Pleiades Portal Open – A Time of Elevated Consciousness * Zero-Point Jump – New Earth Timeline – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 5-17-21

-SA Smith

A Girl in the UniverseSCHUMANN RESONANCE SPIKES AS ENERGIES POUR INTHESE YOU’RE GOING TO FEEL!🌟Quick Energy Update🌟Schumann Resonance is Showing it’s colors.Time is being felt very strongly with these energies.As if it is slipping through your fingers.You are the Master of your experience.Notice the changes around as these new, big energies come in.It’s more than just ascension symptoms now.With the upgrades your receiving you can feel time shifts and timeline changes.It’s all within you.Keep your senses sharp during these energies.Notice the difference around and within you.YOU ARE THAT POWERFUL 🌟

Order of the Star

✨✨✨Pleiades Portal Open✨✨✨

On May 17th, the Pleiadian Portal will open. It will be a very important milestone in the progress of Humanity and the Light forces towards the final planetary liberation. The Pleiades constellation of seven stars has come into direct alignment with the Sun of our Solar System. The sun aligns with the Pleiades sending beams of high frequency energy to the planet and to humanity.This is a time of elevated consciousness, healing and a time to create a better reality. As we now come in alignment with the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades star system. Now is a time to keep your mind open to the infinite possibilities available to you as a living being with the ability to create. This is a powerful time for manifestation. A portal is an opportunity to move to the next level in life and is simply an energetic gateway. This Portal will help you to sit in alignment with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Past Lives and Ancestors.Time to upgrade! By committing to positive transformation through our changing times, we can step through this portal into the next step in our journey. What we need right now is to open ourselves up to new possibilities by meditating and keeping the bright cosmic bodies in our mind and heart. Take in all the energy, and in time, we will see ourselves grow, flourish, and heal.The Seven Sisters of the sky, are deeply connected to us through our hearts. This multidimensional portal will allow you to encounter a profound experience of self-discovery and enlightenment through your own higher self. Within this relationship, You and the Universe will become one in Unity Consciousness and Christ Consciousness.A vibrationally-curated Golden Inner Journey connecting you to the 7 stars of the Pleiades & awakening your starseed gifts in this dimensional reality. Through this process of celestial reflections and refractions, the Pleiadian energy is reaching unto us after being “bounced” from other stars.This enchantment creates a portal through which the energy of Pleiades Stars is drawn unto directly, pure unaltered cosmic energy, but also sacred knowledge encoded energy of ancient secrets of the Universe. A part of the “codex” of creation. The energy and information of existence. The opening of the mind unto the higher dimensional realities that exist. Welcome this energy with a open heart and let yourself become the best version. Now is the time to expand and transform. We must realize that everything is truly in Divine Order.

A New Awakening

17 May 2021

We begin the week with a couple of beautiful new templates to receive and embody into our cellular system if we so choose, and these are both at maximum flow today and will continue to hold open and available for the next few days.

Another opportunity for a spiritual awakening? Well quite possibly so, this one is signed, sealed, and delivered by the Goddess herself and activates the heart chakra, and the other concerns the Sun with Pluto, the inner world, and the outer world, but very much the mental world.

For there to be a spiritual awakening both the heart and the mind must clear, cleanse, and expand, aligning together which maximises on the size and power of our personal magnetic fields. This ultimately boosts our power of manifestation and can literally transform a life immediately.

The chances are if you have been deeply focused on your ascending path then you are most likely going to be manifesting and experiencing something quite new and extraordinary that will open a new pathway filled with passion, drive, and something quite transformative, ground-breaking, or foundationally strong.

Sounds like a spiritual awakening to me!

Looking at the grand reflection, especially where I am situated in the UK, we have the theme of “opening” running through our collective field. The UK citizens are now officially allowed to hug, and the system and all it provides is opening itself up more to allow for more social gatherings and activities. The mood is high and happy and folk appear to be surfing a beautiful vibe, although it is apparent that there is a friction and an agitation that is running deeply underneath and this of course is being seen and felt in the news of conflict around the world. There is a sense that whilst all is well that its also a fragile and fractured energy that could split very easily should anything cause irritation and this is to be expected in the collective field that is currently dominated by spectrums of polarities. The beat of the butterfly wing on one side of the planet will cause hurricanes on the other.

All is happening in the most exquisite Divine Order so that each may receive the opportunity to clear and transcend the polarity that is experienced in the forgotten language of energy.

Our job is to continue to awaken and to share through being the example and this of course shows in both our mental and physical health whilst all else appears to collapse around us.

We share our love, complete wholehearted love with zero judgement and void of conditions to how each is choosing to cleanse, clear, and receive their opportunity to return into the light.

The first template I would like to share with you is Venus now conjunct the North Node of the Moon, there is something so very warming with this portal of energy now in full flow. Venus has been topic of conversation for a while now since she was invisible in the underworld during the first few months of 2021. Our value system has had a huge shake up, or perhaps wake up would be the better words.

