Message From JFK * Time To Focus On Yourself, For All Of Us

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To all my beloveds…I am here! I am watching over you all and assisting in our greatest ever “comeback” for Humanity! We are prevailing, I promise you that!

We are going to send the cabal the biggest message ever…we do not back down, we do not cower, we do not waver! We awakened ones are the biggest threat ever to the cabal and their overlords (dark galactics). They know already that they are done…what is going on now is just the “cleanup on Aisle 10!” (smile)

As for what each of you can do individually to assist in this cleanup, I would encourage you to look inward more, and pay attention to what emotions are stirring within you, and where those emotions may have first originated in your lives.

As an example…Losha here was noticing that she was thinking a lot about the young daughter of one of her friends’ lately, and Losha began to get emotional about it. Well, she allowed herself to express all the feelings she was experiencing (a close friend helped her), and it turned out that it brought up a very frightening situation that Losha experienced with a girlfriend, when they were both the same young age as the friend’s daughter. It was a very good release for Losha and she learned that she was not “responsible” for the traumatic situation which occurred earlier in her life.

There are many people out there who say that one can heal themselves without having to actually experience the emotions attached to the issue…well, I do believe that one can heal the many smaller issues without delving into the emotions…however, when one is realizing the issue is a much larger, emotionally-laden one, then it becomes almost imperative to attempt to process the emotions, also.

Now, even though dealing with your emotions sounds very heavy and not at all exciting to do…I know that many galactics, archangels, and many other beings have also been saying the same thing in messages recently, just with different words.

This topic of going inward is not new to humanity…they have been examining their own emotions for a very long time…and that is because it works.

The feeling of becoming unburdened and liberated from those heavy, stressful, and sometimes even debilitating emotions is like no other feeling…it feels almost miraculous! And you have yourself to praise for being courageous and bold enough to resolve those issues, once and for all!

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