Full Thunder Moon in Aquarius * This is The Time of Ascension – MAJIKAL LIBERATION PORTAL * via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 7-24-21


-SA Smith

FULL MOON FRIDAY! BUCK MOON RISING THIS EVENING BUT THE ENERGIES ARE ALREADY HERE.OUR THIRD FULL MOON OUT OF FIVE!With the Full Moon comes, massive upgradesWe saw and felt the energies layering in yesterday.Then overnight big energies continued to hit our MagnetosphereAllowing our Bow Shock to bend and turn, letting those big energies come straight in to you.Today you may experience BIG ASCENSION SYMPTOMSSome of those symptoms you may experience:HEAD PRESSUREEARS RINGINGBACK PAINHEART CHAKRASTOMACH ISSUESFOOT PAINNECK PAINJAW PAINFOOD CRAVINGSEXTREME THIRSTFATIGUEFLOATY FEELINGWALKING BETWEEN WORLDSITCHY SKINDRY EYESVERTIGOEMOTIONAL OVERLOADMEMORIES RETURNINGThis is a BIG energy day.You might spend the morning Euohoric then experience the evening upgrading.Anything is possible today as these energies increase.Listen to YOU, your body knows your system like no other.3rd Full Moon30 SLEEPS TO GO!AGirlintheUniverse.com

L’Aura Pleiadian

“Full Moon in Aquarius, July 23/24th, 2021 ~ INTENSITY”This Full Moon in Aquarius on Friday July 23rd (for some of you Saturday July 24TH) is an intense Full Moon at 11:36pm ADT.The current Classical Astrology, because of the procession of the Equinoxes, makes the Sun signs off a full sign. 2000 years ago the sky was very different than it is now. MORE on this soon. I have been going deep into this and have been SHOWN many things, which I will share with you all here, soon.Staying with the classical astrology for now, this Full Moon (Sun opposite Moon) creates a more extreme emotional atmosphere and tension, that is always for the highest and greatest, even when the energies become uncomfortable. AS always, the frequencies interact with your unique blueprint, so that your experience and level of interaction, is UNIQUE to you.As an example; some of you may have a harmonious astrological house of home and relationships as a main focus for you life plan. Some of you may have this area of your blueprint as the most challenging part, which is there for you to clear, accept and transform this lifetime/plan/blueprint.Where we are AT now is always the focal point of frequency, whether we realize it or not. This is out jumping off place, to now begin again. The focus on the Heart and switching over to the Eternal dynamic of Love focused awareness is the greatest area of transformation, planned out through many lifetimes.For now, this Full Moon energy and interaction has the Moon quincunx Venus which may or may not for you bring up tension in relationships. As mentioned earlier this is all playing out for your benefit whether you realize it or not. Being present and accepting what is now, is always the most direct, clearest route of experience and transformation. The pain comes in through resistance to what is now.The Sun quincunx Jupiter also may bring up tension in areas of potential success or not. For some of you Jupiter may be positioned closer to home and relationships, so again, this is all unique for you and your Blueprint and current frequency awareness.Venus opposite Jupiter may activate areas of your love life, home life and areas where you indulge in life. Always, being present allows the purest and highest frequency interactions to take place through YOU and through all moments of awareness.So we use what we have, there is no where to go OTHER than here now as this NOW has all the ingredients for your perfect and complete transformation and ascension.Ascension takes place through the transcendence of the Heart space, existing as the constant stream of eternal YOU, God Self, awakening to the new way, yet the new way is the only way and the eternal natural way to be.Many struggle with this as a concept, as thoughts and beliefs are often the patterns that prevent the very access to the desired new way of being, through the HEART.Key is to quiet the mind, the thoughts, be aware and observe and connect moment to moment in silence through the breath, to your heart. To Your eternal self.Quiet the mind, open your heart.When I taught yoga and meditation for many years, the greatest breakthroughs came to people in and through this silence and entering the heart. CAPTURING that space and living their continuously is the ASCENSION process.ALLOW this Full MOON intensity to be the fertile ground upon which you transform THROUGH.Nowhere to go, only to BE. Living through eternity and present here NOW, I bless you and all that comes up for you as the VERY process of your Ascension,in love,L’Aura Pleiadiansource: thenewdivinehumanity.comIn love always,L’Aura Pleiadian

Shane Shema-Sheniy Froio

Blessings to all.A powerful full moon astronomically conjoins with the star “62 Sagittarii” and the planet Pluto. This occurs in the second decan of the Sagittarius constellation bringing emphasis to the 9 of Wands, which is esoterically ruled by the Moon herself. Our vision of the future can be challenged at times. Sagittarius, as “Prometheus”, represents the 9th dimension of temperance, art, and foresight. When tempering the blade of a sword we use water and fire. Also, we always consider both edges of the sword. That is we consider our will and the will of nature. We blend both as we would blend the mind and heart.The goal of the 9th dimension of Sagittarius is to become the arrow of time, or if you will, to become the one who paints  the future by seeking it first within themselves, to thereby predict, or become, the exact point of the future. Here, we take aim for the mark, release, and reach it. When we consider that this Full Moon is conjoined with the sphere of Pluto we realize that Pluto is the “Giver of Mineral Wealth” – that is Pluto asks us to find what is buried underground, in the earth, in a metaphysical sense.Enjoy


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