News and Views * 7-27-21

RUMOR MILL NEWSRestored Republic via a GCR as of July 27, 2021

: Rubin: “Ex-Doctor of Obama & Trump Issues Dire Warning & Sad Prediction on Biden | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report” [8:00 video (cc)]

Beck: “Glenn’s 3 WAYS to deal with UNFAIRNESS in life (without discrimination)” [15:40 video

 Reader experience at a FedEx office suggests something is going on with the financial system

NEW: AskAPrepper: “The Toothache Plant That Every Prepper Should Grow”

NaturalNews: “Survival essentials: 5 Solar-powered items you need for your homestead”

 NaturalNews: “C—- v—- confirmed to cause Parkinson’s, dementia symptoms”

X22 Report Ep. 2537a&b – The Tide Is Turning, Rise Of The People, Counterinsurgency

“PROOF of Q Plus, Time Travel and GOD”…also covers Trump, JFK jr., Tesla, McAfee, Sidney Powell, Julian Assange, Juan O Savin and JESUS

Ron Paul Warns The Jan. 6th Show-Trials Threaten All Of Us (and it does) 

Why It’s Called The “Delta” Variant

America’s Frontline Doctors sue HHS

Fulford Vacation Backgrounder 7/26 (preview): “How I Got Involved In The Secret War That Is Now Ending”

RonPaul: Over the weekend Fauci pontificated that you should wear a face diaper even if vaWAIT! Weren’t jabs the ticket to ditching the mask? [26 min video]

America as We Know it is Coming to an End – We are Watching it in Real Time’ – Judge Jeanine – short vid

We Live In A Fraud of Unprecedented Dimensions- Paul Craig Roberts

Rums— Committed Suicide at Military Tribunal; Did Not Die of Natural Causes

Reusable Rockets Mark the Launch of Two-Tiered Space Systems (Video)


Swann: “Millions Protest V— Pas—-s Across Europe”

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