Ideal Time for Inner Work

Kate Spreckley

a message from Kate Spreckley

Monday, 14 June, 2021 


Despite the intense nature of the incoming energies there is an underlying excitement to this time. The energy is somewhat unpredictable as we are leaving behind an old cycle and entering a new one. The New Moon Solar Eclipse last week has amplified both the positive and the negative creating a time of clearing, releasing, planning and preparation. As a result, we can expect the incoming energies to uncover and unearth all that needs to be rebalanced and realigned within us. The challenges and difficulties we now face require a different perspective and therefore a different approach.

With Mercury still retrograde you may find the flow of events not going the way you expected. For some this time is an opportunity to review and refocus on what is most important. For others it is an opportunity to clear the debris of past emotional pain and really connect with the soul. Regardless of how you are experiencing this time there is an emerging energy that is ushering in new and exciting possibilities that will move you beyond old ways of thinking and being. Be open and willing to see and think in ways you may never have before. This week is an ideal time for inner work, meditation, and reflection.

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