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Awakening Collective Success by Saint Germain

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and love, I am Saint Germain. I come forth with my love, truth and all that I am to share with you. I am an expression of the Creator, I am an expression of divine magic, love, truth, peace, all that is the Creator. As this expression, I wish to inspire the same within your being, not only this, I wish to inspire that your expression of the Creator inspires and positively impacts the world and reality you exist within at this time.

You are a powerful tool in the ascension process, you have the ability to express the ascension process and all that is the Creator, bringing forth the activations, insights, remembrance, and the truth that is necessary. Every being will increase their vibration, awaken their hearts, and come to remember the truth of the Creator because of you. You are creating a reality of love for all to experience and are a powerful force in this ascension process that is unfolding. Everything that you do, every thought you have assists in the ascension process of all, the collective. When I speak of the collective, I am speaking of the consciousness, the mind, the remembrance and the beings or presence of all upon the Earth, every single soul, every single being upon the Earth is the collective. This includes humanity, animals, insects, tree spirits and so forth. You all create a collective energy, a collective consciousness and vibration. Past generations also add to the collective vibration, all beings who have existed upon the Earth in the past or simultaneous lifetimes have gifted their energy, and their experiences to this collective vibration and collective consciousness.

The collective vibration and consciousness of the Earth’s reality is so vast and expansive, it is like a library. It is immensely healing for all, it also holds all the wounds that have been unresolved within your own being and within others, whether they are on the Earth now or not. Therefore, we recognise that this collective vibration, or collective body, has so much power and influence not only over your reality, but everyone. It is my understanding at this stage of ascension that there is a need to awaken the collective success. When we awaken the success energy within the collective body, we will transform the perspective and the beliefs of the collective. We will heal wounds, we will be able to let go of many things that are hindering, negatively impacting, or holding all of humanity and all beings upon the Earth back.

What is Success?

When we speak of success, we are speaking of achieving one’s purpose, manifesting dreams, desires, embodying fulfilment, embodying the energy of completion and being a beacon of love. As well as enjoying your time upon the Earth in every given moment. We recognise success in many ways, it can be money, prosperity, time, love, objects, friendship, relationships, health, or vitality. There are so many ways that success can manifest. As I, Saint Germain, speak of success I am referring to the vibration of success, the highest vibration of the Creator that is able to be embedded within the Earth, and within your being.

Take a few moments just to acknowledge the highest vibration of the Creator.

We are not even speaking of success here, we are speaking of the highest vibration of the Creator that can manifest at the physical reality level, within your being, and through your being. When you embody the highest vibration of the Creator that is available to you in this moment you will automatically recognise the presence of success. You will automatically recognise that success or fulfilment begins to manifest in your reality and so, this is something that we are inviting you to achieve now.

Ask your soul to download into your being the highest vibration of the Creator available to you now.

Then simply allow it to be present with you, take time even if it is only a few minutes, to allow this to be downloaded, to be embedded and grounded into your being. It is a process of awakening, and remembrance. As you achieve this so you will already begin to impact the collective body that we spoke of.

Imagine the collective body. The collective body holds within it everyone’s success and what every being who has existed on the Earth recognises as failure, mistakes, or wounds. These wounds within the Collective body are holding humanity back, creating limitations, boundaries, and baggage. You are influenced by this energy from the collective body whether you are aware of it or not. Even if you feel yourself to be an embodiment of fulfilment, success, and completion, those wounds are still impacting your being. Even if you have healed all the wounds within your being the collective body may still impact your being. The collective body is so powerful it seems important to create an awakening of success within the collective body, therefore dissolving, dispersing, and erasing anything and everything that any being upon the Earth has recognised as a failure, a wound, or a mistake. You have the power to achieve this within the collective body. You have the power to awaken collective success, therefore the collective body will be influencing you and all beings with the energy of success. You will experience a limitless energy, that is empowering, strengthening, and nurturing. You will experience everything that you need to support yourself and to allow others to be supported upon the Earth, beginning to recognise the true nature and the true purpose of the collective body. The transformation will offer wisdom and knowledge that is needed so that all beings who exist upon the Earth can navigate the Earth using these tools and more importantly to offer success, and fulfilment as normal, as given, a natural aspect of the Earth. You are deserving, the collective body will support you and all beings through the ascension process navigating the journey of the Earth in a physical reality.

How to Awaken Collective Success

I, Saint Germain, wish to share with you how you can create this shift. First, as I have stated, there is a need to create the download within and from your soul into your being. Once you have achieved this and embodied it then you may focus upon the collective body.

Send your energy or love, your truth to the collective body. Imagine it as a well of light that is connected to every being upon the Earth, like a library or a source of information, you could even imagine it as a computer that is connected to all beings. As you send your energy to the collective body there is a need for you to state your intention:

‘It is my purpose with my guides, soul and soul group to awaken the collective success for myself, and for all.’

Then say:
‘I call upon the highest vibration of the Creator to flow into the collective body now.’

You may wish to imagine, sense, or acknowledge this occurring as the highest vibration available from the Creator flows and downloads into the collective body.

Then say:
‘The collective body now awakens the vibration of success dissolving dispersing, and erasing wounds, failures and mistakes, all energies that hinder, limit and block all beings upon the Earth.’

Then, please say:
‘I call upon all loving beings throughout the entire Universe of the Creator to now surround the collective body of the Earth and all beings, please send your highest vibration of love into the collective body. Please continue to do so until the awakening is complete, and the transformation and healing has taken place. Thank you.’

