News and Views * 9-19-21


Restored Republic via a GCR as of September 19, 2021 / WOW!!!! – TAKE IN A DEEP BREATH!

Charlie Ward Presents the Fourth Man of God Document: Success, Prosperity, Health, and NESARA/GESARA…

Trump Called Emergency at GITMO – Military Broadcasting With CNN & Fox!

 Nicki Minaj: ‘Open your —- eyes’ 

 Nurse Quits After 24 Yrs – ‘There IS A Consiracy’ 

Stargate Newsletter: Protests Down Under, Go Aussies!

New Clif High: EvoWootionary War – Explorers’ Guide to the Sci-Fi World

Nobody but the press, police, and intel agents came out to today’s J6 rally in DC, so they killed the rally and left

Sinister: Census Data & CDC Database Expose The Unv—-

Beck: “3 examples that PROVE the far left doesn’t care about HUMANS

ARTICLE/AUDIO – Propaganda Scrambles Our Minds: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

The Schumann Resonance And Gaia: Connection Between The Brain And The Planet

 India State of 241 MILLION People Declared C—–Free After —-

“For the Very First Time You’re Really Going to See How Sick This System Is That We Call Our Election and Voting System” – Jovan Pulitzer

The Feds Actually Arrest One of Their Own at Staged ‘Justice for J6’ Rally

Here Are The States Receiving Bulk Of Afghan Refugees (With D.C. So Far Taking In Zero)


I am absolutely stunned by what I’m witnessing right now.

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