Restoring Connection to the Earth

Kate Spreckley

a message from Kate Spreckley

Thursday, 14 October, 2021 



The Light is gathering and manifesting upon the Earth bringing forth a rebalancing within of all creation.  The false ideas of separation between ourselves and the rest of life is being dissolved offering us the opportunity to embrace and consciously know our innate connection to the universe, the earth, nature, and each other.  Our belief in the illusion of separation has caused our imbalances and as we continue to awaken and heal, we bring ourselves back into alignment with all of creation.

Currently a stream of pure healing energy is moving into your body to restore and heal your connection to the planet.  The energetic cords that bind you to the earth are being strengthened to enable higher frequencies of light to flow through your physical body and out into the word.  This will disperse the darkness that has shrouded your life and allow for a renewed clarity to emerge.  You will feel a shift within your physical body as your connection to the planet is reawakened and reignited.  As a result, a deeper awareness of your physical body, your physical reality and your connection to the earth will occur heightening your senses.  Be mindful of what is occurring within you and do what is necessary to support yourself. 

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