Accelerated Arc of Evolution ~ Photonic Light Blasts Bring Healing ~ Signs of the Times * via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 4-17-21

Paul White Gold Eagle

Streaks of White Light coursing in to the Electromagnetic field showing up as a 33hz Spike in the amplitude of the Schumann Resonance. 33 is the number of Mastery and Self Ascension.

We also had a 3.3 earthquake activation today in the Virgin Islands. This is connected to the Virgin Mary and Sophia the original Divine Feminine. This is also synchronic with the Rising of the Divine Masculine Christos energies and the New Atlantis timeline.

We are also on the 8th Galactic portal Day of 10 in a row of the Yellow Seed Wavespell on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar.

New Light Codes coming in by the hour. We are on the precipice of the Quantum Leap of Consciousness from homo-sapien to Homo-Luminous. Bright Virtue made manifest. Keep living from your heart and walking gently your Sacred Path with Heart.

The Emerald Green Light glows bright in our Heart Center guiding our Way home to the Kingdom of Heaven within. The Still White Magnetic Light at the Centre of All things, which is everywhere. That is the paradox, the One in the many the many in the One. This is the Holographic Nature of the Simulated Multi-Verse.

Separation exists only in the Mind of Man. All things are intrinsically connected in the Mind of the Great Spirit.

Judith Kusel

The Power of Love is pouring in with waves upon waves of new sound and musical harmonies, and chords, which humanity lost ages ago.More than this the highest frequency vibrations of Light and Sound are reverberating through our spinal columns now and indeed we are being tuned into the Celestial Light and Sound frequencies.I cannot find words for this, but like a piano is tuned according to its strings, and like one indeed shortens or lengthens the violin or guitar strings, we now are becoming the strings and the instruments being tuned in, so that the Celestial Symphonies are be played through us and the New Earth again!With the light and sound updates the color updates are streaming in. These colours are out of the range of our physical eyes but can be picked up via the Third Eye and indeed are almost see-through.We are now being lifted through the Celestial Sound, Light and Color Frequencies into the 5th and even higher dimensional frequency band, each soul according to it own ability to carry the new and much higher frequencies! Yet, within all of these are the Sacred Geometries, the Sacred Mathematics and Sacred Physics, the Yod Spectrum and indeed the Paradise Keys and Codes returned!All is pulsating with new life and new beginning and new creation!What Joy!What Beauty!Miracles are happening and how!http://www.judithkusel.comPhoto: Source Unknown. If you know the Source please let me know and I will gladly acknowledge them.

Elizabeth Peru

3ts4Spuomnsmorendi  · I have a feeling that thousands of souls in our community of light will receive a ‘breakthrough’ today. Will you?source:

Celia Fenn

We are on an accelerated Arc of Evolution that is intensifying and that will lead us to a major “leap” in August at the Lions Gate.According to Archangel Michael, we are ready…and here we go.First the Total Lunar Eclipse on the 26th May, in Sagittarius close to the Galactic Center. This one is intense.Then about 2 weeks later, the Solar Eclipse in Gemini, and then about two weeks later, the Solstice.At each point, energy will accelerate and ramp up to lift the Earth frequency in preparation for the New Cycle that commences with New Year on the 26th of July and the Lions Gate at 8/8.The best way to cope with these intensifying energies is just to go with the flow and allow the process.We got this!It’s time now….You may be feeling “deep” symptoms as your body aligns with the new energies. Those of us in the First Wave will probably feel these more deeply as our bodies adjust, yet again. Those in the 3rd wave and later, like the new children, will probably be sailing as they adjust to something more like the speed they were designed for…at last!This is not an easy phase that we are moving into, but it will have the effect of lifting many people onto the New Earth timeline as it shifts the Earth itself towards a higher frequency to open up that new timeline.Best advice it to take good care of yourself and not to expect too much of yourself in the next weeks. Take it easy and let the events unfold in a natural way.Love, Peace and Magic to everyone!


Nassim Haramein

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