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When people reach the end of their lives and look back, it’s not the things they did do that they regret. It’s the things they didn’t. You have a dream in your heart, that wasn’t realised, or a gift or a skill that wasn’t fully explored. That’s the real tragedy. Right now humanity is as a ship, sailing into tumultuous seas. It’s not in this kind of energy that you sit back and dither. It calls for positive action, expression of being, excitement and adventure. These are the energies that will carry you through, and light up your life…

Coming into Your Element

Recently I’ve been bowled over by the strength of character some people come forwards with when something dramatic happens, like the storms and flooding around the world, fires and droughts, the earthquakes and (especially) volcanoes activating around the world. Plenty go into fear and panic, whereas others settle into their element and come into their own. Why is that?

Perhaps it’s because the second group have realised something fundamental – that you cannot control reality. You cannot prescribe or insure the future. When you get up in the morning, you cannot even be sure that you’ll make it to the end of the day.

If you live this way long enough, there comes a point where you move into complete acceptance of yourself and the mortality of life. Why not then be spurred on by it? When you know in your heart there is nothing to lose, in the same beat, paradoxically, you may realise there is everything to gain. Whatever you feel to do or express, what point is there in holding back?

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Propagating fear?

When I speak of the tremendous transformation the earth is going into, when I speak of the immanent galactic superwave, the escalating impact of cosmic rays or how Solar Forcing and the Pole Shift are taking us into climate crisis, I know some accuse me of ‘propagating fear’. In a seminar I once recall someone challenging if my approach was safe? My response was, ‘is the universe safe?’ Is enlightenment safe? In a self-realised being there is no fear, because it has been confronted and resolved out. Since plenty are working towards self realisation, then fear becomes an invaluable tool – a gateway through which to let go and expand.

The real propgagation of fear is encouraging people to avoid, to deny, to distract, to go back into their shell. This also includes painting a ‘rosy’, ‘love & light spiritual’ gloss. It is what it is!

Humanity has been surpressed, blocked and pushed down for aeons – enslaved into a limiting reality construct for the benefit of just a few. It’s a sophisticated donkey and carrot delusion – offering ever greater complexity of gadgets and widgets and soft comforts that you strive ever harder to acquire ‘out there’.  It’s a game of smoke and mirrors to distract people from the true source of their contentment, empowerment and fulfillment – the unleashing and expression of their own soul from within.

For what else is the Universe about, if not the expression of Self?

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The Path to Riches

When people come to the tumultuous realisation that it’s not about what we can acquire or attain out there, but rather that the revelation of Self is the real path to ‘riches’, then life takes off. There’s always an abundance of possibility in this moment to express something new about yourself. And when the proverbial Tsunami rolls in, that’s when the opportunity and the encouragement is at its greatest.

And neither does this mean that somehow you should now disengage from society or your job or from being in relationship. Far from it. Engage like you never have before – in a new way, a vibrant way, an honest and authentic way, and above all, without fear of the outcome.

You will make mistakes for sure. You will push buttons (‘big red ones’ as I describe in the film below), you’ll find yourself at times in emotional minefields. That’s okay, there’s no other way to truly learn, to evolve and grow, to become ever more sophisticated in your beingness. Go for it, and you’ll become rich beyond measure.

Breaking out of Poverty Consciousness

Neither is it about ‘not having’ either. It’s not about living in forced renunciaition. When you unleash the authentic beingness of the soul, then the energy of this transforming reality will shape around you in ways you could never have imagined.

Someone whose truly wealthy where resources are concerned, is not governed by the resources, not attached to them. They ask only one question, “do I have enough to take the step that I’m being invited to take now?” Assuming you do, take the step, letting go of the worry if you’ll have enough ten steps down the path. Let the future take care of itself.

We need to break out of this old poverty consciousness. There’s a whole Universe of energy moving through this transformational moment!

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Gateways of Possibility

Every so often, either on the journey of the soul or else in the wider movement of the field, window’s of opportunity open – gateways of possibility. These are where reality is transforming strongly, where it’s transmuting into something else, something new. We are in such a window right now, and it offers those prepared to be courageous enormous opportunity for realisation and growth – to strip off the layers and reveal more of their True Self. There can be nothing more rewarding.  And most importantly, you’ll find there will always be enough resources to be You – the authentic expression of You.

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