Global CONTACT * ONE TRUE ORGANIC ASCENSION TIMELINE IS FULLY ONLINE * Light Evolution * via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclsure – 9-24-21

Posted By Paul White Gold Eagle 

on September 24, 2021



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Emerald Order of the Krystic Line of the Blue Star of  Venus

On this 23rd of Sept we rise to a new Level of Cosmic Awareness and bring in more of our Divine Union and Abundance Codes for all Hue-manity. In these new activations we become the 7th Race of the Galactic Guardians of the New Earth. With Truth as our Swords and Love as our Shield we arise and transform in this Great Resurrection and Ascension fully into 5D and beyond.

The Blue Elk King of the Free Spirit Realm of the Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha of Infinite Light is with us now and assisting us in healing every aspect of our infinite multidimensional awareness of Pure Light.

As our Katika the Central Channel is running free and clear to Activate our Rainbow Bridge of Heaven and Earth, we flow into the Dual Stream of our Krystic Conscious MerKaBa Electro/\Magnetic Field of the Inner and Outer House of our Soul Star. The Mists of the New Avalon part and allow us access to the higher realms of Shambala. The Path has been cleared and is now direct to Source Home. The Domain of Mother Heart Arc of the Grail Cup of the Holy Spirit.

Our First Nations people are rising up all over this realm in the Declaration of Sovereignty for all Sentient beings. All thugs and goons are being brought into repentance for the coming Golden Age of Enlightenment for all Living Beings. The Gnosis flows freely for all to tap into and mentally consume the Knowledge of the Akash of the Life Streams of all timelines.

The Scales have been set in Divine Order and the dial has been turned and tuned in to the frequency of Heaven On Earth. All is coming into Balance, and Harmony shall reign supreme upon this Glorious Earth…A’Ho!


Ramona Lappin


MONUMENTAL SHIFT in the field since the Equinox! A great EQUALISER. THE SCALES OF BALANCE HAVE BEEN RESTORED and anchored and we have tipped over to the positive spectrum of the Collective Polarity Integration and Unification process!Many Forerunners are now anchoring full Divine Union Templates and the Holy Trinity/ Tri-wave/ New Earth Grid Architecture through their own Embodiment. This is now fully activated, anchored, locked and sealed along with our Core Encryption and new Divine Blueprints now online and available to all whom it may concern.More balance, harmony and peace are available. We are / have overstepped the net and things are finally starting to feel like home! A new sense of homeostasis!What’s unfolding is truly beyond words and in the most gentle, beautiful, magical and unassuming of ways..Let’s keep remembering and seeing through the illusions, keep breaking through the imaginary walls of this holographic Matrix.. as the Collective awakens from a long, deep slumber. As we are starting to remember The Truth as it arises from deep within us all now …Do not even look out there within the Maya for the physical signs of this monumental shift unfolding.. Instead look within and FEEL THE SHIFT ARISING FROM DEEP WITHIN YOU! We are it! Seek within your own inner knowing, inner seeing, inner hearing, feeling and sensing, that which shall leave you without any doubt of what is truly unfolding beyond the veils and mirages of the old illusions now dissolving in front of everyone’s very own eyes.Eternal Love,Ramona 

Sandra Walter
Blessings Beloveds ~

Sending extra LoveLight support to all of the Stargate & Grid keepers who went on high alert in the last 48 hours. I feel us all – especially the teams up in the middle of the night assisting this grand amplification of higher light frequencies.
Follow the guidance and inner direction for where you need to be, and what your part is in the distribution of realm-shifting Light. Crystalline Stargate of the Heart OPEN, in Divine Neutrality.
This shifts YOUR reality in profound ways :: Use that Equanimity energy that flows from the Equinox Gate in amplified ways for another week.
Everything you do affects the whole, affects higher outcomes. Engage in New Earth Now:: Responsible Creation ❤ Self-correct moment to moment, to assist the collective consciousness in leveling up – Now.
Stargate flows September 22-29.

In Love, Light and Service,
Sandra Walter

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