Just Being * By Anrita Melchizedek

Posted by Steve Hutchinson on May 15, 2021


Just Being By Anrita Melchizedek

I am a vibrating stargate of Divine Love.

Through the radiance of my own Soul Light,

I live in this Now Moment,

In Timelessness,

In Non-Attachment,

observing through the Witnessing Presence of my Beloved I Am,

the Tender Love of my Soul Light.

and the Exquisite Beauty of my Pain.

I allow myself to be with my pain.

With no judgment, and no blame,

I enter into this discomfort.

I pause, feel and listen,

as I breathe in Love and breathe out Love.

Tenderly, I touch my pain,

And say to this aspect needing my Love:

Can you trust me?

Can you allow me to take you HOME,

Can you allow me to lead the way?

What you have been experiencing is a human perspective,

attachment to particular roles, behaviors and beliefs played out along the karmic timelines.

When you can shift perspectives,

 you can see what is real and what is not.

Behind every thought and every feeling is the Love of All Creation.

Can you feel it now Beloved?

Can you feel it now?

The Light of our Soul embraces and Illuminates,

dissolving, releasing and appreciating every single experience we have had to know ourselves as Love.

Thank you pain for being my biggest teacher.

You are so loved, so appreciated.

I Love You, I Love You.


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