Multi-Dimensional Merge of our Quantum Self ~Prayer To stay in the 5th Dimension ~ Pure God Source Codes * via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 7-31-21

-SA Smith

SCHUMANN RESONANCE IS ACTIVEMAGNETOSPHERE IS SHOWING THE ENERGETIC PRESSURE AROUND OUR PLANET.Gaia is experiencing changes around the globe.From big energies, solar storms daily, to snow in Brazil.Coronal Mass Ejections off the sun are happening daily!Things are happening and you are right in the middle of the changes.It’s time to put the spotlight on YOU.This moment is exactly why you are here.🌟Listen to you, follow the directions that come.Your internal compass is working overtime to get you information to YOU!Where you need to be and what you need to be doing for your mission.By connecting to your inner child and bringing that higher, happy energy into you.Then anchor that higher frequency energy in and balance it.Wrapping yourself in Source light and beam that energy out around you in 360 degrees.You are the Beacon of Light.As we begin to get deeper into Gaia Rising, holding your frequency and anchoring your light will be the most important thing you can do for everyone.It’s happening Lightworker all because of YOU!THE WORK YOU’RE DOING AND THE DEDICATION TO YOUR PATH.That’s why we’re all here, because of YOU!Thank you 🌟


Christ Consciousness Embodiment has been activated, anchored, locked, sealed and is being stabilized by the 144, preparing the Collective Consciousness for mass awakening and continue to shift/ ascend in density.Multi-dimensional merge of our Quantum Self continues as Divine Inner Union Energies continue to amplify and culminate.Inter-dimensional Stargate system continues to align as the Planetary Staff & Rod corrections finalize. Realigning Earth’s axis and Crystal Core with the Heart of Andromeda, Aurora Host and Aurora 12D Earth all the way back to full alignment with Source.12D pointed Quantum Tree of Life and 12 – 48 strands of Divine DNA Template re/activation as we resurrect our Divine Blueprints. The Divine Template of the 144 harmonics restoring the Double Diamond Plasma Sun Crystal Body back to ‘Perfection”.New Grid System and powerful influxes of Tri-wave Plasma Wave infusions getting all ready for full switch and take over as the magnetic field continues to shift. Energetic Pole shift is in progress.Reclamation, resurrection, rehabilitation and infusions of Pure God Source Codes and Mother’s perfect proton seed.Powerful Blue Diamond Rainbow Ray Plasma Waves re-encrypting and Quantum Healing our Blueprints. Clearing of AI materials. Mother-Child RNA & DNA Template Healing. Reset happens over linear time as well as in NO-TIME.Quantum Healing in NO-TIME is now possible!Downloads and higher perceptions bring clarity, deeper innerstanding, insights and connecting data points as the big picture continues to accelerate and comes together at last!Inner knowing, intuition and wisdom activate and unlock as our gifts and abilities continue to amplify in power and precision. Keep listening to your Higher Heart-Mind and gut-brain beyond logical reason.Special focus over the past two days on removal and full dissolution of Black Magic Money spells, Black Magic and Black Magic Grids. Those in alignment shall see and manifest tangible shifts and results over the coming days.Everyone is at a different stage of this process and it’s also down to the individuals Template.Many are going through a final life review and we’re all being tested whether we’ve paid attention in earth school and fully integrated our lessons or not. We’re done when we’re done. See it as a final test before graduation. We’re moving through a huge portal into the higher dimensional realities but we can’t take the past and 3/4D distortions along with us. Huge death and rebirth theme as the Reset continues. Feel and acknowledge it ALL, sit with yourself as your best friend and support and when you’re done – LET IT ALL GO!!All the life stories, attachments, beliefs, programs and cut any dead ends! We got no more time for bullshit, energy wasters, draining energy vampires and nonsense, nor will we ever again! Discernment and Boundaries are as Key as Love and Compassion. With layers and whole bands of lower Consciousness along with the old control mechanism and systems collapsing and clearing, it’s important to pay extra attention to self care and maintaining a sovereign energy field! Never shall we be complacent again. Response-ability is everything, as when we shift the way we interact with the world, the world shifts in response. It’s energetic law.MASSIVE TRANSFORMATIONS ARE HAPPENING and inner and outer shifts are in full force as we step up in Embodiment, Empowerment, CONFIDENCE, Faith and Belief in Miracles and our Dreams coming true!There’s so much going on and coming together, so many layers, its way beyond words truly, this is just some of the highlights I was guided to share. Such a blessing to have front row Ascension seats as OUR REALITIES SHIFT & CHANGE FOREVER and we support this monumental transformation through our own. The inner work is where it’s at and that’s where our True Power lies! As all-ways, only take what resonates and leave the rest.Eternal Love & Blessings,Ramona 💙

Judith Kusel

I woke up at 2 30 this morning, and immensely powerful energy charges were coursing through my whole body. Such as I have never experienced before. I was then lifted beyond anything I can even try to describe.I was taken into the future of the New Earth and indeed into the Epoch, which is being created right now, as the New Earth was fully born on 2020.When I am being shown such things, I am silenced. The magnitude of it all defies this to be put in human language or human thought. It transcends this, for indeed the Universal Language is Sacred Geometry and the Sacred Light Language, which is a language of sacred geometry, and Sacred Telepathy, which transcends all human creation.All I can say is the Old Earth and old humanity, is indeed now at crucial crossroads, as never before. There will be those who simply will not make it into the New Earth, and that is by their own choosing, for every soul has free will and choice. Many are being influence by outside forces, and even those around them, and are succumbing to this, even against their own inner knowing. This will result and is resulting, in a mass exit of souls and this will be increasing in the next few weeks and months and years. With some souls it is will be because their soul contracts have been fulfilled, and others because they choose to and in some agreed to this, by succumbing to the mass pressures.Yet, through this all, such immense Light is rising now, and immensely powerful lifting of souls who choose to move into the New Earth and full embodiment of the new higher body. Some indeed are already there, having ascended into the New Earth and thus are paving the way for New Golden Age, in very beautiful ways.It is your own free will choice now, which road/option you choose to take.Whether you allow yourself to buy into mass fear, and indeed succumb to the pressures, and are pulled deeper into the quagmire and thus disintegration of the Old Earth. Repeating the same old unforgiveness, shame, blame and guilt, the same old negative patterns, etc.Or you can choose to allow yourself to be purified in the highest degrees and then transfigured and indeed this means a daily shifting now, and indeed a daily influx of immensely powerful shifts, which will escalate now, and indeed more so for we need to be lifted now beyond all which has ever been! By 2032, this process will be done, as the New Golden Age is fully anchored in. Yet we only have window now, of 18 months to allow ourselves to be lifted beyond the beyond. (I will not go into further details here, as this is not the space nor time for it.)We can only go through this immense transfiguration, through the open heart portal and the Power of Unconditional love, and Unity within.Duality in any form or expression thereof, cannot move into the New Earth. Remembering that if duality still exists within the self, the Soul cannot transcend.I am noticing, and this has been affirmed by a friend, that the animals are already ascending, and many are stepping into the New Earth.Indeed, it is now time to shed to old garments of the Old Earth and the old you forever, and allow yourself to be reborn into the new, and to open to receiving the New Garments and totally New Life and New Beginnings.All of this is up you. You have free will and choice.Judith Kusel


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