Our Mission * We The Peoples of New Earth * Rise into the Dawning of the Golden Age of Eternal Life Gene Key 8 : Exquisiteness * via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure * 5-16-21

Paul White Gold Eagle

Here we goooooo!!!

Another day of massive pulsing higher dimensional light of Great Central Sun pouring in. Major blasts of multidimension waves of sound and light flowing into our fields of electromagnetism.

We received multiple beams of white light showing up as 60 💥 45 💥 40 💥 61 HZ amplitude resonance on the Schumann charts over the last 24 hours. We are in the 7th day of 10 Galactic Activation Portals on the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar!

Our toroidal fields are receiving upgrades of the most High. MerKaBa of the 144 DNA Codon activations presently being transfigured into the codes of the New Earth, New Eden, New Jerusalem what we call Heaven on Earth or “Eternal Bliss Consciousness”.

Be in the Peace and the Light of Divine Creator Source our Great Spirit, The Great Mystery our highest Self beyond all concepts. We are in the timelessness of Self Mastery, Self Ascension, Awakening of pure Awareness. All things are perfectly resolved in the Unborn Mind of Buddha. This is the Dharma (Truth) directly from Source. We are activated in this Now!

Keep riding these waves of Golden light into 5D New Earth!!!

source: http://eaglelovecondor.com

A Girl in the Universe

IT’S NOT OVER YET! MORE ENERGIES INCOMING.✨🌀✨It’s been an interesting 12 hours.🌟These very intense energies keep crashing in.Just when you think you’ve gotten through them, another appears.That feels very much like the pattern for the weekend.We need these energies for your foundation for changes within you.Those amazing understandings and knowings you have been receiving are all due to the inner work you are doing and these energies.They are energizing you, propelling you forward in a way we haven’t ever experienced before.THIS IS ALL NEW TERRITORY AND YOU ARE DISCOVERING IT, DAY BY DAY.You will never experience this expansion period again in this way.Embrace the change.✨Embrace the abilities you are creating within you.“WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY”As your Superpowers come online you’ll be called to do so many things you never thought you could.That’s the level you’re being prepared for.So when it feels tough, remember, YOU TOOK THIS MISSION.🌟🌟You knew it would be hard, but you are an Ascended Master!YOU ARE AMAZINGYOU ARE PART SOURCE!What does Source Fear?NOTHING!!Much love and light Divine One,SATURDAY NIGHT’S GOING STRONG AS THE ENERGIES ROCK ON!🌟Quick Energy Update🌟We have been experiencing crazy intense energies all day and they aren’t stopping now!Get Ready for these to go all night long!Ascension Symptoms will continue and possibly intensify.You should catch some sleep because these are causing lightworkers to just pass out!You are an Ascended Master, this is nothing for you!But if you are feeling overwhelmed indulge in your favorite things.Things that make you feel loved, comforted, blissful.Things that fill you and keep your vibration high.You are a Divine One, never forget who YOU are!aGirlintheUniverse.com

Maureen Moss

We The Peoples of New EarthWe are under the influence of the strongest Cosmic rays, Schumann Resonance frequencies, and Solar Activity ever on Earth. Everything is on purpose to assist us to lift into a new Arc of Source Solar Light and attune to the frequency of Holy Light BEings.Humanity is literally being spun out of 3D Earth at almost warp speed both by Divine Decree and Original Intent. With the 555 portal/gateway still open and the Galactic Center open, Ascended Masters walk amongst us and frequencies pour in from the 5th-9th dimensions. As well, a convergence is taking place between the Pleaidians, Sirians and Arcturians becoming stronger as One to assist Humanity in harnessing the stellar energies of these remarkable openings and with more ensuing. “Change-makers to Change-makers we meet,” the Pleadians have said. And, as I gratefully experienced on Saturday evening after a long and trying week there is access available to be met by Masters of the 12th Dimension of Lyra.WE have moved far beyond the stages of limited potential or not equal to. And WE have an obligation of Heart and Soul to let it be known first to ourselves and then all others.It is important now we come solidly on board with depersonalizing our believed personhood and BE in Consciousness and Heart prepared, fearless and trusting in the face of the unknown that nothing other than Godness/Goodness awaits us…though we are to acclimate to and steward stability and only know ourselves as Divine, Multi-Dimensional, Sovereign and Free BEings. The power of our Rightness is Key to move more fully into the long awaited cycles of our Eternal Inheritance.A year or so ago in one of our Gatherings I shared these words from Lord Metatron written in the Keys of Enoch, “Peoples of the New Earth inhabit many dimensions simultaneously and are meant to bring forth a cycle of peace as the planet is reset within the Heavens of this Universe. You are the Peoples of New Earth meant to give and receive codes of Light and energy and intermingle with others in the Galaxy. First each need learn the Truth of themselves, the principals of energy and how to work as alchemists with that energy.”And so it is WE the peoples of New Earth, the peoples of Light are to adjust our bodies cloaked in flesh to adorn our Garments of Light, find peace and Presence in our hearts, align and anchor the higher frequencies in body and earth, purposefully expand our potentials and let love and compassion flow as we are led by Light, by Frequency, by Telepathy, Sound, Code and Love into this Spiraling Intelligent Transfiguring Octave of our evolution.Eternal Love to All,Maureen



 Cristina Valenzuela

Make this Practice during May the 14th and 15th. In preparation to the your Ascension.

At midnight previous to Ascension Day, ask the “Presence” to take you into the Heart of the Great Central Sun, and charge you with the full Ascended Master Consciousness of all the Ascension means to you.

At noon (12:00 o’clock) the following day, be quiet for half an hour or an hour, and give conscious recognition to your “Presence.” Ask It to see that you make your Ascension in this embodiment if possible. Ask your “Beloved I AM Presence” to give you the feeling of the Ascension.

  • During the time of giving recognition to the Beloved Master Jesus’ Ascension—from noon of the preceding day, Ascension Day, to noon on the day following—for three days try to live in the constant Call for the Cosmic Christ Victorious Accomplishment of the Ascension of every individual, the Nation, and the world. Demand the Cosmic Christ Power of the Mightiest Love in Creation, and call the Angelic Host who direct the Blue Flame to spread that Flame everywhere. Then mankind will feel the pull toward the Light; and thus raise the attention, until once again the Magnetic Pull from the Great Heights of Creation from whence all Life comes, draws upon the outer self, and it turns away from the misery of its own limitations through the centuries.
  • At the moment of the Ascension and just previous to It, as the Love is continued from your outer self to your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,” your “Mighty I AM Presence” lifts the struggle and the pressure of the outer self by consuming the discord. As It pours Its Love in the Violet Consuming Flame to the outer self, every vibration of discord is dissolved and consumed. The impurity fades, the Light within expands; and the Love from above joins the Light from below, and draws It up until It becomes that Greater Love also. And I assure you, it is not strenuous!
  • As you enter into the Great Great Silence, demand before you go into It, the Ascended Jesus Christ’ Knowledge and Use of all the Powers of the Sacred Fire during this time and until after Ascension Day.

Ask for the full Understanding and Use of all the Powers which He used when He produced certain Manifestations—which it was not wise to explain to the outer world at that time.

Ask Him to reveal to you the things which He did which He could not explain to the outer world at that time.

Ask Him, by the Power of the Sacred Fire which He directs, to teach you to do the things that He did.

You will have great Illumination! You will find yourselves having Mastery over world conditions which will surprise you.



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