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Kate Spreckley

a message from Kate Spreckley

Wednesday, 21 July, 2021 


The process of transformation is often unpredictable, confusing and uncomfortable as we are driven to shed the past and open to the new. The past few weeks have seen a definite increase in intensity which, is facilitating the release of many of the old structures that have governed our world. The pressure has been building and as a result, we are being compelled to re-evaluate our lives and the ways in which we live. Changes are needed in every sphere of life as our social, political, financial and environmental systems continue to break down.

For many it can be difficult to maintain a sense of balance and flow as we move from one extreme state and into another seemingly without pause for breath. Change and transformation are occurring at a very rapid rate and the speed with which you are being faced with old patterns and blockages has increased dramatically. Challenges and difficulties are reaching a climax and now is the time where you must harness your energy and access the power you have to reinvent your current circumstances so that you may establish a more positive, authentic and productive way forward.

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