News and Views * 9-24-21


Restored Republic via a GCR as of September 24, 2021

 30,000+ Women in UK Report Menstrual Problems After COVID Shots, But Menstrual Issues Not Listed as Side Effect

9-23-21 – Bradley Loves interviews Gene Decode about Remote Neural Monitoring – Targeted Individuals – Time Travel

New World, in Preparation?

 X22 Report Ep. 2584a&b – It’s The Only Way, Everyone Has A Choice, Against All Enemies Foreign & Domestic, Judgement (a, 21min

: SORCHA Sister Ciara Special Report: “Americans Given Bill For Cost Of Freedom—World Wonders If They’ll Pay It

 Live at 8pm ET: Juan O Savin “Important Update” with David Nino Rodriguez 

13 Victims In Mass Shooting at Collierville, Tennessee Kroger

Stargate Newsletter: President Trump Moves his HQ, Eyes on Arizona Audit

: Over in the Far East, are the White Hats or Black Hats in control of a new weather system called Tropical Storm Mindulle?

 National Weather Service: A Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect for Guam, Rota, Tinian and Saipan

 Rudy Giuliani Confirms —-

Clif High: Breakdown Woo —-

Juan O Savin: Do Not Take this C—-S— on Pain of your Death! (Transcribed…

The Canary Island Volcano Has Been Spectacular with Fountains of Lava Shooting 2,000 feet into the Sky ( videos) 

Para Kas-Vetter: Alert, Alert, Regarding Police!

Jim Stone: There was a huge explosion at La Palma and all the local live streams quit. Let’s hope the cutoff was the loss of cell towers (not people) 

Mike Adams’ Situation Update, Sep 23, 2021 – 

The Space Force Is Transforming the Final Frontier Into a Battlefield

Scientist and the E— Try to Hide What Really Happened at CERN,

Welcome to the CO2 Monitoring Credit Card that Cuts You Off at Your ‘Carbon Credit’ Max 

Aussie man said he ran outside during the recent “quake” and only houses were shaking, not the ground. He insists it all came from the sky (à la h**rp) [1 min audio]

Reader From Detroit: When the mandates stop and we recognize on a national level that freedom is more important than safety….

Fulford full newsletter 9/20: “Biblical floods or world peace; which is it to be?

FKTV: “Removing S—- Pr—-

Documents Prove B—–H—- Regime Is Subjecting Migrant Children to —

(Reader: Miron) In my Opinion Humanity has been Sacrificed for the Elites

Awakening Channel — Iv—- Linked to Zero Deaths in India

FDA Approved, the C–, Corporations Bribing Employees to Get the —, and did you…

SVP Act Today to Limit your Own Damage

Benjamin Fulford Report: “Biblical Floods or World Peace” — September 20 2021

RedPill78 — Hunter Biden Laptop Confirmed, AZ Audit Coming, Powell to Depose Coomer

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