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