News and Views * 5-11-21



 5-10-21 THE AGREEMENT (The 1954 “treaty” between U.S. and aliens) – Roundtable with Laura Eisenhower, Michael Salla and Elena Danaan (1hr 37min)

“Gas Run Has Begun” – Fuel Stations Run Dry Amid Hacked Pipeline [WHERE IS BIDEN?]

: Anna Von Reitz: “Understanding What Went On — Guide to Nomenclature and Status /  Anna Von Reitz: “The Electoral Rights of State Citizens” /  Anna Von Reitz: “Another Point to Ponder for the Native Chiefs”

Interstellar Travel: Could Warp Drive Actually Become a Reality? 

: X22 Report Ep. 2474a&b – Constitution Will Reveal The Truth, Watch AZ, Release The Cannon 

 Kelli Rivers will interview Simon Parkes tomorrow 8AM PDT

MORE OUTRAGEOUS ACTS: Maricopa County Attorney Claims They Can’t Provide Routers and Passwords to Auditors – Here’s Why This Is Questionable

Colonial Gasoline Pipeline “Emergency” Double Speak (Video)

Queen of England Set to Make Big Announcement on Voter IDs

Pine gum turpentine~Why gum turpentine? Food for thought regarding CXXXX she/dding TX

Queen of England Set to Make Big Announcement on Voter IDs

Taking borax (boron) internally may help remediate the negative effects of the PCR test

Clif High: Minimum Woo [The Coming Ice Age & Pine Needle Tea for Spike Proteins] (Video) 

The Federal Bureau of Intentional Lying Claims Fuel Pipeline Cyber Attack is Darkside Ransomware  / Group Behind Colonial Pipeline Shutdown 

Brink Of New Intifada: Jerusalem Unrest Escalates To Rocket Fire As Israel Activates Troop Battalions by Tyler Durden  / Zionists attack civilians in Gaza 

Part 7 : The Gods of Eden … Funny Money ..Marching Saints..William and Mary Have a War…Knights’ New Dawn 

VIDEO 3.32 – Wild Edible Plants: Pine Needle Tea – The People’s Antidote against C—-

Mike Adams 5/10: HUGE! Is pine needle tea the answer to covid vaccine shedding? Suramin, shikimic acid and science 

SOTN – Suramin: Possible Antidote for the V-Serum and the Current Spike Protein Contagion

Here Is Why the Democrats Are Totally Panicked About the Arizona Audit

Basil – Is Pine Needle Tea the answer to Covid Vaccine Shedding/ Transmission? Learn about suramin, shikimic acid and how to make your own extracts

CGI’s PhantomsMonsters: ‘Mission Creep’: The Unfortunate Path To Using Reptilians As Riot Control 

‘Third Wave’ Of Sickness And Death Will Be Dominated By Those Who Have Been Fully Vaccinated

POWDERED DEAD BABIES IN CAPSULE FORM – The US didn’t complain about it, for fear of causing a diplomatic problem with… Beijing!

A HUGE DANGER TO Society!! VAXXED Blood – The Issue of Transfusions – (video 4 )

Depop/ulationist Bill G—- Tells Another Big Lie

Tucker Carlson: Where is the ‘CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION’

Only the Messenger! Trump Returns to Power! Blackouts! Internet Down! Get Food & Cash!

Juan O Savin Update With Sean Stone

Michael Jaco Discusses Trump Victory, Military OP, Tribunals

Pervywood ~ Part 6 ~ Royal Flush! Connecting The Dots With Lady Di

Situation In Entire Cosmos Since Creation Says Pleiadian Commander Hatonn / tHIS MAY BE EXTREMELY OFF THE WALL STORY. tAKE ONLY THAT RESONATES WITH YOU.-

Biden Regime Grants De Facto Amnesty to Illegal Aliens Who Received Deportation Orders During the Trump Administration

BOOM: FL Gov. Desantis Signs Law That Bans Gun Regulation by Local Governments

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