IMPORTANT Message From Sophia and One 

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IMPORTANT Message From Sophia and One From Newsletter!! ALSO NOTE – Magenta Pixie is in the hospital with the virus, PLEASE SEND PRAYERS


Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Tuesday, 26-Oct-2021 21:38:33


October 26th, 2021

Hello! Welcome to my newsletter!

I hope this finds you well. I wanted to share a few things before getting to the conversation for today. It concerns this process we are all going through; Ascension while we embody the physical. Personally, there’s been medical challenges as well as relationship hurdles.

I am not vaccinated. This creates an issue of fear in some members of my family who are convinced that I could get the virus if we gather as we typically do, as I am more “vulnerable” without the jab. Consequently, we are not gathering. It’s a challenge and a heartbreak, and as I say that, I am not sure where you stand on this whole thing. I honor everyone wherever it is that they stand. We are up to the choosing.

I wanted to say to you here that I’ve been told, in private conversations with One, that the truth about all of this should be so mainstream before the end of the year, that these separations, (due to different “facts” about the virus and the vaccine), will no longer be happening. I realize the whole predictive date thing has a terrible track record, but there you go. Perhaps this response will give you some comfort. It won’t be years of this.

My physical challenges are not due to the virus. I will be in a healing cycle for a while though. Fingers crossed those med beds arrive sooner, rather than later, to speed things up a bit! You will be among the first to know when that happens!

I just learned that Magenta Pixie is in the hospital with the virus, since Saturday. Please send prayers her way. There is a channel on Telegram where her partner Daniel is supplying updates: . She is stable. I’ve included a video (below) that she’s contributed to, so that we can send some love and appreciation for all of her lightwork, and to speed her recovery.

One final note. Early this morning One said this,

“You might say it’s game time, and you are up.”

I think we are so very close!

This comes with so much love and appreciation,



October 21, 2021

It is the One.

There are subjects to consider in the restructuring of an entire race and its society. The change begins or is felt within initially, yet occurs simultaneously with outside events so that a sort of confusion emerges. It is an obvious thing to blame or point to the outside event as causal in the feelings that are present.

These include stress and discomfort, as nothing seems to fit very well.

It is as if parts of the entire system have become misshapen and no longer mesh with other parts. There is friction, as an attempt to fit them together in the same way is made. Eventually, one of the parts will pop off or break away – separating entirely.

Yet, nothing occurs external of the body that was not begun internally. Nothing.

That is not how it works.

The anxiety and discomfort now felt was present already. There was stress on the physical organism that erupted when the move towards Ascension began. This was recently, and refers to Active Ascension; the process of change while physical.

This does not go back decades of your earth time.

In a general way, this habit of blaming something external to yourself for your emotional state is common practice. You imagine that people, their actions, and circumstances make you happy or unhappy, mad or calm. When in fact and in truth it begins and ends with you.

Everything is mirrored so that you can see it clearly, while physical, and respond. Once you respond, while physical, the result is felt and then learning ensues. This feeling and learning is the sum total of why you are here.

It is apparent that the world around you erupts. This is true in every life and enhances a feeling of Oneness with the race. Yet this worldwide eruption is not the cause of your anxiety. It is quite the opposite.

The anxiety, discomfort, sense of something “wrong” and stress on your physical organism is the cause of global eruption. You are driving this massive alteration. It has always been you.

It is time for the race to move beyond the limited scope of polarity. In order for that to happen, polarity must be seen clearly. You’ve orchestrated an “in your face” scenario that will not be missed by anyone. It is a reflection of the internal transformation.

All things that thrive on polarity and fierce opposition must go:

Wealth vs Poverty

These things are not the same as differences. Differences are the essence of life itself, and will remain.

Colors, shapes, sizes, tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes all remain.

Your new world respects all of life, allows for contrast and thrives on the novel.

You were born in a place that judged the physical presentations life gave, as either good or bad. You are moving towards a frequency that celebrates the existence of all varieties of form and physicality, without labeling them or granting merit or rank according to how they present.

It is an extraordinary shift and your psyche is responding. With it, there is tension, stress and pressure.

If you’d comprehend the exquisite nature of what it is you are accomplishing, it would feel easier to do.

There is so much to say on this component of the process, yet we’ll end here (for now).

Be gentle with your heart and care for your body. You are a precious vehicle for this physical shift and you are discovering, together, the best way to do that.

You both chose and were chosen for this task, because of your skillset. This is not beyond you, but within you.


That is all.

Thank you.

That’s it for today!
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