Wake up Codes are Lighting us up * The POWER of HUMANITY * Galactic Archetype 9 – The Healer * via Paul Butler @ Prime Disdiclosure – 10-20-21



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Benevolent Beings of the Infinite Way of True Life


Arise Dear Angelic Ones in the Light of the Great Spirit, fear not for the courage of a thousand suns blazes within the heart of the Keepers of the Way. Blessed are they with the Heart of Gold the believers of the brighter day when all shall be healed and redeemed in the Light of the Holy Spirit. We shall overcome in the Peace and Glory of our Divine Source Light.

Today is the day of the glorious Red Owl Moon of the Red Dragon Queen of Lemuria. Tomorrow Oct 20th the Powerful Full Moon in Aries aligns with Andromeda the Divine Masculine Counterpart of our Milky Way Galaxy. The Andromedans are with us assisting us in the transformation of 3d Earth to 5d Terra Nova Gaia, Starship Earth of the Galactic Federation.

From this day forward we free ourselves from all programs of fate and we now truly create our own destiny. One of Freedom, Peace, Prosperity, Joy and Happiness for all.

This is the Way, the Tao. We follow the flow of nature and create in Harmony with the Great Mother and the Balance of the Five Elements. We create the Paradise on Earth together with the Power of my Mighty I Am PResence I manifest all that brings into magnetic attraction everything that serves my self, my family and all of hue-manity.

The One Law is the Heartbeat of the One in the many. The Pulse of the Universe. It is the Rise and Fall of the Breath of Civilizations and the turning of the seasons. Everything in Nature follows the One Law. It is a sine wave. The signs create all experience within our perceived reality, the dream within a dream. We are the dreamers and the dreamed. In Truth there is no separation or chaos. All is in perfect harmony but sometimes the little mind gets in the way and create the barriers and blocks to our Eternal Freedom and Peace.

It is in the letting go, the releasing and forgiveness that we move through all blocks and barriers that were projected from the false self. We fell from Grace to experience everything that could potentially be witnessed and perceived with our Minds and through this we learned everything we needed to navigate these unprecedented waters. We see this mission through to the end until we breakthrough and out of the false 3d matrix into the New Time of Positive manifestations.

Day by day in every way I Am getting better and better. With our feet firmly planted on the ground anchored in and our eyes and spirits soaring high we bridge Heaven and Earth through our Crown Chakras and through our Central Channel down and out through our Soles and deep into the Crystalline Core of Pachamama. There is a two way flow through the toroidal field of our MerKaBA Avatar Etheric Space Vessels. One is the downward flow counterclockwise of the Divine Feminine Waters of Gravity and the other is the upward clockwise flow of the Kundalini of the levity of the Divine Masculine Fires of Ascension. And here I Stand in the middle to witness and observe all phenomena to expand consciousness out into the ends of the infinite multiverse and back to the still center.

In this our Soul Star Spark is Activated and Returns to our Source Energy Field of Eternal Life creating the final connection and communication of this final Quantum Leap of Consciousness into the New Human upon the New Eden…A’Ho!

El Shaddai Shekinah Elohim Sabaoth


Ra James

We are still in a lot of Galactic Energies. Tonight is the finale of the Arcturus Gateway we have been in. That means that our Sun is still very much in alignment with Arcturus right now and and we are still receiving a ton of these light codes. You may be feeling expansion in the heart chakra. Your probably already feeling tomorrow’s Aries Full Moon too. Aries rules the root chakra. This energy is meant to help you to clear any power struggles, or anything blocking your power.This Full Moon may be bringing up any traumas that need healed. We just had Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all shift direct. That means the flow of the energy has shifted and we are integrating a lot of energies and lessons learned. It’s time to clear and release the heavy energies of Retrograde Season. These energies are meant to help you in shedding the past. We kick off Scorpio Season this week too. Scorpio Season is from October 23rd to November 21st. Scorpio Season brings us Samhain. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and takes us into the Underworld. That’s why things tend to get more spooky this time of year.You will start to feel things more deeply now. The veil is pulled back and will continue to thin as we move closed towards Samhain. This Scorpio Season is a time to go deep within your connections. You may be much more tuned in telepathically, or just able to read the vibrations. You may be able to sense someone needs you easier. You may be guided to get rid of any superficial connections. Scorpio Season is a great time to get passionate. It’s a time if heightened magic. Expect some gorgeous shooting stars this week too. We have the peak of the Orionids Meteor Shower the night of October 20th thru the morning of October 21st. We will feel the energies of this one a little bit extra since it’s the debris from Halley’s Comet raining down on us. There have been some spectacular fireballs already this week…source: sparksofdivinelighthealing.com📷 Tailored Art


Rick Jewers

UPDATEFor approximately the next 33 hours, there is a density being applied to the surface. This density is necessary to negatively charge events for Those not yet Awakened, and to further set the atmosphere favorable for more revealing events to transpire.Awareness to this density influx diminishes its effects upon You. It is best to maintain a neutral to modestly higher frequency during this time and limit exposure to these lower density areas and others during this period of approximately 33 hours. Allow and let flow what flows, relinquish any attempt to control a dense situation. Move slow and move less during the feeling of the density, so as to not expend unnecessary energy.After this brief dense period, it will be time once again to tether the 5D Grid closer.Love and Light



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