Source Codes of the Holy Spirit ~ Blue Ray Empaths ~ The Ninth Wave of Ascension ~ Blueprint Energy * via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 9-25-21



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Galactic Angelic Ground Crew of our team of 144. Waking Up, Rising Up!!

I Bless you All in these transmissions, not with ego but with the Love of my mighty I Am Presence. With every word I type and every word I speak is a simple reminder to your Super-Conscious Mind that you are One with Infinite Source. All concepts and beliefs in separation were part of the false program of suffering and limitation. We have reached the critical mass of Gnosis that we have suffered enough, both individually and collectively. And in this Now we activate all in the resolution of ending all suffering for every Sentient being of Light and in this, Earth Angels, we activate and initiate the Freedom Protocol of Rainbow Body for Gaia and all her children.

In this we become the Guardians at the gates and portals of Terra Nova Gaia; the 33rd Nation of the Galactic Federation of Light. We resolve all things in the Unborn Mind of Buddha, which is Pure Awareness. With our Sword of Truth and shield of Love we protect all portals and gateways to keep the streams of consciousness clear and pure to only allow that of the Light and Love to have access to our Divine Matrix of the New Earth. We stand guard and are vigilant in our thoughts and deeds to be Enlightened in the Courage of the Royal Lions of the New Lemuria.

The True Wizards of the Emerald Palace have returned as Sovereign beings of Earth Mother to bring the True White MAjick back to this realm to Assist Gaia and all her children in this Great Ascension Process. There is no plateau to Bliss and Love and we continue to be elevated in our Conscious Awareness of our I Am Presence. We live from our Hearts being Christed Warriors of the New Jerusalem and we lead the Way with our Holy Light. Heart Portals are fully open and connected to our Legion Etherically and Meta-Physically.

Sacred Star Family of the Eternal Light. Step into your Divine Sovereignty, step into the Glory and Passion of the Christos Consciousness of the True Heaven on the New Earth…A’Ho!!


ars Kutay

In this Calendar Month our Blueprint Energy will BEcome Activated.

The Cocoon of LIGHT around us supports our action of BEing able to reopen alignments of our Higher SELVES within our Hearts.The design and purpose of this unfolding process is to support us as an individual to SHIFT our perceptions beyond illusion into Truth.These Vibrational Waves are also BE-ing constantly released across the Earth plane to create a Sacred resonance to activate a further remembrance process within us.This HIGHER LIGHT holds the manifestation of TRUTH.Simultaneously the Waves transmitted by the Covenant are creating an expansive network of LIGHT… which is surrounding the planet and forming an Energetic womb encasing Earth.Through the anchoring of these network of LIGHT imprints… there are Waves of an expansive Life Force BE-ing generated throughout the planet.This Life Force is building in layers across the Earth plane creating renewal and expansion by reopening spaces of LIGHT Consciousness within all the Sacred Sites.At the same time this expanding Life Force Energy are magnifying the Grids… Ley Lines… Vortexes while simultaneously interacting within the Magnetic Core of Earth.This network of LIGHT that has been placed to fully encase the Earth links directly into the Magnetic Core creating a SHIFT within the Earth’s rotation… placing our planet in a more direct alignment to the Sun.The Sun’s rays are holding a HIGHER Frequency of LIGHT mirroring the CHANGING Brilliance on Earth.These HIGHER ENERGIES can be found reflected through Nature… through the Natural Forces. The Sun carries the Pure Reflections of this HIGHER Consciousness in its rays to us.We can align into these Reflections… to the Brilliance mirroring by the Sun’s rays and receive the Natural LIGHT of SELF. Gifts are BE-ing returned to us.Our Heart’s potential is BE-ing realized. The Pure Brilliance held within the Sun’s rays is fully engaging within our Heart Cells… activating a transmitter that has been lying dormant within each Cell until Now.These transmitters carry our unique DIVINE Sacred Pulse. Each Cell’s membrane is BE-ing transformed Dimensionally… carrying a HIGHER Life Force essence as the transmitters come to life.Every cell within our body has an unlimited potential to exist within our unique Multidimensional LIGHT Frequency through this Expansion.This means that We have the capacity to hold the full Frequency of our Higher SELVES LIGHT within our Physical Body.There are Fluid Fragments of our HIGHER LIGHT Ready… waiting to Descend and Align Fully into our Newly Expanded Cellular Structures.All of us on a Conscious Path are known as a “Way- Showers”. This means that We are destined… through Pre Agreement to forge this pathway Home for others to follow.We actually carry specific Blueprint Energy within our Hearts to support our rapid Alignment within this actual Time Frame on Earth.This Blueprint Energy is engaged within the Active Transmitter… which exist in each Heart Cell.In this Calendar Month our Blueprint Energy will BEcome Activated.Through this Activation We will experience an acceleration of our Awareness giving us access to a HIGHER Realm component of SELF.Our Pineal Center will BEcome switched on into an expanded Multidimensional Level System… returning us the Natural Gift of our HIGHER Frequency.Our Telepathic Center will BE re-calibrated to allow a Telepathic Communion to BE further established to support us in making contact with the Universal Communities on Another Level.NOW is the Time for us to Actively Engage on a more Complete Level within our Hearts.These Blueprint Activations will assist you in BEing able to disengage from any drama within our lives.Making it easier for us to Hold a steady Focus within our Hearts and BEcome Stabilized within these HIGHER Realignments.Our Hearts are BE-ing enabled to play a fuller role of “an anchor” for us within these Expanded Frequency Layers… enabling us to naturally acclimatize within this LIGHT Frequency Field.Our Hearts holds the design to play the role of a launch pad by propelling us into these HIGHER Consciousness Settings.We are BEing prepared to fully interact within these series of Network Imprints that will BE interactive within the Energetic Grids of Earth.These Happenings herald in a next phase of the “New Dawning” era. The network imprints are creating a higher foundation of light on Earth.We have entered another Sacred Phase on Earth… a destined time where the HIGHER Aspect of LIGHT can and will BEgin to Unfold.Blessings are to BE re-established within our Communities of LIGHT as We come together through Heart connection.The Sacred imprints of remembering are to BE returned to us moving us into a place of Self-Empowerment… enabling us to realign into expanded perceptions of HIGHER Truths… revealing our potential.This is the Time for the opening of Doorways… for us to receive a Greater Understanding of our world within our day-to-day life experiences while entering the Multidimensional States of SELF.These CHANGES are designed for us to return to a HIGHER Place of Consciousness… of Knowing. And the link to these HIGHER Planes of Existence can BE found within the Multidimensional Framework of our Hearts.Our Hearts are Unfolding naturally… like a Flower opening to the Sun… our Hearts opens up to us… revealing our Full Potential as a Multidimensional Tool.Remember our Hearts are our Sacred Tool and it is the ONLY Avenue to receive communication with the rest of the Universe.This includes our Pre Agreement work with our Family of Origin off planet… all Galactic Life Force Groups and the Spiritual Realms.All our Galactic Families communicate through Telepathic communion.We must Be Aware that while We are operating through our Ego minds We are separated by the illusion and CANNOT receive any communication or intuitive guidance.This is the Time for us to Activate our Pre Agreements in order for us to successfully complete our Mission. We were NEVER meant to complete this Transitional Phase Alone.WE created these Pre Agreements BEfore WE entered this incarnation. To activate our Pre Agreements WE simply Call Them Forward NOW.Within Sacred LOVE of ONE and in ServicePars Kutay~ 💜 ~




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