PBS Star Ken Burns Says NOW Is Worse Than the Civil War?

P.J. GladnickJuly 21st, 2021


It’s ironic that the documentarian best known for a television series about the Civil War seems to have forgotten the Civil War. That is the only conclusion one would have to make about PBS filmmaker Ken Burns because on Friday’s The 11th Hour With Brian Williams, after briefly discussing Robert E. Lee and Woodrow Wilson, he declared that “this is the most fraught time I think in the history of our republic.”  

Really, Ken? More fraught than the American Civil War that you chronicled in which over half a million died? Well, according to the sanctimonious lecture provided by Burns, these times are even worse because of “misinformation and paranoia and the lying voter suppression.”

He’s saying this to Brian Williams, who is known for misinformation. There’s a lecture about Critical Race Theory, and Burns cartoons the conservative (and common sense) opposition as usual. 



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