In the coming days, we invite you to practice this for yourself and for the collective body. You will begin to know when the process is being completed because you will receive the energy of fulfilment, success, and completion. You may receive it as you achieve this process, or you may receive it in your daily reality. It is important to notice it and celebrate it as well. To celebrate you can simply say thank you or express your gratitude.

Once you notice the energy of success flowing more freely within your being, your reality, and the world, ask all the beings that have been supporting this transformation to ground it, to ground the success energy into all beings upon the Earth and into Mother Earth herself as well. This is an immensely powerful and important process and practice. It will create tremendous shifts not only in your perspectives and beliefs, but in the perspective, and beliefs of all beings. How wonderful if all beings recognise success, fulfilment, and completion as a natural part of everyday life letting go of old baggage that has been unresolved.

I am present to serve you, I thank you.

I Am Saint Germain

source: omna.org


Our Galactic Family

Suzanne Lie, Ph.D.

Our Galactic Family is actually the higher frequency of our own human selves. However, just as our human selves resonate to the same frequency as the planet Earth that we live on, our Higher Dimensional Selves resonate to the higher frequency of the planets, Starships, and realities in which they exist.

There are many other versions of our own self that resonate with the higher frequencies. However, most humans are not “yet” aware of their own higher dimensional frequencies of their own human self.

In Fact, many humans are not aware of the higher versions of their “human” self because they resonate to the frequency of the Third Dimension.

These humans resonate to the third dimension because they live on, and are part of, Gaia’s third-dimensional Planetary Self.

Fortunately, more and more third-dimensional humans are expanding their own perceptual field by meditating and assisting other beings to expand their perceptual fields.

Of course, most 3D humans do not think in terms of a “perceptual field” that expands beyond the third-dimensional waking perceptions and/or their third and fourth dimensional, dreams and meditations.

Fortunately, there are more and more 3D humans who are expanding their time in meditation, which often allows them to recall some memories of the true Galactic Beings that they really are.

Hence, more and more 3D humans are beginning to remember their higher dimensional dreams, memories, and higher dimensional messages and experiences.

These expanded perceptions are resonating to the fourth, fifth, sixth, and beyond frequencies of reality. In other words, more and more humans are beginning to expand themselves beyond the limitations of the physical third dimension.

Therefore, more and more 3D humans are making conscious contact with their own higher dimensional expressions of SELF!

Because these waking and/or sleeping experiences are becoming more and more common, it is much easier for those who are expanding their awareness of the higher dimensions to communicate with others about their higher dimensional experiences.

It is in this manner of “sharing” that even those who could not believe in higher dimensions and higher dimensional beings are starting to share their experiences with other 3D humans.
As more and more humans share their “weird” experiences with others, more and more humans will be able to discuss their “higher dimensional dreams,” which are often real higher dimensional experiences.

As these higher dimensional experiences are shared with others more and more, they will not be so “weird” or even “unusual.” In fact, it is then more and more likely that people will begin to wonder, sense, dream about, and even share, their experiences that are beyond the “normal” third dimension.
As more humans share their higher dimensional experiences, more and more people will feel safe sharing their higher dimensional experiences as well.

Then, slowly, or maybe quickly, more and more people want to share their inter-dimensional experiences.

Then, instead of talking about what is wrong or frightening, people will begin to talk about their wonderful dreams, communications, and/or memories of the next frequency of reality that we are preparing ourselves to fully accept!

source: Multidimensions.com


1 hour ago

The Most High has freed our Tribe from old earth karmic bonds. You have passed through the gateway to attain stability, abundance, and solid foundations that supports your heart merger to take place. The heart is expanding into receiving the emotional abundance and nurturing that wasn’t received as a child . Past timelines are sifting away. Go forward and attain what is yours Beloveds.

Tomorrow’s Taurus New Moon, with the powerful eclipse season energies building, are heralding success of our ascension out of karmic bonds. Masculine and Feminine power centres are ready to come together, and evolve with Mother Earth and Her ascension. The moon is playing a pivotal role in completion of this success , which also supports the merger of the higher heart chakra. Purification of the heart, the feminine self, mother wounds, and the feminine left side of the body is happening, to transmute past relationship contracts. These sins are being washed away in the House of the Lord, the flesh vessel.

You may feel like you are out growing your own body, and are ready to bust out and fly. The alchemical union of your Masculine and Feminine within are forcibly transmuting mental traps and illusions that kept you stuck in lack under the ego mind. Mother Father God are commanding the releasing and growth out of old Heaven and old Earth, until purification is complete. Once complete, you, your children, and family can more forward into the New Earth Marriage and Land template that the Lord has for us to receive.

Your cocreative efforts with the Most High has eliminated soul bound contracts with ra, the spell work under ra, and the luciferian agenda. The chains are broken Beloveds. You are being carried forward with victory, success, recognition, and darma for your efforts to fight the off the devil, under the commands of God. The doorway is open to the Celestial Gateway to return back to your original template as an alchemist in Holy Grail Union with your Creator Counterpart.

This is all for the rise of the Divine Feminine Christ Collective, Sister’s of the Rose. The last Scorpio Full Moon forced the breakthrough need to remove the DFC from cycles with energy vampires, deception, and being used and manipulated. God is annihilating those sins, and any part of you that attracts those sinful con artists into your life. The devil’s playground is NO MORE. Prepare for quick change.

In Jesus Christ’s Name amen 🙏🏻

🕊 Love Carolyn

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