Follow the Impulses of Your Soul

Kate Spreckley

a message from Kate Spreckle

Tuesday, 27 July, 2021 

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Becoming familiar with our inner reality creates a safe space for us to explore and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. With this understanding we are better equipped and ready to show up in our lives from a place confidence, creativity, and passion. With the continued clash of the old and the new awareness of ourselves and our inner motivations is what will support us overcoming the obstacles we face. Many are feeling frustrated by continual challenges and yet if we use these challenges as catalysts for change, we can find innovative and new solutions to old problems.  

Currently you are being urged to continue to grow, to evolve and to recreate your life despite uncertainty and fear. Opening to new possibilities and opportunities with no attachment to the outcome will enable you to be guided by synchronistic events. These events may not bring the exact solutions you are searching for, but they will bring a piece of the puzzle. Remember that clarity comes when you follow the impulses of your soul and in this way, you can discern with greater awareness your next step will give you the ability to discern with greater awareness your next step.

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