Starship Earth * All Systems at the Ready for the Event and We’re Going Quantum, Baby!


I believe the countdown has begun. It’s getting exciting now as many signs appear indicating it’s almost GO TIME. (in more ways than one) May is said to be the month—and there are only 21 days remaining so that narrows it down. We don’t like to focus on dates because we’ve been disappointed many times.

I stand corrected. Q the Storm Rider says it IS Go Time.

EVIL Patriot ACT
Took all INFO from emails. Phones &computers.BUT Also implanted pedophilia pics, videos & fake receipts_$$transactions for blackmail/prosecution>this brought alot of innocent good GENERALS & people into CONTROL/fear.
MiL. Courts Vetted most now & cleared
_GO TIME— (Q)The Storm Rider (@Littleb29872980) May 10, 2021

Here is your decode for today of the Commander-in-Chief’s message. Link to Telegram to see the decode. This is Trump’s message. This is the Q drop. This way you can read them better, if necessary. You have to know that WWG1WGA has a great deal of meaning. It’s not only a unity statement.


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