Tune into What Is Most Meaningful

Kate Spreckley

a message from Kate Spreckley

Thursday, 22 July, 2021


As we move into the energies of this month’s Full Moon on the 23rd we are encouraged to turn inward and take a deeper look at the patterns and cycles of our lives. To tune into what is most meaningful and relevant in these changing times. There is a definite shift in the energies over this Full Moon period that will help us to direct our energy towards a greater purpose. As such we can expect an expansion in our perspective as we begin to see and sense a progression in the changes we are experiencing.

Use the energies of this Full Moon to evaluate where you are now. Remember that life is constantly changing and as a result, adjustments and realignments may be necessary as what you need to engage with becomes more evident. You are moving into a highly creative energy so focus on the steps you need to take to bring to fruition the visions of your soul. Let the old fall away and feel into what is emerging from within without trying to force an old agenda. 

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