Zorra Call – May 16, 2021 — New Dimension

ZORRA CALL – 4-25-2020 – Updates RV/GCR, Messages, and Q&A – YOU ARE LOVE  ETERNAL! – Higher Density Blog

5-16-2021 “Zorra Call” Special guest, Q plus Zorra


Dear beloved Goddesses and Gods,

At 5 PM PT/8PM ET, we will be joined by “Q”, our next special guest. He has some important messages relevant to the many concerns of our world as well as our blessings. and our near future. These are just a few of the topics to be discussed. His spirit perspective and insight is very valuable to all.

Following “Q”, we will continue with our Q&A with our beloved Zorra!

It will be spiritually uplifting, inspiring and thoughtful experience for

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