FULL MOON Full Moon in ARIES * ReBirth – Awakening ~  Primordial Cosmic Egg ~ Red Queen of the New Lemuria * via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 1021-21



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Greetings Awakened Christos Conscious Beings of Eternal Light

Happy powerful Full Harvest moon in Aries. The Goddess of Fire is lighting us all up and Quickening our Ascension Process into the New Earth. The Red Dragon Queen of the New Lemuria has been enthroned and crowned with the Golden Sceptre of the Guardians of Light, and this is activated in your Heart Chamber now. We are the anchors to keep the Light and hold the line of the Prophecies and Visions of the New Edenic Timeline.

Today with this intense Full Moon in fiery Aries we have many powerful alignments and activations. La Luna is aligned with our BroThor closest Galaxy Andromeda. We are receiving connection and communication from our Adromedan Star family of the Light. We also are in a Galactic Activation Portal today on the Mayan Calendar in Kin 50 the White Spectral Dog of Love, Loyalty and devotion. The flames of Passion arise with these energies as our heartlight becomes the lighthouse for all beings seeking the shores of redemption. This is the most powerful portal opening and activation of this current timeline to be saved and uplifted by the Light of the Holy Spirit, Shekinah.

Today is also a 1 222 1 Portal where the two become one in Hieros Gamos in the Sacred Heart Flame of Transfiguration.

With the Power of our mighty I Am Presence we activate our true passion through the resurrection and into the Ascension. We have been saved by the Light and she Celebrates with our Legions of Heaven upon Earth. St Elmos fire and the Violet Flame have been transmitted to all Sentient Beings of Pure Light for the Transformation of all energies into the fifth dimension and beyond. The Gamma Plasma Waves are building and absorbing into the Torus Field of PAchamama to prepare her and all her children for this Great Quantum Leap of Awakening into our True Divine Sovereign selves. Angelic Earth Legion of the 144 we spread our etheric wings and rise into the dawning of the Eternal Golden Age of Enlightenment forever more.

Never to fall from grace, never to be corrupted or confused by any false projection or distorted reality ever again. We have graduated into the Sovereign Timeline of Positive Manifestation for the Resonance of the Paradise frequency within every heart, mind and spirit of the One True Source.

Love has won…Victory to the Light…A’Ho!


Celia Fenn

Full Moon in Aries.

Aries is ruled by Mars, and Mars is in its opposite sign, Libra, with the Sun!Intense Passion and Energy is the name of the game.You need to avoid explosive and aggressive situations and channel that fiery energy into your work, because Mars energy is good for work and for powering up new ideas and new energies.The Sun moves into Scorpio on Saturday, so things are likely to remain fiery and a little volatile, at least until the 11/11 when we can anchor our new “self” into this timeline.Let that new self be passionate and engaged with life: creative and imaginative, and ready to blaze a new trail!Have a Magical Full Moon everyone!source: starchildglobal.com

Isis Channelings

Oct Full Moon: Crowning of the Warrior

The new moon of the Goddess Navratris that initiated us through the shadow aspects of our relationship with ourselves , our greatest triggers, our inner fears and and how these aspects influence our outer relationships depending on whether we live by outer projection and reaction or response from Heart Centered Courage and Compassion is Now at its fullest Illumination on oct 20.It’s been a roller coaster of a journey with the Warrior Goddess Durga whereby each Warrior of Light needed to review their soul experience and expression in a physical incarnation ie how aligned are your physical life choices with your divine soul light , your path of service with your soul purpose and your actions/ karma with your dharma.Meeting our shadow selves requires Courage. And Compassion. It requires a Warrior Spirit; the willingness to side step Fear and look our demons in the eye and determination to emerge victorious in the uncomfortable and often gut retching alchemisation of the same to move into greater stability and Union within ourselves, our divinity and with our outer world- outer relationships and our natural world.Did you have the courage to reroute your responses in line with your integrity even in the face of criticism ,did you have the courage to DO all in your Power to get your desired outcome even if the situation seemed hopeless, did you have the courage to maintain firm boundaries in the face of hostile opposition, did you have the courage to go after what your heart truly desires and brings you joy, did you have the courage to go against man made structures of power that are not aligned with basic compassion and humanity, did you have the courage to walk the fine line between duty to self and duty to others with grace and compassion….Did you have the Courage Warrior Spirit of Light????And it is on this full Moon that Goddess Lakshmi , Goddess of manifestation ,good luck and prosperity, showers her blessings of Generosity, Magnanimity , Clarity, Balance, Positivity , Steadfastness and Alchemy on her Warrior Sentinels , those who triumphed over their deepest shadows / fears/ demons with Courage , Determination and Compassion. According to Vedic Astrology this Sharad Purnima/October Full Moon is the only full moon with all 16 phases/Kalas . It brings with it completion with respect to your actions/ karma. You will be rewarded as per your Karma and new Pathways hence open with respect to your Path and Purpose and a fresh dose of vitality injected so that you may set forth with renewed vigour ,zest and Joyousness.Wish you a Prosperous and reEnergised and Revitalized Sharad Purnima/ Full moon.EnLight ,InGrace, InJoyBe The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Nasource: isischannelings.wordpress.com/


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