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lesson one (0:00:00) McCaysville, Georgia – Delphi University

The “Handbook Series” is meant to remain on this site at the top. It represents a few channelling “lessons” that explain the premise of the Kryon information in logical steps.

This is CORE information that has been presented in many channellings, but is now available for those who are just discovering this information, and who wish to have a more coherent and clear understanding of what it is all about.

The lightworkers handbook lesson two (0:36:50)

San Diego, California This Transcription is actually a combination of three live channellings on this subject, given over 2 months. It presents one of the most difficult subjects for the New Age, and Kryon wanted me to get it right!

If you listen to the live audio, you get only a portion of what is being presented here in this transcription.

It’s a touchy subject, and one that many find unbelievable, or offensive, or dark. It elicits anger in some and disbelief in many, but it’s core truth and must be understood

. For without this knowledge, a large barrier will continue to exist that you will seemingly forever battle in your quest for enlightenment.

The lightworkers handbook lesson three (1:07:56)

Mt. Shasta, California, Kryon Summer Light Conferenc

e Here is a channelling from Mt. Shasta, and the Kryon Summer Light Conference.

It is core explanations of some of the “woo woo” that bothers logical and 3-D minds.

This channelling from Mount Shasta, has become lesson three in The Lightworker’s handbook, which is the series that we recommend those read who are just coming up to speed with the New Age attributes. Lemurians knew about the planets, about biology, about DNA, about magnetics. Now they are stepping forward as helpers to those of you who also wish to start this interdimensional journey. Welcome to the New Lemuria. The lightworkers handbook lesson four (1:49:30) This Transcription was given in Granada, Spain to a very advanced group. This is part one of two regarding one of the most confusing aspects of metaphysics… the system and how it might work. Are there really “no accidents?” What does the face of God look like? Where is God? This channelling is a discourse on the differences between the reality of Spirit and humanity. Part two will be a bit more practical, telling what to do with the whole picture, and giving examples. The lightworkers handbook lesson five (2:12:19) Granada, Spain One of the most confusing aspects of metaphysics… the system and how it might work

. This a lot more practical than part one, giving examples of how a person can come to “count on the syncronicity of seeming accidents” as a way of life. 🙏

Special thanks to Kryon – Lee Carroll

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