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Kate Spreckley

a message from Kate Spreckley

Friday, 22 October, 2021 



In these profound times we are urged to seek self-mastery and inner security which allows us to fully express our soul in the world without fear of rejection or judgement. When we focus on healing and integrating the wounds of the past we build inner strength, stability, resilience, and the courage needed to view life from a higher perspective. Currently the incoming energies are giving us the courage needed to find solutions to the challenges we face. As our perspective continues to expand our capacity to see the bigger picture emerges and we have clarity on our next step.

In these final few months of this year new opportunities will present themselves as major breakthroughs continue. Abrupt changes can be expected as radical shifts in thinking and feeling bring about something new. Go with the changes and embrace these shifts as what your soul has planned is far greater than anything you could have expected. Cultivate feelings of calm and make sure to keep yourself grounded and fully present as this will help you to welcome in change and to go with the flow.

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