Unexpected Gifts

Kate Spreckley

Kate SpreckleyTuesday, 15 June, 2021 


Currently, something deep within us is transforming urging us to embrace change and stirring a desire in us to move forward. However, there is a tangible tension between the past and the future bringing us face to face with our own inner resistance and the need our soul has to break free from the past. As a result, we are being pushed out of our comfort zones and into an unknown and unfamiliar landscape, which is creating a general sense of confusion, uncertainty, and chaos as we attempt to navigate our way.

At this time karmic ties and karmic cycles are coming to an end which may bring some challenging situations to the fore. Old emotions will intensify your experiences magnifying what needs to heal and change. You may feel pulled in different directions as the past surfaces for healing and release. Be receptive to what is emerging but stay away from unnecessary drama. Try not to control things and move with the flow as unexpected gifts can be found in whatever you are currently facing.

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