The Splitting of the Waters by Multidimensional Ocean * 2nd August 2021

The Many (Phenomenal!) Sides of Spiritual Awakening | Nathalie Marie  Frechette

There is a sense of an ending approaching in the air. An ending to an area where things were hidden from the public eye. In the coming weeks, this will no longer hold true. As humans will progressively and slowly awake from their dream like states and wake up to the terror of the current situation, many of you will slowly understand what has been taking place while you were in a state of semi-hypnosis. As you wake up, so will the rest of humanity also awaken, and realize that they have left the dark hats free rein to rule the planet from behind closed doors and hidden agendas.

You have simply put relinquished your sense of participating in the creation of the reality. Your powers as creator beings have been stripped away from you, without you even realizing it, because you were engrossed in a human material matrix system.

It is high time that you wake up, and retake your true powers back, and that you recover from your amnesia like state. You need to remember yourself, your place in the universe and your life long mission.

As this process unfolds, you realize that it has been such a long time that you should have been alerted by the situation and that now may be too late to act and stop the terrible things that the dark hats have planned for the planet and its’ permanent plans for enslaving it.

Many of you have been simply asleep in comfort, pleasure of the senses, and a false sense of security and leading a life in love and peace.

Forces must meet inside of you and transform what needs yet to be transformed to reach a higher level of understanding and consciousness and love vibration. A higher level of love vibration and consciousness. one that is not purely intellectual, but that encompasses the entire understanding of your soul’s journey through time.

Your soul is eternal, it knows no limits in truth, once it is awakened. The dark hats try to enslave your spirit and soul and to maintain in the ignorance of who you truly are.

You will have to chose a side and let the splitting of the water take place, one that can only take place once you reach a higher level of understanding.

Love and Light

I am SaLuSa from Sirius

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