News and Views * 7-24-21


Beach Broadcast: McAfee 31T Data did Drop, Sierra Leone Map, FootprintsStargate Newsletter: Global Disruption Warning

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 24, 2021

Starship Earth: Circling in a Holding Pattern

Patriot Intel Report β€” July 23, 2021: Tipping Point

Biden Invites United Nations to Investigate America’s ‘Systemic Racism’

Saratoga Ocean: FREE your mind from the Matrix w/ this Simple Exercise πŸ“¦ [16 min video]

And We Know β€” 7.22.21: Biden Admits to all What they do? Jab Push.

dutchsinse: Large M6.7 Earthquakes bouncing back and forth across Pacific! [39 min video]

Today is John MacAfee SHTF Day – What We Think We Know

he blood, but is presented on the surface of the cell, where antibodies are made to it. Lupus, anyone?

UN Takes Over Salt Lake City Building, Kicks Out Citizens From Filming Inside Compound (video 3 m)

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