A Gift From Gaia



A Gift From GaiaChannelling – “That which you condemn will always return to the temple for forgiveness”.This morning I took myself off for a walk, the past few days here in Surrey UK we have had a period of replenishment in which the rains have been falling and so as my world outside my window became greener, I chose to perfect my alignments to the Heart Chakra….Green is the colour of the heart chakra, the Universal Law that governs this chakra is the Law of Rhythm, and so staying in on the inside felt like the perfect alignment whilst nature took itself through a process of rehydration for me to become witness and to choose to play on the pendulum swing with almighty Earth. Whilst our planetary ship readjusted, I simply sat, watched, opened myself to the teachings and chose to create a meditation that I could walk to once there was a space for me to reconnect back outside again….And what a powerful walking meditation it was as I opened and received the words “That which you condemn will always return to the temple for forgiveness”. These words then opened a powerful remembrance, a Saturnian teaching on this Saturn’s Day of the dissolution of Karma and Time, as well as a heart chakra opening that dissolved any old threads of resistance to a past of chaos and the perfect partners who played their Divine parts within it all….I will keep this brief beloved, but I will unfold the codes for you to play and explore too in these freedom codes I found….It all begins with understanding the entirety of what Divine Unconditional Love is, and this is an area which many have yet to explore because there is a part of love that most do not want to accept, and that part is chaos itself….Have you realised chaos as part of the Heart Law yet? Have you realised that the destruction of the old, and the creation of the new is always chaotic and have you noticed your judgement to creation itself? How you hold your breath and close your eyes in the crescendo and beg for the moment to pass? How you use a narrative that supports the restriction and escapism to a fundamental part of the Divine Plan? To Love itself?…Here lies separation…Here is where the lesson that love is the acceptance of all things begins to open, and once you see it, is the moment in which you get to collapse the spectrum and work with the magic that it is, at light speed, which is the collapse of time, and what follows is the realisation of how that old karmic law then dissolves into nothingness and you truly get to activate the freedom and liberation codes within your DNA….Chaos is like the string to the theory, it is what joins it all together, chaos is the waters of the great flood that created the space for your arrival. Chaos are the fires that scorch the lands but herald and call forth the new beginning. Chaos is the great war that changes the shape of humanity just as chaos is a pandemic which changes the global family unto a new way to behave.Chaos is you in transformation……Chaos is not meant to be judged, it is to be wholly and completely received as the Divine Experience that it is.Chaos is unconditional love.

Author: Higher Density Blog

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