Divine Plan ~ Our Family of Light is Ready ~ TIME OF ASCENDING AND TRANSITION ~ Co-Create Heaven on Earth * via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 9-17-21


Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Sacred Lineage of the New Order of the Pure Ones

As we resonate with the tones of the heavenly spheres we bring all into harmonic order out of the chaos of the false identities. The false is consciousness that identifies with the lower frequencies of pain and suffering. As infinite multidimensional beings of Pure Light we assist all beings to navigate to the Light of the Golden Temple within.

Our Crystal Palace in the Center of the brain is activated and resonating in harmony with the Queen’s chamber in the Heart center, the middle dantian. The Trinity comes into coherent resonance to transfer the energy to all aspects of our total awareness bringing all into the Light of the New Dawn of Heaven on Earth. This is the final convergence point of  our Ascension Process. 

We walk into the land of the Immortals fully awake and fully aware. The internal alchemy of our Tribe of the 144 are cultivating the Sacred Elixir of the Ascended Masters. The Holy Manna flows through our Sacred Vessels deep into the Crystalline Core of Pachamma to assist Gaia and all her children in this Awakening Journey. The Fountain of Eternal Life is once again flowing free. We go within and seek the kingdom of Heaven in the Center to connect and merge with the Fountain and connect the flow to all rivers, oceans and waterways all over Mother Earth.

All that we need is encoded within our DNA and has been activated and fully online for the New Source Code to be Downloaded and added to the collective DNA of Hue-manity for this final Quantum Leap of Consciousness. We have been prepared and are ready for the Great Shift of our Collective Assemblage Point to merge with the 5th Dimensional Realm of Total Awareness. As the Sacred Fire in the Center of the Hoop Burns Bright we come to the Great Gathering to Re-mem-ber and Return to Spirit our Divine birthrights as Sovereign beings of Eternal Life.

The Power of Light is with us all days in all Ways… A’Ho!

Amanda Lorence

Gaia’s SIGNS NOW, indicate that the non-stop STRENGTH of Incoming Energies in the last 24 hours that is still on going, WILL CONTINUE. One Love


Victoria Liljenquist

Sept. 16. SHARE PLEASE🌹Dear Beloved Family“CLARITY OFWHAT’S COMING SOON”Our TIME OF ASCENDING AND TRANSITIONis CLOSE, on the tip of our tongue, in the blink of an eye…I KNOW, AS SURE AS I LIVE .. and from my VISION with Jesus & Divine Mother Mary.. showing to meExplicitly..(Last year on Sept 27)THE BIG SLEEPIS COMING.A GLORIOUS EXPERIENCE WHEN OUR SOUL CAN FINALLY CAN LET GO OF THIS 3D ILLUSIONAL CHAOTIC WORLD…Our Souls are in Charge.. each soul has a choiceGiven to them,WHILE ASLEEP.When we go intoThis DEEP SLEEP….Most of who have feltall of our lives and are on the path, have ALREADY made our decision of Our Soul’s Divine Destiny,that we choose to EMBRACE TranscendingOnto Our Heaven on the2nd Earth.Some people will may decide(During the deep sleep)to move on to OTHER PERSPECTIVE PLANETS.It is has been a challenge, waiting so long, but finally we are at THIS DOORWAY.The KEY is: stay POSITIVE, COMPASSIONATE & LOVING.DETACH from engaging with the 3D illusion…The New EARTH exists NOW.. is waiting for us to completely merge with it..(I have personally been visiting it often..and remember my experiences.)ONE DAY.. We willWAKE UP on thisPristine EarthANDwill not need to return orengage the chaos in 3D.Most of the essence ofOUR SOUL is ALREADYRESIDING on the 2nd Earth Now… but we may  not remember it YET..SOON WE WILLEMBRACE IT🌈🌍✨✨✨💜💜.The PURE in HEART.Already know this..All people will go to SLEEP..Do not judge.. we all go.The people who areNOT of pure heart,will go to sleep too..But will need to go thru more LESSONS before they can join us on the2nd Earth.


Our Family of Light is Ready…Enjoy sleepingIt is essential for Our Divine Plan.With Love, Joy & Celebration,Victoria Liljenquist 🙏🌹💜



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