Cosmic Light Update Oct. 17-31 ๐ŸŒ•๐ŸŽƒโœจ DEEP PURGING WITHIN & WITHOUT

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Cosmic Light Update Oct. 17-31 ๐ŸŒ•๐ŸŽƒโœจ DEEP PURGING WITHIN & WITHOUT

Cosmic Light Update Oct. 17-31 – DEEP PURGING WITHIN & WITHOUT.


Today On October 17, 2021, The Sun is of vital importance even in Vedic astrology because without it, there would have been no sign of heat and light. Sun transit in Libra will be on 17 October 2021 and will bring major transformations in the lives of all 12 zodiac signs.

Falling in the sign of Aries on October 20th, the Full Moon will activate the energies of Mars, Pluto, and Eris, creating what is known as a T-Square. This configuration of energy can create a building of tension, but sometimes we need tension in order to inspire action.


With all this intense energy it is bringing in a Deep cleansing of the old energies that can not continue in these Higher Light frequencies.

Those who still sleep, are being shaken awake. This Purge is happening within as well as without in our personal Lives and on the world stage. All things on this Planet is being engulfed by the Pure Light , a long with the alignments in these moments, This is causing the Grand Awakening.

All of the lower emotions are rising in us so we can transmute them to Positive action towards a better way of being.

The Energies of October 2021; Restoring Balance.

On October 18 Jupiter will turn direct. This will be for many a sign for them to begin working on expansion, although Jupiter is always a force that if we know how to integrate, can serve us to expand into our soul desires, and step into new horizons. This is a month for us to create balance, and with Jupiter, we can extend the many ways in which we can create more harmony and love within and into our lives.

On this same day too, we also have Mercury direct again as well. This is, as I incessantly repeat, another illusion we have from Earth. The belief that it slows us down has been created within the collective and fed for eons, and it is now that only a few are choosing to disengage from it and begin to take charge of their own life experience.

Mercury is about communication, expression, and working with our mental plane. It is a wonderful planet for us to align with and work with all we need to dissolve, on a mental level, clear, or if we have done this inner work, learn how to communicate from a space of clarity and love with ourselves, and the Illumined Realms. By no means Mercury or any other force within the Universe has the power, neither the intention, to slow us or do anything to us, for this is another false belief that has been deeply implanted and that shall be released, for the time for us to break from old beliefs, and regain freedom, has finally come.

Almost at the end of the month, on October 20, we have a Full Moon in Aries. Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, rules the self. It is during this moon, as guides shared, where the ones that need to clear their genetic bloodlines will benefit from it, as Aries rules the first chakra and everything that anchors us to earth, to our families, and to the traumas and wounds that we carry related to it. It is a time for us to clear survival fears, blood distortions, reptilian undesired inherited essences and programs, and all karmic, so to speak, attachments.

Finally, on October 23 the Sun enters Scorpio, together with Mars that will do the same on October 30. The Sun into this Water sign invites us to visit the depths of our being, navigating through our inner waters to illuminate those dark corners through the wisdom we have regained during all this time and embrace the โ€œdarkโ€ aspects that are also a part of who we are and Creation โ€“ that makes us whole and One with All.

A time to look within to receive all the revelations that these last months bring to us, as the last part of this year, will show us where we are going, as well as new ways of being of assistance, which is of great importance to change direction if the timeline we have chosen no longer resonates with our true destination.

In October we find ourselves crossing the threshold to a new destination. It is this a month for us to commune with our Illumined Self, ponder about our journey, all we have learned, all we still need to clear, and all we desire to create next.

This is why during this month it is so important to remain in a space of peace and harmony, so we can discern about what we are going to create next, from a space of calmness, and a higher understanding.

We have spent the majority of this year in a constant integration phase, followed by the proper descension of wisdom. It is then now the time for us to stabilize all we have previously embodied, and know how to use all the directions and guidance received, for the conscious creation of our new path, one that we never walk alone, as there are many others, both physical and non-physical beings/forces, that co-create it with us and that we shall honor too.

A month to retrieve personal power, so we can begin manifesting from a space of sovereignty and hence complete responsibility. For we recognize ourselves now as creators, healers, and masters of our own human life experience, giving no power to outer forces, and as such we shall act.

I wish you all a loving and harmonic October, Beloved Ones!

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba, Excerpt:,

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