Hi everyone. There are a few things to share today. They are a combination of what I’ve been told and personal conclusions.

As we watch this show that we’ve written ourselves, it’s as if we’ve forgotten that there is a lot of improv within it, and that it will therefore look and feel different for each of us, according to our current perspective (our current seat).

This is the greatest show on earth, that we’ve all forgotten is just a show. We step out of the theater and debate/argue with one another over which actors/parts are true and which are false. They are neither. They are actors who are speaking lines and using props and movements to portray their point. 

It’s all a show.

The white hats are now in control of government.  These wildly obvious movements and dictates are their lines and plot points. They are trying to wake us up.

The black hats plan is sinister and smooth and not nearly as clumsy as what we are witnessing today. They are a patient lot, and have acted out their role for millennia. This was largely unseen by us. Theirs was a brilliant plan, and with it they nearly captured a planet.

Yet it failed. What you see now is theater. It’s clumsy and meant to showcase their (the black hats) agenda. This, so that this never happens again here. This, so that all of humanity understands the truth of what happened here. This, as directed and controlled by the white hats.

They (the black hats) may attempt something really damaging on their final exit, and this is what the white hats are busy watching for. They are a moving target, and this is occupying most of the white hat’s efforts.

Our entire planet is about to be freed.
The finale for that has been written.

There will be no one right or wrong when the truth is finally told. We’ve all been duped. We each hold truths that aren’t true, and believe in something that isn’t real. Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

So, we need to stop kidding ourselves.
When the truth is ultimately told, not one of us gets to hold an “I told you so” sign… We are each in for a surprise.

The thing to remember is that our current expansion in consciousness starts within. The polarity that is so loud on our newsfeeds begins in our hearts.
It will end on your newsfeed once your heart finds its truth.

The black/white, left/right, red/blue, Christian/Muslim, Republican/Democrat, right/wrong split has now been replaced with vaxxed/unvaxxed. In all divisions based on ego, there are lies inherent.

What we have seen, in all of these descriptions of polarity, are the edges of gray. They were necessary for the identification of extremes and possibilities. Yet, life is not lived in its extremes. Not as a constant, anyway.
Life is lived in various shades of gray.

Black and White has to be there to define the limits and to clarify our location. Gray is where the truth is found, and where most of us hang out.

 In gray we have our alternative opinions and inconsistent responses and non-stereotypical actions. In gray we are free to travel right up to each edge presented, and back again. It’s time for a costume change; it’s time for our gray hats.

We proceed now through our collective expansion. The place it has reached is your home, your family, your mind and your heart. This is an inside job.

On a daily basis, I am humbled, ashamed, overtaken and astounded at what my heart has been holding.
Beliefs and opinions are not easy to release, yet it is time now for us to let them go. This is where we’ll have to go next.

This recording (click here) is from 5 years ago, yet it speaks to us today, as if it were written now. It’s a good reminder of what is actually happening; of who we are.

We are the ones. We have anchored the light. Now let’s anchor the love.

With appreciation for all that you are,

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I appreciate you.

Thank you.

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