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Restored Republic via a GCR as of October 23, 2021

 Welcome to the New World of ‘QPhone’ – Quantum Space Phones are here – Forget about 5G

The Next Act in the Drama and as Part of the Second Phase

 Benjamin Fulford – Friday Interview Q&A 10/22/2021

 X22 Report Ep. 2608a&b – Queen Protects The King, When Do You Attack? Stage Has Been Set, Down She Goes

Nazi Survivor Tells How Hitler Rose to Power: Who Reminds her of Hitler?

Kat Anonup Update: Juan O Savin and Q The Storm Rider, Winning Bigly!

Saratoga Ocean: The SECRET PLOT to Steal Our Power ๐Ÿ˜ฑ | How to Get It Back

CDC Advisory Committee Quietly Confirms M—-

Clif High: Measuring Woo (Video)

 Preparing to THRIVE in the post-collapse economy: Barter, scavenging and RESCUING

Kat Anonup Update: Juan O Savin and Q The Storm Rider, Winning Bigly!


Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Articles of Impeachment, Including TREASON Charges Against Democrat Despot Joe Biden

NIH Scrubbed, Redefined โ€˜Gain-of-Function

Para Kas-Vetter: Pfizer Blackmails CountriesWelcome to the New World of โ€˜QPhoneโ€™: Quantum Space Phones are here, Forget about…

Reader: Miron) Julian Assange Tribunal

Reader: Bonni B) Australian Premier Admits to Camera Quarantine Camps for โ€˜Unv—-โ€™


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