This past week as Venus was moving into position it became evident that some of our old values were being released, areas of distortions, areas holding attachments had to be dissolved and this was due to the opposition that she makes with the South Node (Conjunct North Node in Taurus means Opposing South Node in Scorpio). The South Node is what we release, and according to Sidereal Astrology the South Node is currently placed in Scorpio, the mystical waters that run so very deep.  The theme surrounding the opposition will no doubt be around avoidance and possibly some spiritual bypassing too, all of this was required to be released for this next available spiritual awakening (the first clap of thunder just sounded as I typed those words).

The power point of this conjunction lies with the conjunction of the North Node and Venus and it is happening in Taurus whilst also being supported by the sun and mercury on either side too.

Taurus is a happy home for Venus, she rules the roost here, and this conjunction couldn’t be anymore aligned to welcome in new love, new passion, new drive, new focus, new, new and more new. So beloveds if there is a time to dream and dream big then NOW is when we power this up. Share your dreams, speak them allowed, smell them, taste them, touch them, paint them in the most finest of details so that they pop from the imagination and begin to form into your field of reality.

Venus relates to our heart chakra, the law of rhythm and the pendulum swing. Each of us have been gracefully learning to surrender to the back swing of the cosmic pendulum, learning just how important that the draw back is in that it powers the rush forward and how we must not judge it, we must not fall into the illusional thinking drawn up by the ego and its want to show that failure is constant. Instead we learn to enjoy the journey of the pull back, we have realised it to be the experience that creates the most light, so that we may fly free as the pendulum turns and thrusts forward once again, and it is, now, as collectively we now begin a new cycle, a new upgraded value system has been installed.

For this alone my heart feels so expansive, I want to share love and congratulate each and every one who has been so committed, so understanding, so deep in their learning and focused on remembering the truth of who we are.

This is deep, and every time it feels like deep work, please remember that you too are being guided into deep joy, deeper love, deeper peace and ultimate Divine Bliss sweetOnes, never lose sight of the truth and get lost in the illusion of the lies that tell us of pain and suffering, all is our opportunity to play more, receive more, and rejoice more.

There is so much to write but as this is a blog post I will try and keep it short as possible….

Moving on…..

We have the Sun (whilst backing up Venus in Taurus) in a harmonious Trine with Pluto who is currently in retrograde taking himself back to the beginning of Capricorn. Pluto represents inner transformation, the Seed of Creation, and the very core truth of our being. Capricorn is another Earth Sign, so this template will be ground-breaking or powerfully strong foundationally.

This energetic stream also has supporting signatures to the Venus and North Node template in that it supports the release of distractions, illusions, and any waste such as precious time and space.

If there is something that is required to be implemented that now is most definitely the time to be setting the focus and breaking things down into the steps that are going to lead you to the desired destination.

There is also some Unity energy coming through with Pluto and Sun being a masculine dominated energy and then Venus at home in Taurus being an immensely powerful feminine energy, together we have essence of the Sacred Union which is the ultimate creation Source Code in play too.

So, going back to the original question, is this the energy of a spiritual awakening? I feel the answer is a resounding YES for those open to receiving this Great Cosmic Flow.

I am sharing waves upon waves of peace, love, and bliss with you!



Daniel Scranton

A Huge Step Toward Joining the Galactic Community ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.We are so very capable of seeing the patterns as they emerge on your world, and right now we can see that the patterns are indicating a greater awareness of your place within the galactic community, especially amongst those who have been non-believers in extra-terrestrials for their entire lives. The way their newfound beliefs manifest is in their willingness to investigate, their willingness to go further than they have ever gone before with a sense of curiosity about who or what else exists in this universe.Skepticism is healthy to a certain degree, because it allows you to tap in to your discernment abilities, which you need, but when someone is skeptical without ever questioning their skepticism, that’s when you know there is something larger at play within the individual that needs to be uncovered. And that is also happening; people are questioning why they believe what they believe and why they don’t believe in certain things that others believe in, and that is a positive step forward for the collective consciousness of humanity. You do need to question everything in order to examine it fully and draw your own conclusions.You were never meant to align yourself with one set of beliefs from the day you were capable of having a belief and adhere to those for the rest of your lives. That would be quite limiting, and it is something you are moving past at this time. Of course, there have been humans who have done this, and there are humans who are doing it right now, and these are the humans who are awakening. Everyone has to start from somewhere, and so you have there on your world much more evidence of the existence of extra-terrestrial life and consciousness than you have ever had before.It doesn’t take much nowadays to make someone into a believer, and that is a critical first step. There does, however, need to be a second step after that. People then need to understand that e.t.s are not to be feared. They are not to be feared just as no aspect of yourself should be feared. You are there to have your initial reactions, but then ultimately to embrace everything and everyone, including the unseen, including the e.t.s who have yet to make themselves known to the vast majority of humans there on Earth.And that next step is coming for so many who have begun to open themselves up to the possibility that life beyond Earth does in fact exist. This is a huge step forward for the human collective and a huge step toward joining the galactic community, officially, which is something you will do and you will do soon. Just be patient with your fellow humans; they have chosen a different path than you have, but it is still a valid one. It is still one that needed to exist.We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



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