Adama~ Messages for the Enlightenment of a Humanity in Transformation

Posted by amparo alvarez on June 19, 2021



~Adama~The Violet Flame will not “get rid of” karma.That is not its purpose. The Violet Flame will assist inbalancing it as well as teach the lessons you need to learnin a more gentle way. If you resist the lessons and understanding your challenging situations teach you, the useof the Violet Flame may not bring the desired results. Itcannot be misused to prevent you from the experience andgaining the wisdom that ultimately are the true meaningof karma.There is a big difference between learning a lesson in a gentle way by heeding your inner guidance, or learning through a painful experience to receive the same understanding. Doyou see the difference? The Violet Flame provides a moreloving and gentle way of learning lessons with ease andgrace. Lessons do not have to be as painful or difficult asmost of you are experiencing at this time. Your resistancein opening yourself to higher ways creates the harshness inyour lives. In fact, all the Flames and their individual attributes can assist you.Messages for the Enlightenment ofa Humanity in TransformationTELOS – Volume 22004 by Aurelia Louise JonesMount Shasta Light Publishing

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