Completion & New Beginnings

Kate Spreckley

a message from Kate Spreckley

Friday, 24 September, 2021



The cycles of nature introduce an awareness of change and reflects how transformation is a necessary requirement for all of life. All of nature complies and engages with these cycles upholding the law of balance within the universe. Balance is an integral part of life and in these incredible times, both our personal and collective attitudes and actions must change to ensure humanity’s survival on this planet. As such we are required to re-establish and reconnect with the cycles of nature and to engage consciously with the transformational process we are currently undergoing.

At this time a particular cycle of your life is being completed and a new one beginning. Transformation is happening with or without your participation. Change is your choice and you can either choose to make it or it will be thrust upon you. Either way the universe will strive for balance and evolution. As a result, abrupt changes and radical shifts will continue to occur. Be here now and learn to dance with the unpredictable energies of this time. Engage consciously with what is being asked of you by remaining grounded and very present in your physical body. Remember that all things must change in order for new life to emerge and flourish.

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