Galactic Spectrums ~HOW TO EXIT THE MATRIX? Awaken Your Light ~ Center of Scalar Wave ~ CALLING LIGHT WORKERS * viz Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 10-26-21



Lorie Ladd

THE ENERGY is very Strong NOW

We are Receiving Massive UPGRADES right NOW!There is a HUGE Amount of LIGHT is moving into our Bodies.It is a very HIGH Frequency. . . it is Vibrating very Quickly.It is literally saturating every Physical Aspect of the Physicality. . .The Blood. . . The Muscles. . . The Veins. . . The Organs. . . The Tendons. All of it down to our Fingers to down to our Toes out to our Fingertips. Everything is Soaking Up HIGH Frequency LIGHT at the Moment for the Sole Purpose of SHIFTING our entire Physical form into more LIGHT. This is a Physical SHIFT that WE are Experiencing right NOW! As our Bodies Anchors and Assimilate that LIGHT. . . it is Allowing US the HIGHER Dimensional Consciousness to start to Experience and Feel HIGHER States of BEING. We are NOW moving from a Carbon-Based form to a Crystalline Base form.It is a slow process. . . but We are in it right NOW! TRUST your Body. . . Let it tell you what it Needs. . . and do your Best to NOT to come from your Mind. . . instead USE your HIGH Heart to Answer your Body. So . . . Welcome to Embodiment.WELCOME to the EVOLUTION of CONSCIOUSNESS!

Ramona Lappin


By understanding it’s ultimately a holographic quantum projection.Understanding that now is the time where enough has been unraveled and healed that you can see through the remaining illusions of the mind, the Maya.That’s how we lift the remaining veils now for all.Finally remembering how truly powerful you/ we are!That WE ARE THE DIRECTOR’S!That ultimately The Matrix is built on fear based thoughts and beliefs/ programs.That’s all that’s holding the Consciousness still caught up in the old movie.Without realising it is ALL-READY FREE!!To UNPLUG FULLY NOW, all you have to do is know that…IT’S NOT REAL!!!Just like the spoon in The Matrix.Or rather it’s all imagined and build in thoughts and beliefs/ programs.It’s no longer our REALity, unless we keep believing it is.Unless we keep feeding it our energy, focus and attention, our SCARED LIFE FORCE ENERGY.A REALity we came to re-code and re-program.To transcend and collapse the Matrix, all from within!Now we are asked to transcend all remaining fear.F.E.A.R. = false ‘evidence’ appearing REAL.Because this is how we exit the Matrix build on fear and attachments.We’ve got to LET them GO NOW!TRANSCEND it ALL!It is safe if you know how to stay in your invincible Heart!Remembering y/our Eternal Nature.To know that you are all-ways safe if you TRUST GOD and SURRENDER your life to Source completely.Can you see clearly now?How we unplug…?!The Choice is yours!All ALL-READY way underway and HAPPENING NOW.Let go or be dragged, resistance is indeed futile.Waves of Love,Ramona 💙

Karen Lithika


AWAKEN to the Energetic call, Encoded in every Breath, Light Ray.Take a Leap, follow your Internal Light Calling.As the Light Escalation continues, as global trauma is collectively released, know your energetic role will unfold before you, as your vibrational frequency aligns to the greater good of humanity.As a Wayshower, you hold the vision of the future, the transformational Light Keys. Know you are an antenna of light, situated throughout your world.Some choose to keep this awareness within their internal consciousness, while others are called forth to share and direct their energy to awaken others, creating a platform of change.Many are truth seekers, impelled to spread the message of the current fracturing of your world.Know your connection with all living beings is part of your transformation work. As we collectively work in a space of unity consciousness.SEE Mother Gaia rapidly expanding into a global force of light.Awakened you are, part of this upgrade, working together in unity and light.Sending waves of cosmic love & guidance for your journey xoWe Love You, the Arcturians & Karen LithikaThank you Artist 💥

L’Aura Pleiadian


Here we are again with SO MUCH transformation above and beyond what would be termed in mortal language a momentum, this is beyond anything imagined right before now, this moment.The acceleration and changes within consciousness and in all PLANETS is beyond human recognition and conception.When we experienced the disappearance of other civilizations (those of us that remember) we experienced something very similar. Drastic changes within, drastic changes without.That is, YOUR EVOLUTION/ASCENSION; becoming your DIVINE GOD SELF. This is profoundly linked and connected to the RYTHYM AND flow of the magnetic pole shift. That is ~ the potential literal end of this world as you now know it.This is not to incite fear; albeit any fear arising is for your higher good, so as to FACE IT straight on, in the moments as it comes up.In fact, as we energetically move closer to this profound SHIFT WITHIN and without, the necessity to have moved into your heart and therefore out of fear, becomes more and more of PARAMOUNT SIGNIFICANCE. That is, if one desires to go through the conscious ASCENSION, HEART process, living in the NEW Earth.As we approach the Galactic Null Point, where the sudden reversal of poles takes place for Earth, your INNER sanctuary of being, YOUR HEART, takes you through this utterly profound experience and into the sudden process of your REBIRTH.All people that have let go of the ATTACHMENTS of this world and live fully in the ETERNAL THROUGH their heart, will be fully prepared for that moment. As in all moments, it will be sudden.I started writing about this a couple of years ago after literally experiencing myself physically go through this. Prior to that I was shown in 2012, that there would be a sudden moment of rebirth as part of the Ascension process. Before that, in the year 2000, I was shown the preparation for a monumental rebirth was at hand.Everything is always perfect, this is the foundation of all foundations through the heart. The heart only knows this and only through the heart there is HARMONY.It will be only through this foundation of harmony, triggering and activating your DNA, that the process begins for you, through your heart.Many of us have done this before, and the blueprint for this is being activated as a very powerful DIVINE foundation in mass consciousness, even as I write.So what NOW?Be in the now, be in your heart. Let go of attachments, face fear. Let go of this world as you know it. Let go of time. Let go of who you thought you were and are.In fact, ONLY in HARMONY through the HEART will you be able to be in the NOW, live in eternity, know your true self, face fear, be in the moment and let go of attachments and resistance to what is.This is the only way.NOW IS the moment to be your Higher Self, listen to this ACTIVATION (Be your Higher Self Now) below. And Enter your heart.With The Queen of Light, The Pleiadian Delegate and The Divine Council of Overseers, we activate you now. Through this the TRANSFORMATION OF all Transformations, we activate you in love and Harmony eternally, and in this your Ascension and being Your Divine God Self now.FULL POST:…/your-shift-and-the…/L’Aura Pleiadian

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