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Monday, 2 August, 2021 


With a new month comes new energy and this month is one of the more potent times in the year as we sit within the Lion’s Gate portal. We remain within this portal until the 12th while the Earth aligns with Sirius and the Galactic Centre. With this alignment we experience an increase in intensity as the energies flooding the planet move to awaken and heal the collective.

Many currently remain in a state of stasis as our energy is focused inwards. Within this state there are some important shifts occurring that are an essential aspect of the rebirth we are individually and collectively moving through. There is a letting go of the past which includes ancestral ties to old wounds, the ending of old karmic patterns and a reconfiguration of our soul essence. The incoming energies this week will accelerate this process and we may encounter some uncomfortable feelings, thoughts, and emotions as what needs to be released surfaces. Be mindful that with every challenge there is an opportunity for awakening, healing, and growth. Navigate this time with an open heart and do what you need to do to support yourself through this time.

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