Star Ascension Goddess Void Lull of Your New Rebirth * New Eternal Heaven Codex – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 6-23-6-21


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Greetings Solar Christos Warriors of the Eternal Heaven Codex!

Rising through this Great Ascension Portal through infinite plateaus, higher and higher we go. Blasting through all barriers, gates and veils. We are breaking through all that has kept us in resistance and conflict for millenia. They were all illusions anyway.

Tomorrow is the Full Honey Rose Supermoon in Capricorn bringing in the Divine Goddess Feminine Healing Holy Waters of Crystalline Codes directly from the Great Central Sun!

The Heat is fully on now. All is purging and releasing what no longer serves our selves or hue-manity in this Great Transformation. We are becoming Real hue-man beings of Eternal Luminous Light living from our hearts. No matter what the false ones throw at us we convert and resolve all things in the Unborn Mind of Buddha.

We break Free from the baal and chains that bind…

Wayshowers of the New Earth this is lift off…nothing stopping us Now! The deeper within we go the higher we flow, riding the Rays into the Harmonic Resonance of the Music of the Spheres, our Angelic forms are Calling. Allow them to carry you directly to the Silence and Stillness of Source within…A’Ho!!

Shekina Rose

Incoming Frequency Shift Mother Embodiment the New Language Ascension symptoms and the Goddess Lull VoidThere is a new access and foundation through the Mother Goddess of anchoring and holding the divine frequency. There is a shift in the energetic fields and occurring through the sacred divine feminine of holy power through women and men. Many women are at the forefront of experiencing this new level of presence, the soul template of higher love and connection. It’s a holy power—an inner awareness of empathic heart and soul Presence. Beginning now is a new language and level of beingness.The old patriotic ways of expression of the mind and continuous chatter can almost be hurtful to you who are in this new holy flow of embodiment.

Ascension Symptoms

Feeling sick often, to one’s stomach and in general, including mind and emotional fear and unusual sickness; unresolved health issues acting up. For most, these symptoms are on the mend and have been for several weeks, with the ever-changing and ongoing ascension to whole health (including balance of male/female within). Symptoms disappear once energetic overhaul is complete.Constant shifting of energies, circumstances and situations. What is being called is to remember how to be centered and grounded in the new stance of your heart and being flexible. Learning how to negotiate in the new constant flux of many realms, dimensions, differences, sometimes clashes, shifting of organizations, people and friends and where the connecting higher force is through all of it.Star Ascension Goddess Void Lull of Your New RebirthYour body and mind are seemingly going slower as you are not in constant working, transforming and processing the energies that were indicative of the old parochial system and way of life.As transformers, receivers and transcribers of the new downloads and codes, you work them diligently into your life, sharing them through your work and services. Your inner sacred divine feminine nature may be dictating a new flow for allowing these more refined frequencies.You may not be over enthusiastic about pushing projects through. The sacred divine feminine template is asking for this gestation time and embodiment. During this cycle, you may be more in observation mode, simply being present, moment to moment.. What seems like a slower pace is actually an enhanced expanded dimensional flow. Do less, accomplish more, as you learn the art of being in the flow of Presence.This is not the male patriotic way of assertive, active projecting and influencing the environment—“man”a festing. It is rather a heightened state of awareness, creating an amplification of synchronicity for the higher spirit to move you in perfect divine alignment. For ideal alchemy, the divine male energy within is respected and honored—ergo organically balancing with the divine feminine frequency within—creating cohesion.Know not all are in sync with this new language of balance within. The more newly awakened and other starseeds and light bearers and the old world may be in their cycle of flow that is contradicting to what you may be experiencing now.For many who have been on the journey of service—grid workers, healers going through years and decades of upgrades and transformation—this is your sacred rebirth. Know you are being prepared for upcoming events and energies where it will be vital to be constant in this new state of active divine feminine unconditional love and acceptance—heart-balanced with the divine masculine—for true intuition, beyond duality. From this place, soulutions and answers can be trusted, as we embrace divine living in grace.*******************************************************************source:

Amanda Lorence

WAYSHOWERS:PORTAL UPDATE:Humanities collective potential embodiment stage NOW:The Portal that opened on 22 June STAYS OPEN for each to walk through when ready. Each walk through as per their unique timeline PRE-DESIGNED already. It’s already done! Take your own time! There is just more experience and more remembering that needs to occur for many, until they WALK through…The PORTAL, when through, is a further SOUL EMBODIMENT stage. (There are many stages to the Soul’s actual CONSCIOUS Embodiment). This particular Portal DISCONNECTS our predominant consciousness FROM the wounded ‘human’ CHILD self, that was carried into each human’s adulthood. I need to explain that the SOUL is NOT attached to the physical life, not attached to the CHILD, the human ADULT, the adult’s experiences or this physical world. It’s a SOUL. It vibrates and exists at a higher hertz frequency plane, in and around you. It is NOT a human being.Through the PORTAL, there is the total absence of the human CHILD, yet the presence of the divine childlike innocence of consciousness. The human child carried the distortions of PAIN, that were taken forward into their human ADULT. Human Child pain patterns ARE human adult reactions and BEHAVIOURS in the human adult, every time pain is experienced as the ‘adult! Yet unique to each one’s own life experience.PORTAL PARALLEL:There’s a SIMULTANEOUS PARALLEL:This DISCONNECT (via consciousness) to the ‘human’ childAllows…The individual Soul’s ever present connection to Divine LOVE, to be EVER present WITHIN the present CONSCIOUS experience, felt vibrationally within the physical body and KNOWN within the human body’s MIND operating system.The disconnect to the human child, is not something you can try to do with the human mind. It JUST HAPPENS to you, by your own consciousness, when ready, by YOUR pre-designed SOUL’s plan.There’s no rush to this, no try, or pushing oneself. Only the reverse: the letting go, surrendering, acceptance, the desire to be honest to yourself and above all…choosing LOVE frequency again and again. Flow IN the present moment, where the perfection of your’s and the Collective’s designs reside, and unfold, in waking awareness, thereby receiving your OWN REVELATIONS that expand you.The way to expand SOUL Consciousness, is for the ‘human’ to turn INWARD first. Ever inward. Always inward! All OUTER, including people, is your OWN manifested reality to see through, back to YOU!!! To allow the SOUL, OUT. Allow it to BECOME ‘you’. Yet then, there is NO ‘you’. There is SOUL and a physical BODY, and a physical MIND relay system that receives DATA directly from the SOUL, connected to the Infinite.One LoveAmanda Lorence23 June 2021


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