News and Views * 9-17-21


Restored Republic via a GCR as of September 17, 2021

 Video – Nicki Minaj Fans Start Protesting CDC Headquarters  / Jim Stone: Lots of people are saying they sensed something changed today. Niki Minaj might have been the tipping point 

– Situation Update: Evil Exposed

Charlie Ward Presents the Fourth Man of God Document: Success, Prosperity, Health, and NESARA/GESARA…

Stargate Newsletter: Two Brave Young Women, Whistle-blower Funeral Director

X22 Report — Episode 2578: Corrupt Federal Agents, Deep State Panicking Over Durham

The Truth About Natural Immunity

Disclosure from Michael Salla

350,000 Ballots Disappeared in the California Recall Election on Tuesday Night 

The Need for a Social Morality in America Today

Facebook’s Instagram Bans #NaturalImmunity Hashtag Outright (Video) 

 X22 Report Ep. 2578a&b – Out They Go, Clean House Is Very Important, [DS] Panicking Over Durham & AZ Forensic Audit (a, 14min; b, 55min)(

The Need for a Social Morality in America Today

9-16-21 – CirstenW: Gene Decode #45: Dutch D.U.M.B.s, with Gene’s Dutch friend Hanny

HenryMakow: The V—- Contains Your Barcode [visual ev—-

Reader :This will get dangerous…SOON

 Biden Despises Civil Rights of Blacks, Indians and the Poor: What the Mandate Means

Beck: “Is China heading towards economic collapse?” 

The Biden Administration is requiring USPS employees to be jabbed because they fall under the mandate for large companies of 100 or more 

The Global Rationing Plan 2022 (Video)

Special Announcement by John Durham (from his Telegram account)

Clif High: It’s WooTyme! 

Mike Adams’ Situation Update, Sep 16th, 2021 – SECRET HOLOCAUST: Are millions of vaccine victims disappearing into mass graves? / Text article link: SECRET HOLOC—-

The War On Cash Is Very Real, Not Just Speculation

SORCHA 9/16: “Rapper Nicki Minaj Ignites Epic Internet Holy War

Fulford full newsletter 9/13:

Monkey Werx Overwatch SITREP – 9-15-

RedPill78 — Ride the Wave out: Surviving in Biden’s America


Republican-Run States Are Having Major Success Treating C—-atients With M—- A—-

Treason Charges For Many In The Days To Come!

 Beck: “Meet Afghanistan’s LAST resistance against the Taliban: ‘We’re determined'” [10:45 video

 Reader, 7-min video: “Israeli soldiers forced j— in middle of the night” (

WAR ON FREE PRESS: Biden-Harris Regime Bans Drones Over Illegal Alien Concentration Camp

Conflicting Full Disclosure Narratives? Two Timelines?

Simon Parkes & Gene Decode Highlights Double Feature! – We The People Must Video

(Reader: Texas Patriot) Where are we?

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